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1 The Evillustrator

yeh he is really creative and I think he could be an artist anyways he is a really strong supervillian as he could just draw an invisible hand to get the miraculous or anything else.

Quite possibly the most power of all the villains, can draw ANYTHING, including nuclear bombs, giant asteroids, unstoppable tanks, you name it, and it becomes real! And can erase anything he wants from existence! Talk about overpowered! And just awesome in general!

I LOVE Nathaniel! He's just such a charming character. He's really kind, has epic hair, isn't evil technically after being akumatized (for the first part), not to mention the super manga comic drawing skills! The only sad thing is he turns really evil after Marionette breaks his heart ;(

Like Sai from the Naruto series, he can draw anything he can bring into existence. In contrast, its technical.

2 Stormy Weather Also called Climatika in French version. She is a villain who can controlling weathers using her parasol. Her civilian self is Aurore Beaureal, one of Kidz member of weather forecasting. Her akuma is in her parasol. She is a character from Miraculous Ladybug .

I like her powers and mostly the cyclone she controls the weather and she put a hurricane in the episode of the catalyst she put every villain like on a hurricane

Stormy Weather is by far the best, so awesome she has the skills to become a main antagonist

She looks like a raccoon chewing on an electric purple wire

She looks like a Suicide Squad character.

3 Hawk Moth

Hawkmoth is probably the coolest sharacter in the show. He has the most backstory (which needs to be revealed more) and is so mysterious. As evil as he is, he loves his wife and son.

Kinda feel bad for him. He just wants him wife back. But he's kind of blind to not see Nathalie is in love with him.

He creates the bad guys and he has the butterfly miraculous

He's the powerful villain behind the powerful villains.

4 Volpina Volpina is a character from the show Miraculous Ladybug . Her civilian self is Lila Rossi . She is cunning, bad, and greedy who trying to make an illusions to confuses Ladybug and Chat Noir . Even though she is resembles a Miraculous hero with a same name, she is actually an akumatized villain .

She Is Actually Supposed To Be A Hero On The Miraculous Lady Bug Team So Making Her A Villain Is Like A Really Cool Plot Twist To Me, And Also At The End When Volpina Turns Back Into Lila, Hawkmoth Says "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Her..." So I Have A VERY Deep Interest With Her And If Lila Will Get Akumatized Again, Or If She Gets The Fox Miraculous But When She Does, She Works For Hawkmoth. Meaning The Power Of The Fox Miraculous Could Be Used For Bad In Season 2

Volpina? No offense, but Volpina looks more like a fox than a vole.

She almost got ladybug to give up her miraculous twice.

She is so mean and a liar yet I love her character.

5 Lady Wifi A villain from Miraculous Ladybug. Her civilian self is Alya Cesaire, Marinette's best friend. Her akuma is in her phone. She used her phone as a weapon. Her phone releases a glowing purple circles with Camera, Play, Lock, and Pause symbol to defeat Ladybug. Her goal is trying to discovered Ladybug's more.

She could've gotten ladybug's miraculous when she put locks on her hands. THen taken chat noir's miraculous when he couldn't find it.

What does she use to attack can't you just cause a black out then you win

Whoever came up with the name must have been desperate

Go lady wifi so cool in your face lady wifi haters peace out

6 Chat Blanc

Chat Blanc was incredibly amazing in my opinion. There was a lot of the ships progressing. And kinda like Oblivo and Gladiator.

I just thought Chat Blanc was amazing. He is the akumatized version of Chat Noir and his powers really appealed to me.

Whoa! Cat Noir vs akuma. Cat noir turns into Cat blanc

He could've destroyed everything in the world

7 Timebreaker Timebreaker (Chronogirl in French) is an akumatized villain from the show Miraculous Ladybug. Her power is absorbing people's energy to make her stronger. Her civilian self is Alix Kubdel. Her akuma is in one of her rollerskaters

Alix/Timebreaker is arguably the most powerful character in Miraculous. Although the Miraculous are pretty powerful, their abilities are honestly mainly enchanted objects and superhuman strength/agility. Alix can kill with a single touch, not just kill in fact, erase you from existense and use your vital force to make her stronger. She is deadly fast, strong, agile and has the ultimate power: time breaking. Although Evillustrartor, Inverso and the Sandman are pretty overpowered, Timebreaker and Horrificator are really the only unstoppable villains, because they grow stronger on what makes you weak. They also really have it in for everybody, not just seeking revenge or love. GO ALIX

I would love the power to go through time I have patience so I can handle the wait

She has like the Midas touch. One single touch you are dead

1# prize for most deadly villain. PS: I would never want to meet that villain!

