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1 stampylongnose

I mean, Stampy is BY FAR the best Minecraft Xbox player in the world. This is mainly because of his PVP skills. I would give it a 10/10, considering he wins fights with opponents constantly and wins against his friends. I mean, Squid is really good as well, but Stampy is better. IQ skills, I'd actually give him a 9 considering his strategies in PVP, especially his archery. He could beat a kid no matter how much armor they have because of his strategies. Another reason why he is the best is that when he plays the Battle Mini Game, he would always do very difficult challenges and still destroy his opponents. Progression skills I would give him maybe like a 7 because he is very good at mining diamonds, just he is not very quick at defeating bosses like the dragon, he has a lot of caution and is very focused on what decisions he makes.

Dear stampy, I am a big fan of you. Every night I watch your videos and hope that one day I'll get to see your in person. In my Minecraft world I made a house just like yours and add a love garden and put your name in it. I live in Fairhope, Alabama in the United States I told my family and we all say that your funny at telling jokes. So please sent me a message on Xbox live my Gametag is Mdaves. My brother likes you to please he would like to see your world, because in January of 2013 my brother had leukemia a cancer and he was 18 he was in the hospital for 5 months and he thinks that you are a hero to him he really wants to be your friend. So please get this message. From Patrick Daves : )

Stampy is amazing! He is very funny and creative. His videos are NEVER boring. It's also so sweet that he has a love garden. I bet that if he could, he would put every person on Earth in it! Plus, he hardly ever cusses. This is great for the younger kids who watch his videos (which are great for all ages). And it's hilarious that he has a minor (okay, MAJOR) obsession with cake. Words just simply CANNOT describe how great Stampy is. Once you watch one Stampy video, you get hooked! And his accent is charming. So, let's go Stampy! Huzzah!

His fails are hilarious, he only rarely swears, he is really nice, he is obsessed with cake (more than Jack dos rum in Pirates of the Caribbean! ) He is immature, (I like immature I'M IMMATURE! ) And please SKY. If you don't swear (THAT much) and stop saying budder, I will gladly subscribe. Until then... CAKE!

2 CaptainSparklez

Even if Jordan doesn't have as many subscribers as someone like Adam (Sky), he has set the most milestones in terms of YouTube for the Minecraft community as a whole. He holds 3 records for most views on gaming videos in the Guiness Book. He has what I would call, 'more mature' content, then someone such as sky, whereas sky can be just plain silly sometimes. Of course, I'm not against sky. I just don't enjoy his videos quite as much, to be frank. Jordan does swear sometimes, but he keeps it to a very low minimum. Whereas someone like sky is a loose cannon firing off f-bombs every second O. O Jordan keeps things professional, and is recognized as somewhat of an icon in the gaming community, to the point where even Will Ferrell, the actor celebrity, has mentioned him, in a light showing that he seems to consider Sparklez as somewhat of an MLGamer. SOOO.. CaptainSparklez (Jordan) has my vote for #1 all the way!

Captainsparkelz is hilarious and keeps everything interesting all the time. He has tones of subscribers and followers and he doesn't swear. He also went to the 2013 minecraft anniversary party thing in Paris I think. He was on the stage talking with the host and he found out how many people really likes home. Millions and millions of people love this guy. That is why he is number one.

You probably know him for being a legend of MC music parodies, but that's not all Sparkly does, so if you only knew him for his music then think again, Jordan (or Sparkly as I call him) does too many series 2 count, but his most popular I think is his survival and the introduction and death of Jerry the slime. #RIPJerry

What is this? CaptainSparklez in number 3? Come on he is the best YouTuber. He does'nt swear and speaks softly and politely. He has the best Minecraft parodies. His videos are always interesting even if the gameplay is boring. He is not the best in PvP but he keeps everything interesting. Vote for CaptainSparklez and make him number 1!

3 BajanCanadian

BajanCanadian is an amazing Minecraft player that only cares about one thing, having fun. He has been my favorite YouTuber since I was 6 years old. He is funny, kind, and most of all... CRAZY! He is so much fun to watch. His vlogs and Minecraft videos are the best. He may not be the best builder, but he takes the cake by always being cool and funny. He is my Minecraft hero and will always be. Please agree with me and think that he is amazing and will always be. I love you Bajan!

He is always happy to play with people and his skills are completely out of this world... He deserves it he's worked so hard to be nice and funny he isn't rude really he doesn't swear in chat and that's why I think he should be number 1. Thank you for listening! Minecraft player: _shazz_

BajanCanadian is the best at Hunger games and Minecraft Survil games When they went to the nether he's the best at every thing at Minecraft. I am his biggest fan. I am Talon Tuter and invited Tyler mason to play Hunger games.

