Meanest Things Kaeloo Characters Have Done

Anyone who knows about the Kaeloo series knows that it relies heavily on sadistic humor, i.e. characters being mean to each other and getting abused. This list compiles some of the horrific actions the characters have committed. (I love this show, but it's super mean.)

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1 Threatening to kill his friends for money - Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat has done some pretty bad things, but this has to be the worst by far!

Most of the things that cat does are atrocious, but this particular incident takes the cake!

Mr. Cat's friends: Are like a family to him, love him, care about him and forgive him for everything
Mr. Cat: Threatens to shoot them

Those. People. Are. Practically. Family. To. Him. What the hell, Mr. Cat?!

2 Setting a building with his friends in it on fire - Mr. Cat

Whoever put this on the list forgot to mention that Kaeloo didn't bother to help them get out either.

And he didn't even try to help them get out

Part of the blame goes to Kaeloo for ignoring their cries for help.

And Kaeloo decided that beating Mr. Cat up for being a perv was more important than rescuing her friends who were trapped in a burning building.

3 Sending Quack Quack to Hell - Mr. Cat

Quite the escalation considering how early it is in the show's run.

What makes this the worst one is that if it wasn't for Quack Quack, Kaeloo and Stumpy would have wound up in Hell too thanks to Mr. Cat's stupid "prank".

4 Putting fake photoshopped nudes of Pretty on the internet - Stumpy

Pretty posted a picture of Stumpy vomiting online, so he edited a photo to make it look like she was in the bathroom naked and posted it on social media where anyone could see it. Disproportionate retribution much?

Agreed. Pretty is still a minor and even if Stumpy took down the original post it could have been reshared. This episode was a new low for Stumpy.

Ikr, the first time I saw this episode I was like "Fake nudes? What the duck, Stumpy? I though you were better than that."

Is Pretty a b1tch? Yes, she is. Does that mean she deserves to have fake nudes of her put on the internet and have everyone see them? No it doesn’t.

5 Refusing to save Stumpy's life - Kaeloo, Quack Quack and Pretty

This more relates to their general mistreatment of Stumpy; the Very Special Episode details just how hard a toll it's taken on him.

In one episode, Stumpy fell in a pit full of quicksand and when he asked Kaeloo, Quack Quack and Pretty to help, they ignored him until he told them he had all of their food in his backpack, after which they rescued him.

Kaeloo also did this in “Let’s Play Hide and Hunt”, because she was selfish.

6 Killing and abusing sheep - Mr. Cat

He mostly does it for 3 reasons, none of which are valid:
1. He was bored. I mean, go watch T.V. or read something!
2. He wanted to let off some steam. He could just have a punching bag.
3. He wanted attention from Kaeloo. There are millions of other ways to get attention from your crush.

7 Shooting and killing a horse - Pretty

Senselessly cruel, exemplifies Pretty's disrespect for things she is not interested in (anymore, in this case).

She could have just returned the horse to Kaeloo, who she took it from, instead of killing it.

The Miam Animation dub actually removed this scene (though they left the other part where she threatens to euthanize another horse intact).

8 Kissing Mr. Cat when he was unconscious - Pretty

One time she saw him lying on the ground, passed out after drinking too much. Did she help him or make sure he was okay and didn't need medical attention? No, she kissed him and posted a picture online so people would think he was her boyfriend.

This has happened on more than one occasion. In one episode, she even knocked him out just so that she could kiss him and he couldn't say no to her!

I'm pretty sure that counts as sexual harassment, and, in the instance where she knocked him out, assault and battery.

9 Wrecking Mr. Cat's car with him inside - Stumpy

Just because Mr. Cat refused to play a board game with him doesn't mean Stumpy has to almost kill Mr. Cat.

10 Kissing Mr. Cat against his will - Kaeloo

The poor guy looks absolutely traumatized afterwards. Does she apologize? No, she has the gall to ask him if she can do it again!

And when he's traumatized by it, Kaeloo nonchalantly tells him that it's "okay" since "kissing isn't violent".

So basically Kaeloo sexually harassed Mr. Cat and decided that it was okay.

€�If you want, we can start all over again! ” What the flip?

The Newcomers

? Throwing a tantrum because he couldn't go to the circus - Caillou

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11 Electrocuting Stumpy to keep the fridge running - Quack Quack

This was in one of the comics. The power goes out, and Quack Quack builds an electricity generator and puts Stumpy, who is apparently an "excellent electrical conductor", inside it, repeatedly electrocuting him, just to save the food in the fridge from spoiling.

