Most Common High School Stereotypes

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1 The Nerd

I am a Nerd who would rather sit and read a Book or a Science Magazine than going to Gym Class and I am a massive Nerd for a lot of Media .

"Guys, you are all wrong. The answer is x=7, you all don't know how to do math right." *The one the teachers won't admit to, but they are so annoying, even to the teachers.*

I'm in middle school, and all through elementrary school, I was tormented for having my nose constantly stuck in a book or studying. But now I go to a nerd school, so it's all good!

I am the definition of the nerd. My room is a library I get straight A's (besides gym but who 8s good in gym# I have been on the A honor role scence 6th grade.

2 The Average Kid

that's me. "I don't know what group I fit in, or who I am mostly like. Clique's aren't real, or I would have one. I am friends with people from every click. I am pretty average at everything I do."

I had good friends, was decent at sports, got good grades, was nice, and funny. But nothing really made me stand out too much and I felt pretty average

Do I really have to say why

This pretty much is me

3 The Artist

I actually bring a sketchbook to school with me. Does anyone else get annoyed when people hover over your shoulder to see what your drawing?

Absolutely! I always have a sketchbook on me and when someone leans over my shoulder to say "Did you draw that? " it's absolutely the worst.

Well saying that I'm creating a new character in my sketch book can say the least.

Just chilling, with a sketchbook, and a pencil, with drawings all over my hand...

4 The Loner

I have friends, but most of them are away from me in class or are too far from my home. Also I'm used to being ostracized and my family being this way since I was a little boy, so it's not much of a big deal.

I have a couple of friends but we are all emo or goth so we don't really talk much about stuff.
I sometimes feel alone and like I don't belong with anyone.

Still in HIgh School, still a loner. Whatever. It's partially my fault, but I am pretty used to it by now.

So, I was rejected by all of my classmates which is why I eat alone I am a loner I have no friends

5 The Pothead

Always "went to the bathroom" in class to go get high

I went to a behavioral school had a lot of these things

Also called the stoner or druggie

Always had eye drops on me

6 The Jock

The hyper masculine boy that rules the school and the football team.

I am a sports person when it comes to hanging with friends

I'm a girl but into almost every sport... yay

"The only boy who girls actually like."

7 The Anime Kid

I absolutely love anime and everything about it! I took an anime quiz and got 40 out of 61 right! Some people say I'm weird for liking anime, but I don't care, I LOVE ANIME!

Anime and Manga All the way, and memorizing every anime theme song.

I just started getting into this kind of cartoon

Does one fandom count? Because then I am one.

8 The Emo

To be honest emo's, punk's metal head, goths, skaters and the crack/alcoholics or etc belong in one group, the rebels. I am like the only true emo in my freshman school so far and in my high school I will find my people.

I'm actually in middle school and I'm the only emo so all my friends are preppies (gag)

I was the emo one. The most underrated.

I wore black and safety pens A LOT

9 The Gamer

*Hint* They Fortnite dance a lot and most of them are idiots, (Not all of them- just most of them)

I am one of the biggest gamer in my school

There are some of these in my school

Most of these guys are idiots..

10 The Badass

"Do it just because I thought it would be fun and crazy. Nobody tells me what to do."

Same with the window and standing up to mean teachers and yourself

Me sometimes, just give them that look


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11 The Queen Bee

There are different types of girls now that are WAY worse. Trust me

"I don't wanna have to work with these Geeks... I'm outta here."

They are so annoying and are dying out because members are now popular! yay

I'm such a Queen Bee in my high school

12 The Gay One

There were a bunch in my old school when I was in the eighth grade.

Its more of me being bi

Gayest of the gay

I was the gay one!

13 The Socially Awkward One

My friend and I both suffer from social anxiety, so we are extremely socially awkward heh...

This ones me. I only spend time with one person and that's my boyfriend

I have autism so I get bullied because I'm socially awkward

Since I read a lot, I don't really have that many friends.

14 The Theater Nerd

This is for all the teens like me who have to bite their lips to avoid quoting shows or full-out singing Broadway in the middle of class. We are the ones who laugh at lame puns, have inside jokes with friends, always carry cough drops, wear itchy costumes, and are all around nerds. (And we like things that way)

All around dorks, really. We're the people who say we love being in ensemble and usually mean it.

