Top 10 Most Mediocre The Loud House Episodes

There are good Loud House episodes and there are bad episodes and then there are these episodes that fall down the middle not really good but not really bad, their basically just okay episodes.

The Top Ten

Pets Peeved

It was just okay its mostly centered on the pets who get jealous of a new dog that Lana finds and try to get rid of it, kind of feels like the Secret Life of Pets. - egnomac

Fed Up
Hand me Downer

It's a pretty bland episode, Lincoln steals Lynn's bike to pass as his own because he's embarrassed to be seen in Lori's old bike and of course the bike goes missing. - egnomac

Be Stella My Heart

The episode that introduces the girl from the episode White Hare who's name is Stella as Lincoln and the others try to befriend her they then think that she likes one of them and after each spending a whole day with her they end up fighting among themselves until Stella tells them that she wasn't looking for one of them to be her boyfriend but just wanted to get to know each of them personally why the hell didn't she just say this earlier after the boys apologize for their behavior they all reconcile and Stella joins the group, this episode could have been much better. - egnomac

Come Sale Away

I thought it was okay though people will be turned off by the kids twerking in the end and nobody actually learns a lesson but still entertaining. - egnomac

One word: twerking.

Project Loud House

This episode feels like it should have been the first episode or pilot its nothing to special its mostly Lincoln trying to get his sisters out the door while keeping his project from being destroyed. - egnomac

Why does everyone say this should be the pilot?. I actually thought Left in the Dark worked really well as a pilot - Gangem

I don't hate the episode, I just thought it was okay. - egnomac

I love this episode why u do dis

What Wood Lincoln Do?

This episode was pretty meh in my opinion, Lincoln tries to cheat his way by using others works to pass as his own for wood shop until Mrs. Johnson asks him to build her a dresser why couldn't she just hired a real professional and of course everything goes wrong for him he does learn his lesson and at least attempt to make something but I just didn't enjoy as well as others did. - egnomac

Study Muffin

I Like this episode but I agree it is a bit unfocused.

The episode is too unfocused. - egnomac

Boring - Gangem

Teacher's Union

I personally did not care about the relationship between Coach Powkawski and Mrs. Johnson in this episode, Lincoln and Clyde attempt to bring them together despite already being in a relationship they of course screw things up and ruins their relationship but at least things work out for Coach when he gets together with the nurse but now they have another problem as Mrs. Johnson unhappy how her date with Coach turned out and takes it out on the class and Lincoln learning nothing from this experience decides to try and hook up Mrs. Johnson with the janitor. - egnomac

I really didn't care for this episode either.

Spell it Out

Could have been a good Lucy episode but it feels very mediocre. - egnomac

I really don't like this episode - Gangem

The Contenders

Pasture Bedtime

The ending was humiliating for Linc and co.

House of Lies
Out of The Picture
Baby Steps
Intern for the Worse
L is For Love

Once again the gay bashers have found this list. - egnomac

This was an awesome episode I don't see why people have to have such a problem with it simply because Luna likes a girl, and to the person who would rather watch that garbage "No Such Luck" rather than this there is something truly wrong with you.

It would have been better if:
1. They didn't replace Ronnie and Rocky with two random kids nobody had ever heard of before.
2. Sam was a boy.

Excuse me this episode did not ruin Luna as a character at all and anyone who says other wise is an idiot and second its not wrong for a girl to like another girl.

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