I go on iTunes and his song is the first one I turn on and the only I sing P. S yes I sing for a very serious person and this guy is friends with the best stampylongnose and the 7th best squid

4 TheDiamondMinecart‎

He is my favorite Minecraft gamer! He doesn't swear or cuss which is good. I love his custom mod adventures, I think he should do one with a dragon! I also like his "Minecraft Highschool" Unfortunately, my dad isn't that into Minecraft, he doesn't admit it, but I can tell he kind of thinks I'm weird for watching TheDiamondMinecart so when my sister is watching, I pretend to not be interested. I watch it when he isn't in the room so I don't feel like I'm being watched.

I just love this guy! He is the best person I know and it would be great/awesome if he can come and meet me! I really like his custom mod adventures and mod reviews. I wish I could go to Ismonia and meet him plus he is really funny. I try to watch his videos every day but my iPad isn't a good YouTube video player...I just love his videos and pugs and don't forget jemma!

He's the best Minecraft player. He rarely swears and he has done tons of mod showcases, Xbox Survival Let's Plays, and Diamond Dimensions with Dr. Trayaurus and Grim. He deserves 1st place in "Top Ten Best Minecraft YouTubers" or "Best Minecraft Players. He Uploads Daily and has 4,000,000+ Subscribers! Subscribe before you miss out on fun!

Dan is awesome, but his popularity is being erased because of fake Dan TDMs, he even made a video about them. They make him sound annoying, take you to weirdo sites, and sell fake TDM merchandise. Here's a tip, look on the name of the Youtuber. If there's a tick next to it, it's the real TDM. If not, switch to the real one. Anyways, he's super funny, and has awesome mods and an awesome dog and an awesome Dr. Trayaurus. I like his mod showcases, MCSM videos, and the Diamond Dimensions. His Dr. Trayaurus videos are awesome, too. This guy's awesome. I mean, Stampya and Sparklez are super awesome, but I like TDM better. Plus, they're good friends with the guy, especially after doing the voice for their counterparts in MCSM. Bye.

5 Skydoesminecraft Adam Dahlberg (born: January 17, 1993), better known online as Sky Does Everything or NetNobody (formerly SkyDoesMinecraft), is an American YouTuber, video game commentator, and former animator who gained prominence for their precursory Minecraft appeal, referring the Minecraft gold ingot item as "budder" and hating squids in the game. They also sang the song "New World" as a Minecraft parody at Minecon 2013. They are also a musician going by the name NetNobody.

Sky is okay, but he cusses a lot. If he were kid friendly he would be more popular. Some of his trends, like not liking squids affect other people. Iballisticsquid for example got hate because he was a squid.

I like you skin bro it is epic. The things you do on YouTube is epic I wish I was you (but only in Minecraft). I watch your videos on Minecraft. Because of you and my friends, I now love Minecraft. don't stop playing Minecraft and make more Minecraft videos

He is so funny and he is so awesome, who cares that he swears, his reactions and mod showcases are hilarious and his hatred towards squids is hilarious, this is a YouTube that has a sense of humour.

Budder here, budder there, budder everywhere! Ooh! I can make a Minecraft song! Anyways. He is an awesome person. Even though he hates squids, (Yep, including iBallisticSquid. ) he does awesome mod reviews and gameplays. 5 THUMBS UP FOR HIM!

6 JeromeASF

"A great community youtuber, who plays strategically and invests personal gained money, into mod development, and collaborators. High Quality videos and a well rounded youtuber"

Whats hell jerome is a lot better than skydoesminecraft!
Sky is great but in 3-4 month he could not learn a single thing in crash landing!

He is awesome. His most awesome moment is when he tells BajanCandian to do something in Speed Builders that is quite ironic.

Oh shiitake mushrooms request: Leland throws London's pacifier in the toilet.

7 iBallisticSquid‎

He is a awesome squid but I sometimes wonder if stampylongnose did the voice of aunty squid in the quest to find aunty squid.
He is a funny character and I reckon he should be at the top of the list. ! I would love to join games with him someday with him even though I am at the other side of the world from him.
I love your videos on your island it looks pretty cool you a creative guy. I am very lucky to have him share his thoughts and he is always there when I need a video time. Ibalisticsquid needs to read this I LOVE YOU.

I love your channel so much and I think you organise everything so well I will be honest, I now watch you more than stampy as he has now started to do the same things a lot, I miss the old stampy, you used to play amazing adventure maps with him (I don't mean like the smurfs and stuff I mean the epic ones like re solitude! ) I miss the old days... But I really do enjoy your videos!

