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1 Stormy Weather Stormy Weather Also called Climatika in French version. She is a villain who can controlling weathers using her parasol. Her civilian self is Aurore Beaureal, one of Kidz member of weather forecasting. Her akuma is in her parasol. She is a character from Miraculous Ladybug .

A grumpy girl villain who trying to destroys sunshine and replacing it with storm, rain, and snowstorm. I like her design. - ChatNoirFan18

Stormy Weather is by far the best, so awesome she has the skills to become a main antagonist

She looks like a raccoon chewing on an electric purple wire - TwilightKitsune

She seems like a sore loser but when you think about it,she had what like,less than a quarter of the votes! That is mean!

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2 Lady Wifi Lady Wifi A villain from Miraculous Ladybug. Her civilian self is Alya Cesaire, Marinette's best friend. Her akuma is in her phone. She used her phone as a weapon. Her phone releases a glowing purple circles with Camera, Play, Lock, and Pause symbol to defeat Ladybug. Her goal is trying to discovered Ladybug's more.

What does she use to attack can't you just cause a black out then you win - epictoonsfan1

Whoever came up with the name must have been desperate - TwilightKitsune

3 Copycat (L' Imposteur) Copycat (L' Imposteur) L' Imposteur or Copycat is a villain from the French show, Miraculous Ladybug . A villain with a power to impersonate people, especially Chat Noir . His civilian self is Theo Barbeau, a sculptor who has crush to Ladybug . His akuma is contained on the newspaper article that he use as an inspiration more.

It's hard to differentiate him with the REAL Chat Noir - ChatNoirFan18

If he copys people make him copy dora they will both get killed - epictoonsfan1

I found a difference! The akuma symbol on his eyes! -Vestalis

But I have to agree with CNF18, he looks pretty similar to the real Chat Noir.-Vestalis

4 The Evillustrator
5 Timebreaker Timebreaker Timebreaker (Chronogirl in French) is an akumatized villain from the show Miraculous Ladybug. Her power is absorbing people's energy to make her stronger. Her civilian self is Alix Kubdel. Her akuma is in one of her rollerskaters

She has like the Midas touch. One single touch you are dead

6 Reflekta Reflekta
7 Mr. Pigeon Mr. Pigeon

He's so stupid he's funny - Iamcool

8 Hawk Moth

He creates the bad guys and he has the butterfly miraculous

9 Volpina Volpina Volpina is a character from the show Miraculous Ladybug . Her civilian self is Lila Rossi . She is cunning, bad, and greedy who trying to make an illusions to confuses Ladybug and Chat Noir . Even though she is resembles a Miraculous hero with a same name, she is actually an akumatized villain .

She is the worst villain in the show - Dragontree102

10 Simon Says

Pretty much has the ability to make other people obey him. he can also make others work for him or even stop them from moving. In my opinion, he's by far the best

Simon says is the best he can hypnotise anyone and he is one of the few akumatised villians who almost achieved their goal

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11 Guitar Villain
12 Animan Animan

He is awesome villain. Can turn into animals whatever he want. So amazing! - ChatNoirFan18

He reminds mr of beast boy fro teen ttans (original) only difference beas boy is a protagonist while anima is a antagonist - epictoonsfan1

13 The Mime

Yeah one of my personal favorites, he looks cool - Stevenuniversefangirl

14 Antibug Antibug
15 Stoneheart
16 Santa Claws Santa Claws Santa Claws (called Bad Santa by Thomas Astruc) is the only antagonist from A Special Christmas: Miraculous. He is an akumatized version of Santa Claus. The reason why he get akumatized is because Ladybug though he want to kidnap Adrien. This makes him rage and angry because he get accused by her.
17 Horrificator V 1 Comment
18 Darkblade
19 Kung Food
20 The Puppeteer
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