Top 10 Worst Things to Tell Someone Dealing With Problems

Refrain from saying these things on this list. I made this list for everyone so they know what is and isn't the right thing to say to people who have are going through a hard time.
The Top Ten
1 You're being selfish.

Imagine being so dense that you genuinely believe people who are struggling are selfish. This is why many people suffer in silence.

Someone having depression does NOT make them selfish!

2 It could be worse.
3 You don’t seem to feel bad.
4 Cheer up!

As well intentioned as this may seem, it's best to refrain from using this line. Someone with depression can't always snap out of it

5 Get over it.

At least 'cheer up' may involve compassion, but 'get over it' is callous. Once, when I was at a low ebb, I was told 'Get over it.' I've hated the phrase ever since.

6 Everyone goes through depression once in a lifetime.

I am honestly at my WITS END with people who think being sad when something happens to them, and actually struggling with depression, are anywhere near the same thing!

7 Why don’t you try smiling and laughing more.

Simple answer: They can't

8 That's just how it goes. Don't you think I know. You don't have to tell it to my face.
9 Living just isn't hard enough.
10 Things are not that bad, stop pretending.

To you, it may not be, but to them, it certainly is.

The Contenders
11 A tragedy is commonplace but in the end they go away.
12 You become what you think.
13 Smile and the world smiles with you.

Don't tell people with depression to "smile", it brushes off what they're going through

14 Just leave it alone and don't regret it.
15 Stop thinking about it, things are going to be fine.
16 If at first you don't succeed at solving your problems, go die.

I don't think anyone's ever said this

17 I never doubt everything's gonna be okay.
18 Others have it worse.

So by that logic, if I lose someone in my family who was very close to me, am I not allowed to be upset because "others have it worse"?

This is what most people say.

19 Life is hard but gets harder.
20 You think you got it bad?
21 You will never know yourself until you do this on your own. You will never feel anything else until your wounds are healed. You will never be anything until you break away from yourself.
22 No one else will care. Yeah, no one really knows.
23 Chant hymns to leave life's troubles behind.
24 Understand you weren't meant to understand.
25 Your voice it tries to corrupt me, but it never set me free from the way my mind is deep inside.
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