8 Reflekta

I like reflekta and her design because its unique and it makes sense since she wanted to be noticed. This villain could literally hide in a crowd of people and quick neutrilize someone in fact she nearly reflected ladybug before Chat noir covered the beam. Oh and she literally took all the risks and went 1v1 with ladybug and nearly won until a crowd of people tried to stop her. Reflekta in my opinion is the best villain ever and she had the best reason to be akumatised because Juleka was unnoticed and just wanted to be in a photo but didn't get noticed. Children could get depressed if never given attention.

Despite having a simple power, she was still a threat. She got rid of Chat as a threat for a little while, she turned him into her this neutralizing his powers. She had the best reason, and I think she should have had more time as actual Juleka to give us more background on how far back this actually goes. If she doesn’t have a good reason to be akumatized, no one does.

Worst villain ever! She can’t harm anyone! NO EFFECT! I think she might just give them her powers! Horrible horrible! She is just saying she is ugly if it is bad to be her.She looks like FNAF Circus Baby crossed with Harley Quinn. Do not vote for Goth turned clowns villain you see in this picture!

Despite a rather limited power she still manages to be a threat to Ladybug and Chat Noir. Plus, she probably had the one of the best reasons for getting akumatized in the entire show.

9 Copycat (L' Imposteur) L' Imposteur or Copycat is a villain from the French show, Miraculous Ladybug . A villain with a power to impersonate people, especially Chat Noir . His civilian self is Theo Barbeau, a sculptor who has crush to Ladybug . His akuma is contained on the newspaper article that he use as an inspiration more.

Copycat is good... but I am confused about his civilian self and how he's madly in love with Ladybug. I mean, a grown man in love with a middle school student who's only like 13? Crazy. Yes I know she turns 14 in Befana but that's still very young to have an adult admirer and anyway Copycat was before Befana...

He almost got ladybug to take the real chat noir's miraculous.

He is really like chat noir.I can't even spot the difference but I know that ladybug knows the real chat noir

You can be easily fooled by this lover boy

10 The Puppeteer

She can literally control pretty much anyone and if she wasn't such a dumb little girl she would have one.

She was pretty powerful even though her team attacked themselves.

I sense a fnaf reference here

I like the 2nd one better

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11 Mayura

When she made the sentimonster(ladybug episode) it took so much out of her, showing her strength, and it was honestly a genius idea. She also has a great motive: fighting for her love.

She is the worst at being a villain, hay master Fu! Tell LB to go for Mayura to distract hawkmoth! She is obviously weak! But great character.

She is so evil but yet so pretty and she can make monsters it is so cool.

1# prize for the sneakiest villain

12 Zombizou

Out of all the episodes, I find myself watching hers the most. Had she not been over confident and maybe smarten up some more, she could easily be a great villain for characters in a book. Plus, I'm just a huge fan of the powers she has, then again I'm a hugger, I love human contact and warmth. So I guess that's why I can relate to liking her powers, also mind control is a power I think is the coolest when it comes to evil characters. The idea of making someone do something without them knowing or against their will is a scary power indeed and makes me giddy to see how the heroes over come it! All around, I love this akuma girl!

out of all the episode I had watch I don't know what has made this teacher a violent zombie teacher she hast been yet akumatized of course except for this time if you are reading this MS bustier I like your powers

A villain that uses forms of affection and love to create a zombie apocalypse. And a lot of the characters were dropping like flies when she or her minions puckered up. Very dangerous villain in any story if were to be told.

First, it's Zombizoo and second she isn't the strongest but she is the most powerful she only needed to kiss ladybug and she won! She was just over confident sadly.

13 Mr. Pigeon

Just because it said "Best" doesn't mean the villain wasn't funny but pure evil. So I say Mr.Pigeon Is the most funniest goofball in Ladybug and Catnoir. I mean screw all the other villains and Laila this guy got akumatized! 25 times! Including the time in the future (Spoiler Alert! ) Where he got akumatized into Monsieur Rat. (REMEMBER TIME TAGGER? and him and the rat? ) From my opinion he was the best villain because he only cares for those pideons...but in the end he still feels guilty that Minibug and Kittynoir (Timetagger people) have to save him from countless times! He even bought them ice cream! 2× people!

I LOVE HIM. It made me so sad when he couldn't help his friends the pigeons! I can also relate To him because I love pigeons and in my heart he's #1!

