Worst Mortal Kombat Characters

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1 Mokap

A stupid character who has a dumb ass ending who just does it know how to fight and goes on knowing his life is a complete failure and thinks he is a good fighter and lives life knowing he fights like dumb ass who fights like a girl and can't even have a good life and has freaking balls all over his body and couldn't beat a fly and I'm disappointed at midway. Imagine Ed boon is in his office and a worker comes in and is covered in balls and says " I have a Idea about a new character his name is mokap and he has balls allover him". Ed should've fired his ass right there but didn't and here we are a bunch of pissed of fans. Thanks midway

He's a really funny character to say the least but what good could I say about the idea of introducing him? He really isn't needed in a roster filled with so many great characters. He was a cool one game joke in my opinion. Nothing more. - Johnnyrp666

There really isn't much to say about this guy other than he's simply a terrible idea. He looks stupid, his background is stupid, his name is just plain lazy, he's a terrible character. - DamonRageDevil

He is the most useless and annoying mk character ever. Not to mention weak - Magnolia

2 Meat

That’s disgusting and trust me I rarely get disgusted at this game

What kind of Mortal Kombat character has one eyeball sticking and is redder than a tomato. He carries a butcher knife around half naked. In Mortal Kombat4 Easter egg meat looks like a skeleton. In armageddon he was terrible

This shouldn't even be a character.
Lets Cook it!

The most unsuspecting and unnecessary character in Mortal Kombat history

3 Kobra

Lame is the word to describe him, nothing stands out in him. Like somebody else said before me:- he's a cheap imitation of Ken from Street Fighter - ahmedessam

He looks like cheap imitation of Ken from Street Fighter - Magnolia

They should have named him Ken, because that's who he is

This is like the bootleg version of ken from street fighter

4 Hsu Hao

Just the worst. The creators even hate him so much they kill him off whenever he shows up.

Well, the MK developer team hated him to the point of making his in-game death completely canon, only to have him return in Armageddon rather begrudgingly because every character was to appear in it.

Then there's the Mortal Kombat X comics where he is immediately killed by Scorpion just moments after his first appearance. Talk about really hating this guy's guts...

This guy doesn't look a real Red Dragon member he looks more like one Village People.

He is just stupid. He even tips off kano's eye laser. He just put it on his chest. Not a big difference!

5 Drahmin

Horrible Look, Terrible Move Set, Awful Fatality, Boring Storyline, Drahmin has it all.

6 Darrius

This guy has the most ludicrous fatality in MK history.

(rearranges the opponent's limbs and head onto random parts of the body then observes his "abstract art")

Hmm... HMM.

(kicks the disfigured bleeding corpse down onto the ground)

7 Motaro Motaro Motaro is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He made his first appearance as a sub-boss character in Mortal Kombat 3, where he has the legs of a horse and the torso of a man.

When I noticed he didn't have his centaur legs in Armageddon, I was really confused. At the point I didn't know much about him, besides him being a centaur. It was kind've lazy for them to give him two legs.

I really thought Motaro was awesome in UMK3 (though an annoying boss. ) But then in MKA, they had to remove his centaur legs. It pissed me off.

He has the most lame fatality ever. He looks pretty tough but all his fatality is just grabbing the fighters head and lifting it up. That's a joke.

I really love motaro but when they removed his back legs I just backed off. That was disappointing

8 Jarek

Terrible Kano clone and my god the worst ending in mk history. THE BLACK DRAGON LIVE ON!

A Kano ripoff, but with two intact eyes and he doesn't even look like the guy from Village People, just boring. His only redeeming quality is his unintentionally funny ending.

An imitation of Kano, and also the 2nd least popular Mortal Kombat character.

I hate him because his and jax's non-canon endings.

9 Kung Jin

He's automatically making him the worst fighter ever. Jarek is not gay despite some claims, and is a way better design.

He's konfirmed to be gay, automatically making him the worst character ever made.

