Top 10 Most Cancerous Trends and Memes of the 21st Century

I decided to something different from what I usually do. So here's some trends and memes that are the cancerous.
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1 Dab

Why is this a thing? Just? I know it's a marijuana reference even though the 7 year olds doing it might not but how did it even start as a trend? Either way this goes very closely along the lines of *shudders* fidgetspinners.

Everyone in my school does this and it's gotten so annoying. I didn't really like it at first but it's gotten to the point when anyone dabs, I just want to punch them in the face.

The first person I saw dab was a kid I really hated, so I used the mentality of, if he does it, I don't

THE WORST! I saw a kindergartener dabbing yesterday. Man I feel kinda bad for that kid

2 Bottle Flip

And what was worse was they dabbed after the bottle lands.

3 Rap dance songs

With crap like Watch Me Hit the Quan and Juju on that Beat getting Popular just proves how bad Popular Pop and Rap music is today

New rap sucks in general. what happened to good rappers like Tupac, etc. We should of stuck with that

Remove 'cancerous' from the title and replace it with 'annoying'.

4 1000 Degree Knife

That's a lot Of DaMaGe

This is a trend?

5 Mumble Rap
6 Ugandan Knuckles

When you really think about this meme is racist. Uganda is an African country and this portrays them as stupid fat ugly beings.

Whoever put this here knows the way

Also, this still exists?

Dat wae was a bad idea

7 Damn Daniel

Damn Daniel it wasn't funny the first time and it certainly wasn't funny the 73736373747th time

Its very sexual if you think about it

Remember when that was a thing

8 Baby Shark - Pinkfong
9 Bad Reality Shows
10 Fortnite

I lose energy every time someone as much as utters the word "Fortnite"

This being #12 is an insult to reason.

Really this is easy no. 1

The Contenders
11 Bae

Bacon and eggs

Bae means poop

12 Emoji

It got a movie!

13 Bruh

A phrase used by an individual whenever he/she hears/sees something surprising/stupid

14 What Are Those!!!

This was so annoying

Don't get me started

They are just shoes

16 Twerking

This is supposed to be from tribal Africa, but it was obviously more tolerable, as it was an ancient tribal DANCE, now it’s for perverted men to gaze upon the buttocks. The Charleston has died in place of this horror. Help!

Even the picture used here is cancerous

The powerpuff girls are twerking my childhood is officialy ruined

There are very few people I actually like doing this dance. The girls from Tip Pon It’s music video are amongst them.
- TheDuttyGyal

17 Butt Songs
18 Tide Pod Challenge

People are so stupid to bite into TOXIC detergent pods just for views, if you do this challenge then you deserve what happens to you next (even if its Death) for being such a dumbass.

I made a list about it it's so bad

Edgy teen emo intensifies

This is dangerous!

19 Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah

It means come on outside so I can beat you up a kid in school said this to a teacher and he didn't get a detention because apparently the school doesn't do research on stuff like this

20 Swag

Saying you have Swag doesn't make you look cool it makes you look like a idiot

SWAG means secretly we are gay

21 Celebrities Wearing Band Shirts Despite Not Being Actual Fans

Justin Bieber for example.

22 Caveman SpongeBob

When you are just a cancerous Meme and sombody adds you to this list because this was very Cancerous

23 Feminism

In its current state, anyway. Feminism was fine and needed st one time, but that was decades ago.

No, please no god no

That's way too much

24 Autistic Screeching

Ableist pieces of crap that need to get thrown off the face of the earth. I'm autistic and needless to say the rest of us autistic find this extremely offensive. Seriously if you use our disorders you know nothing about as your joke, sort your bloody existence out, seriously.

Autism haters could burn in hell they have no brain

Autism supporters : Autism = normal but had biggest struggles
Autism haters or people who don't know autism in a bad way : Autism = Mental retardation

Autism haters are the pure cancer of life.

25 What's 9+10?

It's 19 for crying out loud!

It's 9,000,000 for all we know, kid

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