He's hilarious! Need I say more? And the real dude is so nice!

He's so stupid he's funny

14 Princess Fragrance An akumatized version of Rose Lavillant. She is a villain from Miraculous Ladybug. Her akuma is in her perfume. She uses her perfume as a gun. She is aggressive and possessive to her prince, Prince Ali.

I love princess fragrance
for the first time Chloe stinks imagine

I hate her because she is annoying as hell.

She got a cool power. We be servants to her.

O my god her voice drove me crazy

15 Catalyst

It was a genius idea on hawkmoth's part. But her only power was to give hawkmoth more powers?

Not really a villain as she shows up for all for three minutes, but still pretty powerful.

I love catalyst her design intrigues me

Isn't she the akumatized one who really let Hawk Moth, (Scarlett Moth) akumatize her.

16 Oblivio

So close. If ladybug hadn't written that message he would've won.

He would've won if...

It was a really good episode and they almost won... so...

17 Dark Cupid

Well I think he's the strongest cause he can make any negative emotions for hawkmoth

In the hero's day episode he was really great at getting everyone akumatised.

Uhh hello? He's the one responsible for the ladynoir kiss? Obviously the best villain.

I love him he is so cool

18 Reverser

He is pretty powerful, considering he caught the heroes

1# prize for the best skilled villain

I love Reverser because Chat Noir and Ladybug were SOOOOOOOOOOo cute

19 Dark Owl

He was so close, he even managed to take one of the ladybug's earrings

Best villain for the best superhero of the world

He was so... Close to defeating ladybug and cat noir

One of the most powerful

20 Silencer

Hear ye! Hear ye! Luka is a very calm and friendly guy. Why did he get akumatized? BECAUSE HE SAW HIS LOVE ONE GET TREATED BADLY AND THREATENED ON! to all the Luka haters out there. Luka ain't doing nothing to u! Leave him alone! We don't go on hatin Adrien no matter how oblivious he fact I both ship Luka And Adrien with Mari. There's already enough hate in this world.Besides even if Luka loves Mari he still WILLINGLY let her go and confess her love 4 Adrien(unfortunately she didn't).He even declared his love 4 her! Bro! That takes guts to do! Letting your crush admit her feeling for a dense guy..Admitting your feelings in a romantic and poetic way...Besides Silencer ALMOST succeed ed in taking Ladynoir's miraculouses. That counts

He disabled ladybug's powers, which was really strong and he had a good motive, his work was stolen.

In my opinion Luka is the worst character ever. no offense, but he should die.

His power is cool and I think he's kinda cute

21 Simon Says

Pretty much has the ability to make other people obey him. he can also make others work for him or even stop them from moving. In my opinion, he's by far the best

Wow. He broke through Gabriel's security, Got Gabriel out of the house, and, How did he even get that many cards to make an army?!

Simon says is the best he can hypnotise anyone and he is one of the few akumatised villians who almost achieved their goal

ooh Simon says is a powerful villain he even took Gabriel almost to death with the tall building. he hypnotized him

22 The Mime

He has a very cool power and his design is dope. Also he carried almost the entire Eifeler Tower on his own, he should be a recurring villain

He's easily the strongest foe Ladybug has ever faced, and if this weren't a kids show, he'd be even more terrifying.

Yeah one of my personal favorites, he looks cool

He could litteraly get anything and nobody would see it coming.

23 Magician of Misfortune
24 Antibug

It was hilarious when Cat Noir was dangling from that pole. I'm on Antibug's side because she was totally thrown to the side by Ladybug even though she knew where the akuma was. And in that news video, Ladybug pretending to be all modest when actually she couldn't have defeated Vanisher without Chloé?

"Cat Noir and I, we're an unstoppable team." It was so annoying and obviously showing off and I was glad that Cat Nor had rejected the Pound It from LB. He was like "Chloé was just trying to help and why didn't you tale her advice?" He had a point because she just yelled at Chloé when Chloe was telling her where the akuma was.

Antibug was really cool and I liked it because she was the complete opposite of LB and still when she was deakumatized she still gave LB another chance even though I wouldn't. And it seems to me that Ladybug never gives Chloé a chance.

So basically I love this episode (also because there were TWO akumatized villains) and ...more

Her face is just screaming kill me please


25 Animan

He could be anything! He even cheated the system by being a T-rex.

That picture looks more like a panther than a villan.

He can be any animal! Now that's roarsome.

He reminds mr of beast boy fro teen ttans (original) only difference beas boy is a protagonist while anima is a antagonist

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