There is nothing good about this character. He's a smug jerk who screws everything up. He looks like a dilweed. He's a repackaging of Green Arrow from Netherrealm's previous game "Injustice". His place in MK canon is grating much like his friends Cassie, Jaqui and Takeda. On top of everything else, he's a limp wrist "inclusive" character, made for the sole purpose of needless "diversity". I hate all of the Special Forces brats from MKX, but he takes the cake!

10 Mileena Mileena Mileena is a character from the Mortal Kombat franchise who debuted in the sequel Mortal Kombat II as a clone of Kitana by Shang Tsung using Tarkatan DNA resulting in her mouth having razor sharp teeth that of a Tarkatan like Baraka, she hated her sister Kitana and vowed to destroy her and take over ...read more.

I hate her. She's better in the tenth one, but she sucks. "Hehe Let's dance! " (MK9) creepy. She's a cannibal, I know that. But, they made her stereotypical. Why'd they make her face like that anyway? She's not gonna get a boyfriend any time soon, she needs to stop trying and put some clothes on.

I love mileena and that's point of her character also technically mileena and kitana aren't sisters she's a clone of kitana

How is Mileena even here; she's the best female character. That rotten trash D'Vorah should be here instead.

In my opinion, Mileena is the best female MK character, being different with the other, she's the only female character that has mixed bloods(tarkatan&edenian)

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11 Hotaru

This guy hotaru is the worse

12 Reiko

This guy sucks

Reiko is long years be for general Shao Kahn army. Reiko be in game MK 4, and serial MK Conquest. He is in purple costum, black line round eyes. He is interesting fighter in werry greate style.

He's not bad, just under used
Awesome moveset in MK4 but what the hell was that costume in MKA?

13 D'Vorah D'Vorah D'Vorah is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series, who made her debut in Mortal Kombat X.

I hate this annoying sniveling swine & they are responsible for killing Mileena, Baraka, & Scorpion... and their only excuse is for the survival of their hive? Someone should just burn them and their lame hive and swarm with it. They deserve all the hate for executing our beloved Mortal Kombat villains who are all better than her.

Killed scorpion


Wack new gen character

14 Chameleon

I'm sorry but I like chameleon. He is amazing

Chameleon is actually a good character in my opinion

Man seriously? Who's the funny guy put chameleon in the back? You MAYBE don't realise how cool chameleon is you sandwich sucker

Chameleon is awesome he's all. The ninjas combined

15 Jacqui Briggs
16 Shujinko

So DUMB and Oh, So Gullible. I wonder how many people want to RIP their ears off after hearing what Shujinko even has to say. - Mattblue66

Shujinko looks like God

A geezer good guy for MK? Oh dear gawd no!

17 Blaze

I don't know why Blaze isn't there yet. Still I wonder what went through the minds of the creators when they thought he could be a decent boss. This one was pretty easy. In terms of gameplay I always hated the big ass creatures. Even worst? He ended up playable. Once a boss is playable in a game when he's so big and so cheap, it just gets much worst in my opinion. - Johnnyrp666

Blaze is just a fireball

The easiest boss ever too slow and weak - Rhapsody

You call this a boss

18 Liu Kang Liu Kang Liu Kang is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Mortal Kombat fighting game series from Midway Games, introduced as one of the original seven player characters in the 1992 first game as a Shaolin monk who enters the Mortal Kombat tournament to save Earthrealm.

Liu king is the cheapest mk character ever created. He sucks in all the mk games, he has the worst fatality I have ever seen, both of them. But leg split has to be the worse, it makes no sense. He's splitting your chest not your legs. I'm glad he died in deadly alliance. The only reason liu king was thean protagonist in the movies because it was about kung fu and marital arts, who's real lyrics good at that stuff Asians, not trying to be racist, but Asians r known for knowing martial arts.

His voice is way too high. Plus, he's not even a hero, he whines to Raiden about deserving more power, kills Raiden, and then turns evil, corrupted by the power that he so desperately "needed". Total idiot.