By the way not all theatre kids belt out Broadway show tunes, but I'm definitely one of the theatre kids (at my school there's a rivalry between the theatre kids and the dancers)

I am going to be an actress when I'm older. I have done drama since yr 8. I am OBSESSED with it.

15 The Rebel

*Wears what they want, doesn't care if it violates the dress code. Drives broken cars, lives in a broken home, doesn't get much attention anyway, so why not break the rules, maybe they will get attention, or maybe they can use the fact that no one pays attention to them for something useful... like breaking the rules.* "Rules are meant to be broken, or they wouldn't be made."

" The one person who's so rebelious they jump out a window and ame proud of it." (I did that)

There are kids like this in my school

I get away with things...sometimes

16 The Geek

MEEE, but I'm a mix of many of these

I’m a mix between this and the Jock. I do love playing sports, but I’m definitely also a geek.

Yes that’s me, I’m a geek but I don’t give a...

17 The Class Clown

I make everyone laugh, except for the teacher some jokes I say gets me in trouble.

Did somebody say waffles?

I Have one in my school

Imma class clown

18 The Mean Girl

I'm getting bullied by mean girls in my class..

You either love them or hate them

That’s me but I’m worse!

Wow, I feel like that could be a movie! 🤪

19 The Idiot

The one that gives stupid answers

20 The Thots

One time I saved a girl from falling and then the next day when I was walking out of class she came up to me and kissed me and told "I'm cute" and then she walked away, is she a thot?

The kind of thirsty girls who made fun of normal girls in high school and loved fishing for compliments. Hate 'em

What guys call girls in schools that send out nudes and porn of themselves. An acronym for That Ho Over There.

Ah yEs, the tall black/tan girls who dress like a thot and come up to boys randomly and laugh at everything

21 The Indian

There's one at my school

I'm Indian Aussie!

Kinda confused...?

There’s always at least one 😂😂 and they either hang out in a group or you have the one Indian who hangs out with all the Caucasian kids

22 Epic Gamers

I was known as that kid who plays video games a lot and does YouTube but had under 20 subs, and also rages a lot.

Fortnite is meh, Minecraft for life!



23 The Troublemaker

You know there was this boy in class as long as you and an opposite gender person talk for only abit, you will be rumoured together forever. I got that once so yeah. There was also some other boys who would also do the same

Trouble follows me like a magnet! But...I have my solutions

I get away with it

24 The Princess

that's me. The girl who thinks about herself, gets good grades, and I live in a middle class family, so when I want something, I can usually have it. Has many friends, just doesn't know who her real friends are, or who her closest friends are. Doesn't tell people, but she is insecure, very, and she just wants to have a happy life, like everyone else. Maybe she will be somebody, or maybe she will be somebody that somebody important to her loves. Who knows. Either way, usually, she is happy with her life. Problems at home.. well, just realize, they may be their, and don't always asumm you know someone, because that isn't always the case. And when it comes to her feelings, be careful, she is fragile, like a rose. :)

I feel like I fit in as a loner. So basically one part of me is introverted and won't speak or join in on class discussions and I don't really have like a specific group of friends that I hang with. The other part of me is extroverted, I have a crap ton of people who I consider to be my best friend or just really good friend who I will talk to a lot in school. But then like 70% of the time I'm actually doing work and just getting into light convo with people at my desk, and other days I'm really loud and crazy, but I'm never one of those kids that says stuff out loud and everyone laughs at their jokes and stuff. AND THEN... I feel like I fit in as a princess in my own mind like I love shiny, glittery things. I love to constantly talk about myself, I don't care about others too much, well I mean I care about people but I always come first before anyone. And sometimes I can be just a tad bit rude to people when I want. SO I really don't know in my case what stereotype I fit into, ...more

That's me. I'm a princess. Bow to me peasants. (Just kidding. I mostly daydream in class and some of my daydreams are about being a princess so this kinda counts)

That was so this one kid 'named Parker

25 The Band Geek

To be honest I'm a mix. I'm the band geek, the class clown, the punk and the rebel

This seems like me.

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