Mr cat didn't care either he just took notes on the experiment only kaeloo felt bad for stumpy

I feel kinda sorry for Stumpy when stuff like this happens. One of his friends is willing to torture him for the sake of food, another doesn’t care about seeing him tortured and the third one is horrified but doesn’t do anything to help.

12 Making Quack Quack fall into a precipice and get eaten by alligators - Mr. Cat

And this was done entirely out of jealousy that Kaeloo said Quack Quack was her best friend. Seriously, Mr. Cat is way too possessive of Kaeloo.

The right thing to do when the person you think is your best friend feels closer to someone else is to try to better your relationship and grow closer, not hurt the other person

This was jealousy being taken to a whole new level.

13 Forcing Quack Quack to strip in public - Mr. Cat
14 Not allowing Mr. Cat to keep talking to the therapist - Kaeloo

She prevented him from getting therapy to help his mental health and even beat him up when she found out that he was talking to the therapist later!

Mr. Cat suffers from many mental issues that are causing him to be the sadist and psychopath that he is. Maybe a therapist could help him and he could stop hurting others. However, Kaeloo pushed him away, at best because Mr. Cat and the therapist were teasing her for her lisp and at worst just because she was bored. And by not allowing Mr. Cat to keep talking to the therapist, she is also hurting Quack Quack and everyone else Mr. Cat will attack in the future, if you think about it...

The worst possible thing you can do to a mentally ill friend is drag him home from therapy because you got bored sitting there with him as he tried to sort through his issues.

She LIED to him. She told him he was too “twisted”for the doctor to be able to do anything.

15 Tricking Mr. Cat into a relationship just so she could have his babies - Kaeloo

Kaeloo wanted to have a baby so she asked Mr. Cat out on a date so that she could seduce him into sleeping with her. She doesn't mention this plan to him, making him think that she wants a real relationship when in reality she's just using him to get pregnant.

It's really mean to lead someone on like that. Kaeloo does have a crush on Mr. Cat, but she shouldn't be tricking him into thinking she wants a relationship if she doesn't want one.

16 Tricking Quack Quack and Eugly into breaking up - Mr. Cat and Stumpy

"Oh, look, our friend got a girlfriend and is very happy to be with her. Now, let's make them break up because our friend is spending more time with his girlfriend than with us! Yeah, that'll prove what good friends we are! "

17 Emotionally manipulating Mr. Cat into confessing to something and then punishing him for it - Kaeloo

The infamous "Courtroom Drama" incident which all the fans hate so much.

Thank you, whoever added this item! Why is it so low? I thought everyone hated this episode.

Kaeloo physically and emotionally hurts Mr. Cat and shows no remorse for it, even though Mr. Cat clearly felt bad when he thought HE had hurt HER. One of the worst "Kaeloo favoritizes Quack Quack over Mr. Cat" episodes of the show.

18 Accusing Mr. Cat of criminal activity with no evidence and punishing him for it - Kaeloo

Quack Quack's yogurt stash went missing and was found later. There was literally zero evidence that Mr. Cat stole it. Kaeloo punished him anyway because "nobody else would do something like that".

Stumpy even pointed out to her that mr cat had a good alibi but kaeloo kept insisting it was him and then she beat him up to make him confess

19 Excluding Kaeloo from a party for being "weird" - everyone except Mr. Cat

It's mean enough to begin with, but considering how she always wants to bring everyone together, them successfully doing that and then excluding her seems to be the worst possible thing they could do to her.

The events of this episode sickened me. Pretty invites everyone except Kaeloo to a party. Kaeloo thinks her invitation got lost in the mail and shows up anyway. Under influence from Olaf - and Stumpy, who Kaeloo has been a good big sister figure to for practically his whole life - Pretty yells mean insults at Kaeloo and forces her to leave. Everyone is pleased by this except Pretty, who in a rare moment of kindness feels guilty for what she did, and Mr. Cat, who leaves the party to go comfort a crying Kaeloo.

In a rare reversal of roles, everyone EXCEPT Mr. Cat is mean to Kaeloo. Stumpy and Quack Quack don't even apologize at the end of the episode.

The poor girl literally left crying and nobody even cared except Mr. Cat.

20 Lying to Kaeloo that Quack Quack died - Mr. Cat

Does he not realize how much grief that could have caused her?

"Oh hey, one of your closest friends is dead." "Haha, I was just kidding." What the fudge, Mr. Cat?

21 Trying to rape Kaeloo - Mr. Cat

"I'm just exercising my marital rights! "

In Episode 19, it was the meanest. In Episode 21, I don’t really think it was, because Kaeloo was trying to seduce Mr. Cat into sleeping with her just so she could get pregnant with no regard for his feelings.

