Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Young People with Depression

If you have depression, you're not alone. This list is for those who are facing depression and advice for what they're going through.
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1 Don't commit suicide

I don't care how backed into a corner you feel right now. Don't end your life. Just hang on for a little while longer. Ending it all will just upset the people in your life. Talk to someone about how you are feeling. Cry as much as you need to. Scream into a pillow if you have to. Showing emotion is not a weakness, as much as society would like to tell you otherwise. You can get through this. There are people in this world who really care about you, even if you don't believe it. It's okay to not be okay. You can do this because you are stronger than you think. I believe in you.

Exactly. I shall be a theoretical physicist soon whose face shall be on T.V., me having an intellectual family, and many more before I shall cherished all of these memories before death. I shall become a scavenger soon, it's too soon of thinking about suicide and end it all with no restarts; I have to cherish on and move forward.

2 Go to an adult

Mr. Mayo shall be my choice of coping with my problems. I mean, I did go to Ms. Young on Pi day to calm down because a girl was saying crap about me on the exact day that Stephen Hawking died because I was talking about Stephen Hawking and it made me very furious because It's obviously a day to grieve for someone's loss, especially a science whiz like me(physics whiz, of course).

Edit: Both are Special ED teachers, stop judging me! I come to them as optional for mostly to calm down and to complete assignments for mostly Mr. Mayo. I do tests for Ms. Young though

I've tried to help someone on this site who has some serious depression. I know I've had depression, but I at least go through and get through the problems without resorting to a drastic measure or anything bad. Being not just an adult, but a tutor and someone who's seen and helped some depressed students, I can be trusted to help anyone who is struggling with depression

3 Be compassionate with yourself

When you have depression, you can feel very negative to yourself and blame yourself for so many negative things you've done. Don't be hard on yourself, always be compassionate with positive things or moments you've at least experienced or done.

4 Take your diagnosis seriously
5 Ignore people who say bad things about you

In a state like this, if someone says something negative to you, try to ignore them. A way to do that is try thinking of happy thoughts or any other positive things. DON'T try to attack or hurt them.

6 Accept help, even if you think you don't need it

This is very important. When you're in depression and someone says they want to help you, accept their help. Don't say things like "I'm fine" cause deep down, you're not.

7 Invest in healthy lifestyle changes
8 Think about people with worse lives

A lot of depressed people I know say their lives suck, but given that I've had to struggle with things ranging from gender dysphoria, incredibly low income due to lack of a job, ridicule on religion, bullying at school, parents urging me to do everything, I know I have a much worse life overall. But at the same time, I want to help the ones who continually say they're depressed by saying how much I've had to struggle, and WHY I am trying to make sure their life isn't like what I have to deal with.

What do you want the depressed people to do? Jump around dancing whole singing "Yay! The children in Africa are starving!"? Someone having it worse than you doesn't fix the problem you have at the moment.

A friend once told me. "No matter what, someone always has it worse than you."

9 Talk to God

Don't even try to throw God into this list. Some of the people here don't even worship God!

God would always help you in times of need. He is always there for you.

No, thank you. Keep your God away from me.

10 Do something you like doing

Try doing anything you're interested in or what you like, it can help cure depression.

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11 Don't do anything illegal

Don't drink alcohol, do drugs, or anything like that, or even kill yourself. It'll only cause you to be worse. Seek help from others.

12 Ask yourself questions about what you're thinking about yourself

When depressed, you can view yourself as a complete failure or a bad person. However, try asking these questions:

-How do I know whether I'm a failure or not?

-Was this always true?

-Are there any expectations?

Already do that

13 Hang around people that make you happy
14 There's hope
15 Do some cleaning to briefly take your mind off it
16 Don't quit school
17 Don't do drugs
18 Don't drink alcohol
19 Don't become a social justice warrior
20 Draw or paint things to occupy your mind
21 Write about your feelings in a journal or diary
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