Top 10 Things to Do on Minecraft

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1 Play Hunger Games

Okay, I have an ultimate lava kingdom, castle, fort thing. We have something called the Lava Games. On the grand volcano rims, volcano bridges, and the center island in the middle of the volcano, contestants throw eggs at each other, trying to get the others to fall into the lava.

I am currently second in command, and it's fun to watch other dudes fall into the lava. We make prisoners from the war play this game. Whoever wins gets to leave and return to their own kingdom. We will talk about the war and stuff later.

2 Build a Lifesize Replica of Your House

Amazing idea. This is one of the reasons I started playing Minecraft, and it turned out great. I think it's something that anyone who plays Minecraft should try out.

That's the most amazing idea I have ever read for Minecraft. I always built other mansions and cottages, but never thought to build my house. Bye, going to do it now!

That must be a really cool thing to do, literally living in Minecraft! I want to show my family!

3 Create a Roller Coaster

Roller coasters are so cool, and it's also cool to build them! (Not in real life, that would be hard). Try to do something creative with it as well, like making it go underground, making you fall from one track onto another, or making it go through a cave or through water!

It's also fun to build roller coasters and ride them with friends. Minecraft Realms, Hypixel, or LAN can help with that. In conclusion, try to be creative and have fun with your friends or on your own.

The first thing I did when I got Minecraft was build a huge, deformed house out of magenta wool. The second thing I did was make a roller coaster. It's really fun to build roller coasters in Minecraft, and it's fun to test them, although it's hard to get the supplies for a roller coaster in survival mode.

4 Have a War

This should be #1. It is so funny and awesome. It is very strategic, and you can play with so many players and install awesome mods. It is AWESOME. Of course, it is fun, and you may experience failure or supreme victory. This definitely is awesome and, again, funny and epic.

I love this. I always divide the two or more sides by the color of their helmets. The best part is to make forts and traps, then use those to help your cause. Especially tunnel wars, they can be the best. Using underground is so beneficial.

Come on! What is more awesome than blasting a guy with an enchanted bow and watching him stagger, blind and swearing, to his house pool to put out the fire engulfing him? Now is there?

5 Build a Volcano

Instead of making a volcano, you could just make a lava pyramid, a water tower, a floating swimming pool, a huge ice sculpture, and a TNT experimentation area made of bedrock or obsidian. You could also make a huge mushroom to keep you safe, or you could make a large area covered with snow on the inside and the outside.

When I was building the volcano, I noticed that it looked like a really cool idea, so I took your advice and built it. Thanks for the idea again. It really made my kingdom look much cooler. Thanks again for the suggestion.

6 Build a Secret Underwater Glass Hideout

Doing this at the moment. I think I've done it the hard way, building it at the bottom of a hole in a small island and then demolishing the island. It's better to just go offshore and drop sand and gravel, making a dry space to dig down into. Can't wait to see it finished.

Oh my goodness! I'm going to try this out for myself! It's a great idea if you like riding in boats on Minecraft. You could always ride a boat when you want to go out and explore the ocean! Thanks for thinking of this idea.

I did this and had little tunnels leading along the ocean floor to massive glass rooms. Also, do two layers of glass so if you break one, you will not flood it.

7 Build a Minecraft Kingdom

Wow. I am building a kingdom. Main Street has awesome stores, then I have fountains and a statue of me and stuff. There are small cabins in the beginning, then they slowly become regular houses.

After that, I will be making mansions and finally the palace. Outside the wall are forests, farms, and messed-up things. It's really cool.

I attempted to build a Minecraft kingdom once. It failed terribly. I am a bad builder. Either way, if I were a good builder, I would build a lot of Minecraft kingdoms! It would be so fun, and you are the designer, so you can make your very own dream kingdom. Ah, just thinking about it makes me want to build one!

8 Troll Your Best Friend

I was going to troll my best friend by making her walk into a fake TNT house, but then she went to see "other people." So, I ignored her and soon plan revenge by becoming a bus driver or pushing her into a waterfall. Remember, no names were said.

I like that idea. I usually troll my friends on multiplayer by writing my username with a "." so no one will see me. This way, I can steal and do whatever I want. Few people can see a small white spot as a username.

More like 'Troll your Minecraft rival' to me. He has discovered that you don't anger someone with flint and steel when you have a wood and leaves house!

9 Build TNT Pyramid Then Blow It Up

Try doing it to a village. Completely cover all the houses with TNT, use the flint and steel thing, and watch the destruction unfold.

