Top 10 Memes from Songs


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1 Thriller Dance - Thriller (Michael Jackson)
2 They've Got Allen Wrenches, Gerbil Feeders, Toilet Seats, Electric Heaters - Hardware Store (Weird Al)
3 HALF THE MAN I USED TO BE - Creep (Stone Temple Pilots)
4 BABY, BABY, BABY - Baby (Justin Bieber)
5 Hey, I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy - Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)
6 With The Lights Out, It's Less Dangerous - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
7 The Whistle - Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)

When did this become a meme song?

8 Gotta Get Down On Friday - Friday (Rebecca Black)
9 We All Live In A Yellow Submarine - Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)
10 So F***in' Special - Creep (Radiohead)

The Contenders

11 But I'm A Creep - Creep (Nirvana)

Nirvana didn't write this! Radiohead did

Isn't this lyric from Radiohead's Creep?

12 The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Theme Song - Roundabout (YES)
13 Rickroll - Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)
14 Gimme Fruit, Gimme Fries, Gimme Salad on the Side! - Fuel (Metallica)
15 The Intro - Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

A meme? What the hell, normies are taking over! - SoldierOfFortune

16 I'm in Love with Your Body - Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)
17 Look at This Graph - Photograph (Nickelback)

This wasn't here yet? - Userguy44

18 I've Got The Moves Like Jagger - Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)
19 I'll Be Watching You - Every Breath You Take (The Police)
20 SPOONMAN - Spoonman (Soundgarden)
21 The Smooth Criminal - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
22 I'm Bad, I'm Bad, You Know It - Bad (Michael Jackson)
23 BLACK HOLE SUN - Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
24 I'M NOT COMING BACK - Lithium (Nirvana)
25 It's Just A Shot Away - Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones)
26 Through The Fire And The Flames We Carry On - Through The Fire And Flames (DragonForce)
27 We Will Be Victorious - Uprising (Muse)
28 The Twilight Theme Song - Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)
29 The Shrek Theme Song - All Star (Smash Mouth)
30 ALL THE OTHER KIDS - Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People)
31 The Hardest Song In Guitar Hero 3 - Through The Fire And Flames (Dragonforce)
32 Somebody Once Told Me The World Was Gonna Roll Me - All Star (Smash Mouth)
33 My Future Is Coming On - Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz)
34 Windmill, Windmill - Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz)
35 This Was A Triumph - Still Alive (Portal)
36 Trying To Catch Me Riding Dirty - Ridin' (Chamillionaire)
37 I'm Just Too White And Nerdy - White And Nerdy (Weird Al)
38 JUST BEAT IT - Beat It (Michael Jackson)
39 DREAM ON - Dream On (Aerosmith)
40 DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY - Dude Looks Like a Lady (Aerosmith)
41 JUST EAT IT - Eat It (Weird Al)
42 I'm Beginning To Feel Like A Rap God - Rap God (Eminem)
43 I'm Tellin' All You All, It's A SABOTAGE - Sabotage (The Beastie Boys)
44 I'm a motherf****** naked nightmare - Check It Out (The Beastie Boys)
45 The Pulp Fiction Theme Song - Miserlou (Pumpkin and Honey Bunny)
46 Where The Grass Is Green And The Girls Are Pretty - Paradise City (Guns N Roses)
47 You Might As Well Be Walking On The Sun - Walking on the Sun (Smash Mouth)
48 YOU'RE AS COLD AS ICE - Cold as Ice (Foreigner)
49 You're A Sky Full Of Stars - Sky Full of Stars (Coldplay)
50 RALLY AROUND THE FAMILY - Bulls on Parade (Rage Against The Machine)
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