Ok I love squid! He is awesome! If you haven't seen his videos, then you must be living under a rock, he is insanely funny, he goes crazy without diamonds! He needs a diamond! I also love his friend stampylongnose! They both make a good team!

IBallisticSquid is my favourite YouTuber in the whole wide world! Please VOTE for him because he is so funny and kind and never swears, unlike stampy... Stampy always swears and I have never heard iBallisticSquid swear once so that's why he is the best. Also stampy treats all his Minecraft players like slaves, and iBallisticSquid never treats anyone like a slave, iBallisticSquis is just so nice that L For Leee x just acts like a slave because he wants to

8 SSundee

Man, this guy is the best! He always makes my day! I always laugh when I see his videos this guy is interesting. I love his faction series. (he's op and best strategic thinker! If you guys want to find a good gamer, then this is the best recommendation for you) He's the best youtuber I've seen so far!

He is an awesome Minecraft player and I love all his series especially in factions. They all want to join his factions and is faction is op (over powered) and is like better than everyone in all his videos so far!

I love his videos and his passion to not just play fortnite or Minecraft but trying out other games to ssundee WAS one of the youtubers that impacted Minecraft youtubers.

It is not possible to have a YouTube better than him. So much better than any other YouTuber in the world. Deserves so many more than anyone else! He is so funny and very child friendly!

Keep it up Sundae

9 PopularMMOs‎

This guy is awesome. He freak outs are hilarious, with him yelling and sometimes commentating on his surroundings. He has awesome info on whatever he's talking about. He never swears and he and his wife are awesome together. He should be a bit higher.

This guy is the best! He does everything you can imagine in mincraft! Moded hunger games, Lucky block stuff, Moded survival, EVERYTHING! Another reason why I vote for him is because he posts often and has no "drama" with added childish stories like DanTDM.
He also has a feoncye (maybe wife when you are reading this) who is just as hilarious so I'm voting for both of them.
Yet ANOTHER reason I am voting for him is because he is a "swear free" channel, one of the few out there. He also has an amazing intro and outro.
In conclusion PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen deserve to be 1 and 2.
Like the comment if you agree :).

Damn, why is Pat ninth? He deserves first. If there was more than first, boo ya! That's him. His series are amazing, he is extremely funny, his wife is hilarious And immature(who doesn't love immature? ), it's funny how Pat is so much better than Jen, and they do all kinds of things no other youtuber does.

Pat is so good at parcore. (Parkour? I think so ) Jen makes me laugh every time. Pat used to swear, but now he doesn't. Both of them know a lot about Minecraft and deserve to be known as one of the best Minecraft player in the world. (I also think Captain Sparklez and DanTDM are pretty good too)

10 Sethbling

The best of the best. He may not be as good in actual Survival as other people, but his redstone creations are top notch. (pun intended)

Remember, this is the best PLAYER list, not best YouTuber list. Although he is a good YouTuber, he is one of the best redstone programmer(if not THE best) in the world.

Minecraft maps and commands wooden be the same with out him.

He is the redstone god, his creations are awesome.

The Contenders
11 MinecraftUniverse

He is the kindest YouTuber, letting his fans to use his intro"Eclipse"(best music for me) and that is very unbelievable of a YouTuber. He also plays very well and even though he fails, he never gives up. I think he is one of the best player, if not, the best in Team Crafted. He deserves to be in the Top 10

Minecraft Universe is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers, but I don't watch him much.

The MinecraftUniverse is the parkour universe that comes from outer space.

Minecraft Universe is awesome. I love his MC skin also. It's epic.

12 fruitberries
13 Antvenom

Okay, really guys. This list is about the people who are best at Minecraft, not the people who you think are funny, good looking or who have lots of subscribers on YouTube. I have nothing against sky or stampy but realisticaly, sky is not very good at Minecraft. Stampy is okay, but he is definitely not the best. Antvenom, captainsparkles, bajancanadian and ssundee are people who are actualy good at Minecraft. Even Jerome, the diamond minecart and others who are okay at Minecraft deserve to be high on this list better than sky! Vote for the people you belive is the best at Minecraft, not the best YouTube. There is a list for that already.

AntVenom is a skilled builder (at better then most current popular YouTubers), he is very skilled in PvP and has beaten other YouTubers many times in events such as Survival Games, and finally, he is very good as survival enjoying maps like Extreme Antfarm.

His FNAF role play was awesome. He is absolutely amazing at redstone. Seriously, red section and blue section cameras, that is a lot of redstone. He is awesome with Dan. All around, awesome.

