Top 10 Best Guildcraft Eggwars Players

Guildcraft is a Minecraft server that caters to both cracked and premium players, providing an inclusive gaming experience for all. For those familiar with Minecraft, it is likely that you are acquainted with Eggwars, a popular game mode that is available on the Guildcraft server. One of the most notable aspects of this server is the presence of highly skilled and competitive opponents who provide a challenging and exciting gameplay experience. To succeed in Eggwars, players need to employ their strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and teamwork skills. It is highly recommended that players team up with the most proficient gamers to have a better chance of emerging victorious in this intense and exhilarating game mode. With its diverse player base and exciting game modes, Guildcraft is a must-try for any Minecraft enthusiast looking for a challenging and enjoyable gaming experience.
The Top Ten
1 TheFireKid

An absolute legend, he is a one-man band. No doubt the best of the best. He is the brawn, brains, and has the best timing out of everyone. I have never seen him lose a game, although he has. On top of that, he killed everyone on this list. (I think)

2 XxKocoskiXx

Don't be fooled by his adorable pug skin with a little jumper. Dog is God spelled backwards. He is a god when it comes to PvP. He will bury you in the void.

3 Prince_Snaer

A Royal Fighter. Capable of using a jitter click, no one can touch him. You better have him on your side. Otherwise, you and the team next to you will be demolished. No one can dethrone this Prince of PvP.

4 chris999

When I first played EggWars, I remember he beat the heck out of all the teams. All he needed was an iron sword to wipe out almost everyone.

5 FillowWillow

He is a legit fighter who can vanquish teams and players with ease. Though he does have a temper, that doesn't stop him. He will try again and again. A very loyal friend.


For three years (you can tell by his name), he has been killing players in EggWars non-stop. With his sharp actions and quick thinking, he wins the EggWars games.

7 Zyrus125

He is pretty close to TheFireKid. He has his own tricks up his sleeves. He is a very fast person. Don't blink.

8 FlydeHD
9 xXWitherBoyXx

I am going to be very honest. He does use strength most of the time but is still a very powerful warrior who will make all bow to his feet.

10 Angry945

Which is pretty much me. So, I am pretty fast. Most of my wins are by luck, and I have killed FillowWillow in EggWars twice. I happen to be very stealthy but not much of a fighter. I mainly suffer from lag, but who knows what power I may behold when lag goes extinct. Then you won't want to mess with me.

The Contenders
11 Tedious_Dad

The Dad of PvP himself is a very powerful opponent, striking at you with multiple critical hits. All you see are sparks and stars.

12 Ataman
13 UltimateMustafa
14 populardog
15 LunaAS
16 PyroKnight

I've never seen anyone have so much confidence. He was always looked down on because people thought he was dumb and weak because he just started. People told him to leave their team, but soon he made them regret it.

17 ItsMeganHere
18 FreezeDry

Maddest bow skills, occasionally kills himself with his own cobwebs.

19 DoNotSteal
20 Forum Guru
21 ngyuyang

Ever since I first started, he was by my side from probably my eighth EggWars game to now. And there is no doubt he is one of the best EggWars players.

22 Xephanez

She's just started getting back into EggWars, but she is getting better after each game she plays.

23 ItsMilke
24 Jakeplayz
25 Thekillermatic

Killer is in his name, enough said.

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