Liu Kang is the best player and the strongest, fastest and he is really powerful I don't now y you say he suck and is weak probably you just hate Chinese people he can kill any body that gets in his way!

No Liu Lang is a great character. Some things on this list I truly don't like nor agree on and this is one

19 Rain

Why are you hating on Rain for his name and colour, ya half-wits?

Rain is an amazing character. None of the MK ninjas should even BE here; save all the hate for the stupid characters introduced in MK9, X, & XI like Ferra, D'Vorah, & Kronika. - PrinceZarbon

The only reason why people hate Rain is that he's purple and his name.

How they came up with Rain? They literally heard the song "purple rain" by Prince

20 Ferra

This is the one annoying character who is completely invulnerable to getting hit and would love nothing more than to do fatality to them at repeat as they are my least favorite not just as new addition but also in the whole franchise. - PrinceZarbon

21 Kira Kira Kira is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. She made her debut in Mortal Kombat: Deception.

I hate this character the most. See, Kano is my favorite. I don't like having him turned into a girl. It's funny, because she had Kano's colors, Sonya's face, and Nitara's hair. Tell NetherRealm Studios, was she a good idea?

Oh God. Kira is by far the worst and the weakest mk character ever

Ugly and weak, she's just copying Sonya and Kano

Such a lame weak character

22 Skarlet Skarlet Skarlet is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. She made her debut in Mortal Kombat (2011) as a Downloadable Character. In Mortal Kombat 11 she returned as a playable character.

Yet, what happens if you take a red hair like Kira, a cool blood related character like Nitara and mix it up with all the Edenian ladies in terms of clothes? You get something as boring as Skarlet as it seems. But she's not hopeless yet. After all, she's not the only one who's had only one apparition to this day.

What happens if you take a red hair lady (Kira), a really cool blood powered female (Nitara) and all of the Edenian females clothes mixed up together? Nothing too good as it seems. This is what Skarlet ended up as. Unfortunately.

Skarlet sucks. Her voice is SO ANNOYING! She shouldn't scream every time she makes a move! This is my cousin's favorite, and I don't know how. She says it's because of the blood, but she doesn't know Nitara. She only seen 9 and 10 characters.

You can't compare her to Kira & Nitara when she appeared in the game earlier, she's the coolest female character in the game after Mileena

23 Onaga Onaga Onaga, the Dragon King, is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He made his debut in Mortal Kombat: Deception, in which he also served as the main antagonist and final boss.

He takes over Reptile's body, and manipulates it to become an OP boss that is annoying and not interesting whatsoever! He SHOULD at least be in the top 3.

I agree. Onaga was very annoying boss and not scary at all. He was big but not that strong nor powerful

thinks he is tough and reptile turned to him

Onaga is boss in

24 Kung Lao Kung Lao Kung Lao is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios. A Shaolin monk, he debuted in Mortal Kombat II (1993). He is depicted as a primary hero in the series, including as one of the protagonists of the action-adventure spin-off Mortal ...read more.

First of all I wanna let those who hate kung lao know something. He is a great fighter, one of my favorites. He can kick you back to where you come from. He is great. So hat my comment if you want. I don't give a dime

Kung Lao is home to big trading post and frend Siro, Taja. And we are help to from and lightning god Raiden. Kung Lao is long body and his good kung-fu, thinking good kung-fu, Kung Lao winning turnament Mortal Kombat. Kung Lao is defeat to sorcer Shang Tsung. Sorcer is lost and Kung Lao defeat many good fighter and sorcerer.

25 Bo' Rai Cho

Dude this guy is like Mortal Kombat peter griffin

If he wasn't so oriented on barfing and farting, he's pretty important if you ask me, but he still irks me.

Bo' Rai Cho is a joke. He has awful finishing moves. Somehow, he taught Liu Kang and other Kombatants. I ask myself everyday, 'How the hell did he even get in Kombat Pack 2...? '

It seems none of you have played against him to know how annoying and dumpass he is...

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