I wanted to build a massive TNT pyramid, and some of the TNT on top shot out and made little holes everywhere.

I love just creating a world and then blowing it up! I know it sounds childish, but it's quite fun!

10 Defeat Herobrine

No matter how many times Mojang "removes Herobrine" from every update, I still believe in him! (I got really mad when I was on the PC version long enough to see an update and saw they removed Herobrine. My friend then told me that happened every update.)

This is extremely hard to do. Actually, it is possible to fight Herobrine. You just need the right mod. Here's a challenge: kill three Herobrines with diamond armor, an iron sword, and a bow with 15 arrows. (If you use the same mod I use, then the bow doesn't matter because he runs almost as fast as Sonic.)

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11 Build a Big Space Ship

This would be a great idea. I enjoy it. I am an active person, but I would definitely spend my day inside to build something so massive and fun. This has given me a reason to play the game again. Thanks.

Guys, once you're done building the spaceship, look up the Pyxis mod. It's a mod that allows you to fly or drive anything. So, once you're done building the ship, you can fly it!

I made spaceships in Minecraft a lot when I was younger because I watched Stampy's videos. I thought it was cool how he went to the moon. I always wondered why my spaceships wouldn't move.

12 Build a Sky City

I've done that. It's awesome, with all this free empty space. There are also marvelous views from the city. Plus, it's a city in the sky! What else do you have to say?

There's nothing better than looking down from an amazing floating city at a beautiful landscape.

I will most definitely have to try doing that in my Let's Play series.

13 Build a 50x50 Castle With 3 or More Floors

I created a castle with 17 floors. It took me about three months, and it was totally worth it.

I made a library, kitchen, and a whole lot more. On the roof, there was a roller coaster that took us to the swimming pool far away.

This is actually a cool idea. When I tried it, I added towers, and it looked super cool.

It is great. All my friends joined, and we built two of them. Then we had a huge battle.

14 Go On an Adventure

This is great for gathering resources! Definitely a good way to pass the time. Along the way, you can put up huts and campsites to stay for the night. You can also gather tons of loot.

One time, I was playing with someone else, and we were just getting back from our adventure when he fell into a ravine! Then his horse died from fall damage and lava, and he lost three-quarters of his stuff in the lava. *Sigh*

My all-time favorite. While doing a project on Minecraft for school with my friend, I came across a temple-thing. I had to explore it!

15 Build an Underground Base

I've done this before, left it for a few months, forgot it was there, then surprised myself by discovering I hadn't lost everything after all.

It was a lovely moment.

I made a world with a huge underground base with a bedroom, guest room, trading center, portal room, and plenty of booby-trapped rooms, as well as two entrances. I also made a school and a chicken coop. It took a while, but it's definitely worth the wait.

You can add sleek details, impress your friends, and even include redstone in your builds too!

16 Run a Command Creation in the Wrong Version
17 Build a Castle With a Kingdom Around It

This will be really fun for you to do. It looks amazing when you have finished. The castle could be for anything, like a witch or something? (I don't know)

I'm planning on building a 20 by 20 tower! It will have a city or town around it and lots of defense walls!

18 Replicate the Olympic Stadium

I'd totally want to do that! I mean, who wouldn't, and there are so many to choose from. I'm going to go on Google and search which one to do!

This idea is amazing. I have started building one, and so far, I have done the javelin, boxing, and high jump.

It would be so hard, but yeah, this sounds fun.

19 Build a City In the Sky
20 Build a Big Epic City

I'm currently doing this too! So far, I have a "Little Big Ben" and a bowling alley I am working on! Guys, totally do this with your free time!

21 Build a Giant Donut Statue and Worship It

What color sprinkles? Rainbow or chocolate? And what about the icing, pink?

Who doesn't love donuts? Building a statue of one will be so fun!

Probably the best thing on this list!

22 Build a Big Statue of Your Hero

I made a really good one of BajanCanadian! But it took so long. I finally finished it, but then the whole thing was one block off. So, I had to explode it and redo the whole thing.

I want to create a YouTube Hall of Fame, and then my version of the YouTubers Hall of Fame. Even though Aphmau is popular, I don't like her because she has way too many mods. That does not mean I'm removing DanTDM.

AntVenom and SkyDoesMinecraft all the way!

23 Fall in a Void World

You can possibly do it in Survival, though it will take months.

24 Install Pixelmon with Other Mods to Make the Game Crash

Why? It is fun. I did this two times today already!

25 Explode the World and Rebuild It

It's time-wasting, that's for sure. I would do it on a server and hide diamonds and other good stuff.

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