Top Ten Best Moments from the Pokemon Anime

The Top Ten Best Moments from the Pokemon Anime

1 Ash's Infernape vs Paul's Electivire

This was probably my favorite battle besides Ash vs. Gary in the Johto League
This was definitely the most fulfilling battle by being 3 episodes long with the ending being the final nail in the coffin to make it good. - MrQuaz680

Really one of the best fight ever

2 Ash and Brock Bid Farewell at The End of the Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Series

It was sad seeing the greatest human duo in the entire anime in the entire history of the entire anime part ways and bid farewell forever. However, maybe it's not forever! Either way, these two main characters these two main protagonists will continue to serve as the inspiration for the other one! Brock even called Ash a Pokemon Master and Ash even called Brock a Pokemon Doctor! These tel believein each other! In my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

On the bright side, there's Cilan! - RiverClanRocks

Well, probably just because Cilan just gets a lot of unnecessary $hit for not being Brock! in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

That was the last we ever saw of Brock...but still, I really like this scene. - nintendofan126

3 Ash's Charmander's Evolution
4 Ash's Charmeleon's Evolution
5 Ash's Charizard vs Gary's Blastoise
6 Ash's Charizard vs the Wild Aerodactyl
7 Ash's Charizard vs Blaine's Magmar
8 Ash's Pikachu Defeats the Wild Flock of Wild Spearow
9 Ash dies

What its been cancelled...finally after Pokemon Go and the live action movie.
But maybe it should've gone earlier after Gold/Silver/Crystal and Ash had been a Pokemon Master in the Orange Islands. But a poor 10 year old died so young.
Pokemon is as important as Pogs.

He dies in the first series, killed by a chandelier? Then his ghost hangs out with the ghost Pokemon

Well, that wasn't very nice of you - yungstirjoey666

He dies but comes back to life several times. - egnomac

10 Ash's Pikachu Defeats L.T.Surge's Raichu

The Contenders

11 Ash's Ash-Greninja Vs. Sawyer's Mega Sceptile
12 Ash calls Charizard fat

This is good? Oh.

Perfect - Brachiozaur

Charizard is dying of obesity

Charizard is Adolf hitler

13 Several Pokemon Trainers Uniting Against Team Rocket Whike Onboard PF the S.S.Anne.
14 Misty Finally Kissed Ash


Haha yo;you're suoo wild

15 Ash wins the Alola League

It's about time
Some of us waited 23 years just for this to happen - yungstirjoey666

16 Serena Kisses Ash


How is this not higher it was an insane moment more insane then Serena fighting as ash
And of course they show their feet got insert Serena’s scream

17 Misty & Brock Return in The Sun & Moon Anime
18 Serena Fights as Ash

I really liked this moment as it showed true friendship and was a funny episode

Good episode

19 Ash leaves Gliscor with McCann

Shows gliscors emotional side

20 Lucario Dies

Well that's not very nice.

Lmao I hate Lucario -- Charizard

21 Ash's Pikachu vs Drake's Dragonite
22 Ash meets Giovanni
23 Pikachu Saves Ash From A Flock Of Spearow
24 Clemont and Bonnie's Sun/Moon Return
25 Sceptile Defeats Darkrai

Sceptile was the only pokémon to defeat Darkrai in the pokémon league. That moment really showed how strong Sceptile is. - ChargedBow

26 Misty dances with Ash
27 James Leaves Cacnea with Gardenia
28 Ponyta Evolves Into Rapidash While Ash Rides to the Finish Line
29 Pikachu vs Mimkyu (TR Has a Z Ring)

Probably the best battle ever

30 Ash vs Kukui, Exhibition Match
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