Most Common High School Stereotypes


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1 The Nerd

I'm in middle school, and all through elementrary school, I was tormented for having my nose constantly stuck in a book or studying. But now I go to a nerd school, so it's all good!

The glasses, the braces, the book. The essentials to be part of the smartest, and least social group, the Nerds.

The Nerd
The Blonde Cheerleader
The Do Gooder
The Jock
The Roaster
The Savage
The Kindergarten Daters
The Theatre Nerds and Otakus
The Rebels

2 The Emo

I'm actually in middle school and I'm the only emo so all my friends are preppies (gag)

To be honest emo's, punk's metal head, goths, skaters and the crack/alcoholics or etc belong in one group, the rebels. I am like the only true emo in my freshman school so far and in my high school I will find my people.

Rawr just kidding that's fake

Me :P

3 The Artist

I actually bring a sketchbook to school with me. Does anyone else get annoyed when people hover over your shoulder to see what your drawing?

That would be me. - Pegasister12

Just chilling, with a sketchbook, and a pencil, with drawings all over my hand...

I like art

4 The Loner

So, I was rejected by all of my classmates which is why I eat alone I am a loner I have no friends

that's me

It’s not that I don’t have any friends... it’s just I’m kinda antisocial and I like to keep my bubble of solitude. Though, I know a lot of things about everyone in the class that others don’t know. Not prying, just observant.

5 The Pothead
6 The Jock

The gay one

7 The Mean Girl

I'm getting bullied by mean girls in my class..

Yup! That's me. Except for, I don't gossip and I am honest. I a mean girl because I get angry all the damn time and cause fights. Plus, I'm not into fashion and I am not into annoying teen pop or designer brands or boys that look like Mark Thomas. I'm actually a bisexual Trump supporter. And I am not popular. I have long blonde-red hair though and brown eyes with green and amber specks. I like boys and girls. I don't care what someone wears or if they're skinny or if they are pretty on the outside, I'm a bitch to people who annoyed me or was rude or inconsiderate. I'm a mean girl, but not your average mean girl.

8 The Badass

That's me! - Nateawesomeness

That is me�"

9 The Gamer

That’s Totally Me

That’s me.

10 The Gay One

I was the gay one!

Also me. - Pegasister12

oh look me

I have all the girls wanting to be friends with me because i’m the only gay

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? The Hippie
? The Nani

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11 The Queen Bee

That’s me! I’m like Regina Geroge but hotter!
I’m your average mean girl
Addicted to lip gloss, fashion and selfies
I love fashion and art duh
I love to gossip
I am into designer stuff
I love makeup
So yeah and I’m the most popular girl in school lol

12 The Princess
13 The Teacher's Pet

The most terrible think that can EVER happen! Thanks God, there's not a teacher's pet in my class. - Fan_of_Good_Music

The "smart" kid who gives the teachers presents and every time you see them in the teacher's room.

The teacher's always look to you when there's something they don't know!

Every class has at least 3 of them

14 The Band Geek

To be honest I'm a mix. I'm the band geek, the class clown, the punk and the rebel

This seems like me. - PianoQueen

15 The Wannabes
16 The Skater

This is me. I carry my board around all the time

17 The Class Clown

Imma class clown

18 The Anime Kid
19 The Rebel
20 The Fake Friend
21 The Average Kid
22 The Geek
23 The Snobby Cheerleader
24 The Troublemaker
25 The Idiot
26 The Goth Kids
27 The Punk
28 The Loud One
29 The Thots

What guys call girls in schools that send out nudes and porn of themselves. An acronym for That Ho Over There.

Yeah that's my group at school! love us so much! we run west high

30 The Musician

"They are always showing off their musical talents in front of everybody."

31 The Prep
32 The Indian
33 The Muslim


34 Theater Nerds

This is for all the teens like me who have to bite their lips to avoid quoting shows or full-out singing Broadway in the middle of class. We are the ones who laugh at lame puns, have inside jokes with friends, always carry cough drops, wear itchy costumes, and are all around nerds. (And we like things that way)

35 The Wise/Reasonable Person
36 The Juggalos

This was a prominent crowd believe it or not; at least it was back in the mid 90's thru early 00's.

37 The Bro

I've met way too many

38 The Bullying Victim
39 The F Boy


“Look at that body”

40 The Nomad
41 The Cute Nerd

Imagine homework done + a cute boyfriend/girlfriend

42 The Do Gooder
43 The Teacher
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