22 Body-shaming Kaeloo - Pretty

Kaeloo already has body image issues and Pretty just makes them worse by telling her she looks fat and/or ugly.

23 Burning Stumpy's comic books - Kaeloo and Mr. Cat

On two separate occasions ("Reading Books" and "Treasure Hunt"), Stumpy has had his favorite comic books burned by his "friends" Kaeloo and Mr. Cat, who don't show any remorse for what they did. Mr. Cat even calls Stumpy a spoiled brat for crying about it.

What’s more, Kaeloo didn’t even have a valid reason for burning them. She just set the on fire because SHE doesn’t like comic books.

24 Revealing embarrassing secrets about the main four to the public - Pretty

She made Kaeloo almost start crying.

Just take one look at Kaeloo’s face as she hears Pretty talk trash about her on live television.

25 Stealing a treasure from the main four - Olaf

Olaf sent Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack Quack and Mr. Cat on a dangerous treasure hunt and promises to give a special reward to whoever finds the treasure. They risk their lives to find the treasure, only for Olaf to steal it and escape without even giving them the reward he promised.

26 Neglecting Stumpy when he was sick - Kaeloo and Mr. Cat

Kaeloo and Mr Cat reveal just how much they would prefer to shower attention onto Quack Quack (positive and negative) than acknowledge the declining health of their other friend.

Stumpy got the flu, got a concussion, broke a leg and ATE POISON in the span of one episode. Each time the situation got worse, he went to Kaeloo and Mr. Cat and begged them to help. They ignored him.

27 Forcing Quack Quack to eat bad food, then punishing him for vomiting - Kaeloo

Kaeloo forced Quack Quack to eat some weird organic food because it was "good for the environment", even though it tasted horrible. Unable to bear the taste, Quack Quack vomited. Kaeloo beat him severely and forced him to have more as a punishment for "wasting food".

Kaeloo is the worst parental substitute ever.

28 Rigging a game show Mr. Cat was going on - Kaeloo

The game show in question treats its contestants so badly that by the end of the second question, Mr. Cat is cowering in fear behind his buzzer and after the final question he passes out.

She managed to make it so that he got punished whether he lost or won. Why? Just because he insisted that he was right about everything and she wanted to prove him wrong.

29 Ruining Kaeloo's treasure hunt - Mr. Cat

To elaborate, he made Stumpy and Quack Quack jump off a cliff, run through a field of booby-traps and get blown up in an explosion for "fun".

30 Taking away Kaeloo's pet horse - Pretty
31 Making fun of Mr. Cat for having self-esteem issues - Kaeloo

Actually, the episode this happened in had EVERYONE make fun of Mr. Cat. The only difference is, he had insulted Stumpy and Quack Quack earlier, so at least in their case, it was justified. Kaeloo, on the other hand, just found a fun excuse to pick on HER OWN BEST FRIEND.

If I had a friend with self-esteem issues, I'd tell them I loved them and be supportive, not make fun of them in front of others.

In front of their other friends, too.

32 Telling a horror story as a bedtime story to Quack Quack - Mr. Cat

The poor thing looks traumatized after hearing it.

33 Beating Mr. Cat up for having a different opinion - Kaeloo

Even Stumpy and Quack Quack were disgusted by her behavior in that episode.

And he was just voicing the popular opinion, the one that was held by everyone except Kaeloo.

Seriously, even the rest of the cast was disgusted by her behavior.

This isn’t just limited to that game show episode. There was also that other episode where she attacked him with a pair of scissors.

34 Taking away Kaeloo’s life savings - Mr. Cat

Unlike most of the episodes where Mr. Cat makes Kaeloo cry and then feels guilty and apologizes, this one had him apathetically take away all of her money, make fun of her and leave her in tears.

35 Complimenting Mr. Cat for “breaking” Kaeloo - Stumpy

I still can't believe that Stumpy was not only okay with this happening, but COMPLIMENTED Mr. Cat for it.

Mr. Cat said something to Kaeloo during an argument that made her feel bad about herself, because it was true. Instead of checking on the girl who has been a good big sister-figure to him as much as possible to see if she’s alright, Stumpy compliments Mr. Cat for “breaking” her and says he thinks he’s cool.

Kaeloo is kind of a bitch, but Stumpy shouldn’t be such a bad friend to her.

36 Serving dumpster trash as restaurant food - Mr. Cat and Stumpy

In another attempt to get rich quick, everyone’s favorite evil duo decide to open a fast food place, but wren they run out of ingredients, they serve trash from the dumpster instead of getting more food for their customers.

37 Ruining Kaeloo's tea party - Stumpy and Mr. Cat
38 Yelling insults at Kaeloo in front of their friends at a party - Pretty
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