Best Mario Songs


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1 Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

Easily the best song

This Song is Epic

I love it!

2 Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario 64)

Anytime I need help falling asleep, I just turn on dire dire docks for 10 hours and turn the volume down, its just so relaxing

3 Egg Planet (Super Mario Galaxy)

I Completely Agree

4 Ultimate Koopa (Super Mario 64)

Kinda eerie but I like it

5 Purple Comet (Super Mario Galaxy)
6 Sun Tower (Paper Mario)
7 Doopliss Battle (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)

Literal perfect. Chills my bones every time I hear it while still managing to be genuinely upbeat

8 Super Mario Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

If this is the SMG staff roll (credits) that we're talking about, than this is definitely my favorite Mario song! My 2nd favorite is the Egg Planet, and my 3rd favorite is the Star Festival! Super Mario Galaxy has excellent music and a great ending!

9 Fossil Falls (Super Mario Odyssey)
10 Super Bell Hill (Super Mario 3D World)

The Contenders

11 New Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey)

Needs more credits than it gets

Cheery Music!

12 Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine)
13 Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
14 Jump Up (Super Mario Odyssey)


Godlike song for a godlike game

15 Dark Bowser Theme (Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story)

By far my favorite

16 Ending Theme (Super Mario World)
17 The Grand Finale (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

The BEST battle theme in all Mario and Luigi games

18 The Castle Crumbles (Paper Mario)
19 Super Mario Brothers Theme (Super Mario Bros. Nes)
20 Word Bowser Theme (Mario 3D World)
21 Space Junk Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
22 Start of the Dream (Mario Party 5)
23 Overworld Theme (Super Mario Bros. 2) Overworld Theme (Super Mario Bros. 2)
24 Overworld 2 / Athletic Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
25 Beachside Dream (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

Very catch and good song makes you really happy!

26 The Ultimate Show (Super Paper Mario)
27 Cosmic Cove Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

I don't know about the song, but the actual galaxy is boss, bro. Literally the only thing I dislike is the purple coin mission. I literally had 97 but then I didn't time my jump properly and fell off the edge. - MarioBros11

28 1st - 3rd Place Results (Mario Kart Double Dash)
29 Star Festival (Super Mario Galaxy)
30 Jump Up, Super Star! (Super Mario Odyssey)

Already on here but freak yeah - MarioBros11

31 Main Theme (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
32 Bianco Hills (Super Mario Sunshine)

Very Good! Makes you feels excited!

33 Noki Bay (Super Mario Sunshine)

Very Magical and tropical type song! Very beautiful!

34 Yoshi's Island Athletic Theme (Super Mario World 2)

This is the best song in the entire Mario series. However, everyone says they hate it because they hvae never heard it.

35 Buoy Base Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
36 Adventures End (Mario and Luigi: Dream Team)
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Top Remixes

1. Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
2. Fossil Falls (Super Mario Odyssey)
3. Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario 64)
1. Egg Planet (Super Mario Galaxy)
2. Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
3. Ultimate Koopa (Super Mario 64)


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