Guys, Ant has actually changed Minecraft as we know it. I think I speak for all of us when I say, Ant is one of the most skillful and talented Minecrafter and YouTuber yet.

14 ilmango
15 L for Leeeeee x

L for lee x id one of my favorite character in Minecraft I hope he is not just a kid because I'm a kid to I am 7 years old..

L for lee is nothing compare to me in killing I killed all of the players in the server hunger games they are so weak hahah!

I like that he gives stampy cake and he's so funny. His build battles are amazing because his building is amazing!

Well, 3 dislikes, for not making the world bigger.


Always has been my fave probably always will, I think he needs more credit than he gets but, Quentin is an explosive, crazy, awesome, mudkip who makes Minecraft videos about almost everything (even pixelmon! ) and if you don't know of him, you should look him up!

He's so mad on Minecraft how to spawn herobrine the last part is funny!
He's say "I'm not a fish
Husky:I'm not a fish!
Me:then you what?

I love the mudkip. Doo do doo

Your cute and awesome

17 PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz Is A Great Pvper I Suggest that he should be at top 10 because of his awesome effort and awesome editing on his videos. I would like to see him be a successful youtuber and be on the top 10

He's funny and I like his epic fails! He deserves top ten! He usually does videos with the pack or at least one of the

Preston is, no doubt, one of the best youtubers ever. He's just so good at everything.Don't you ever stop making videos, Preston! YOU ROCK!

He is a really good player, he is amazing in parkour, and I love him.

18 Bashur

Are love this dude! He's awesome! I think he should be number 3 in the list! By the way I love his accent laugh out loud

So my favorite., funny, not as popular as Sky but I like him the most. Huskymudkipperz was my next pick.

Bashur should be number 1 because everything is funny about his accent

Can you give me a cap

19 Deadlox

Good commentary and awesome at survival games! Also cool skin and really funny!

His the right hand of SkydoesMinecraft...

This is so cool

This is my like

20 Tobuscus

I think Tobuscus is hilarious and his rants make me crack up. Try killing the mini minotaur with your diamond sword that you have a patent on. It might work better than Tar Tar.

Very amazing at his youtube job. He is also very funny, I've been watching him since 2007 he never gets old. Caused a great minecraft song/ meme.

Tobuscus Was the Youtuber I grew up with. He Also makes funny songs and is probably one of the best youtubers ever.

Even when I was four my brother and I watched his happy wheels. I LOVE the mini minotaur because I like Greek mythology. :P

21 Wattles
22 Etho

He combines incredible knowledge about the game (his redstoning is insane) with good looking builds and really good humor. The most special thing about him is that he seems to never run out of ideas, he made over 450 survival episodes in unmodded minecraft and each single episode has unique content and original ideas by himself. He would definitely deserve to be #1 in my opinion.

Etho is the best survival redstoner, he is really good with a bow, has a great sense of humor, never swore before, knows more than notch about the game. Invented a living creature in Minecraft by the name of wilson who thinks and has emotions all in survival, alone.

He has the most loyal fan base that's been watching him play Minecraft for over 10 years, while most of the others have either switched to other games or only have a fraction of their subscribers watch their videos.

He's great at building, PvP, Redstone, he puts lots of time into his videos, he cares about his viewers, he doesn't ask for likes, he doesn't tell you to subscribe, he doesn't use clickbait, he rarely swears, and if he does he edits it out, and is just an overall nice guy.

23 Amy lee33

Amy you guys are my hero. I watch you and the others almost everyday. Like when I'm feeling down or my parents are fighting I go to you guys to cheer me up. thanks guys!

Amylee33 is an amazing builder and she is a really great you tuber. It's awesome that she shows people how to build stuff instead of just building it and then leaving other Minecraft players to just guess how to build it

You are better than little Kelly you should be in the top ten! My sister loves your videos and I do too!

NO. DISLIKE. For 1 reasonable second, plus you're the 204th I even think is ok.

24 BastiGHG
25 Notch

I wonder if notch is really playing when we summon hero brine (the you no what) and when he comes he just stops when the you know what doesn't teleport? P. S the reason why I'm calling hero brine the you know what is because he scared me and made me say that word and I never... And I mean never share in my life unless I'm scared and I'm never that scared ever

I would happy to friend request him. and meet him in person in real life. Thank you for creating Minecraft. Special thanks to Notch. There wouldn't a Minecraft if he existed. Thank you for creating Minecraft.

Why is notch here? He should either be at number 1 or number 30 or something because notch has been around Minecraft the longest but hasn't played it that much anymore

I think he is number one! Because he invented Minecraft he has found the most diamond
And creates great stuff he is number one watch he's videos,...

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