Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Get Paid to Go to School

This is almost every kids' dream. This list is just a joke, but I made some reasons true and some reasons weird or fake. Enjoy! :)
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1 Schools Wouldn't Operate Without Kids

Why do we go to this industrial factory full of enslaved kids, forced to attend 5 days a week throughout the entire year, putting almost the exact same effort, sometimes greater, to not get rewarded in even the slightest compared to almost any working adult.

Even bloody janitors earn more than most of us, let alone teachers.

if teacher gets payed to teach, why don't we get payed to learn. They teach us stuff expecting us to spend months studying for free like slaves. This is modern day slavery.

In conclusion, most kids dislike the education system as seen in this thread, and don't feel like they are getting what they deserve based on how much time they sacrifice in the labour system. If we were payed, at least for getting good grades or doing something good, there would be a better incentive to go rather than because the government forces us, and we would focus more, work harder and we would feel heard.

2 The Law Prohibits Unpaid Work

To some people, school might not feel like a job. A kid doing their math homework isn't helping our society, right? But think about it; kids are the future generation. Their job is to be smart, so that future generations to come are smart and we have a functioning society with educated citizens. Don't you want us to have a bright future? Isn't that a job? Not to mention since many teenagers have depression, doing anything feels like a lot of effort. Being paid to find the energy to learn when your mental illness has made it so you don't have the energy to do anything is amazingly difficult, and kids should be rewarded for that. Teenagers totally should be paid for their "high school career".

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 guarantees a minimum wage and overtime pay, and it only applies to employees engaged in interstate commerce or employed by an enterprise engaged in commerce or in the production of good for commerce, as well as banning employment of minors under the age of 14, and even then they can only work part time. Minors over the age of 15 can work full time, but FLSA does not apply because they do not engage in commerce. In a technical sense, school prepares teenagers for the workforce, so indirectly schools are engaging in commerce, and they can pay students if they want to, but only those over the age of 13. The Common Core has also set students up for failure, so it does not make sense to decline them pay.

3 Early Financial Education

Why don't we learn this in school? It's WAY more important functions or knowing what's inside of a cell or the other we learn instead.

If you don't know how to finance and are alone as an adult, let's face it, YOUR SCREWED

They don't teach this stuff in school I might as well dig my own grave with out it

4 Enhances Student Attention

I think that isted of learning the phases of the moon, we should be learning how to make financial decisions or how to by a house, or make a loan. And they make us do random projects on things that don't matter. Maybe pay us kids for the work we do,6 hours, then homework and then till you know it, it's to late to do anything.we only have 5 hours to do stuff we whant but homework ruins that. Like why learn grammar when you have apps the can literally d
Fix it for you. I just go to school and prepare for the useless facts I'm about to do and no wage just a thumbs up

My daughter said she would much rather go to school if there was money involved. She ditches school a lot and said she would stay if she had something to look forward too.

5 Increased School Attendance

You have a lot of high absentee rates in some states, and already school is required by law or the student is truant, and that has legal complications. So paying students would make total sense to make more people comply with federal law.

Not really. Everyone is already going to school because they don't have a choice. They don't need to pay the students because everyone has already attended school, and it wouldn't bring any more students.

We don't even have a choice, but yes, more students would attend schools that pay the students. More students = more money, and more money = more money for you, teachers.

6 Helps Pay for College

Yeah especially since college is crazy expensive to go to now. Me as a nearly 19 year old is currently going to a community college which is way cheaper than a traditional college. However even if I wanted to go to a university I don't think I could afford it. And they have gotten stricter about student loans in some states even to the point where they won't give you a job if you miss one student loan. I think it's a better idea to make college free, and government paid personally, but since this country is so focussed on holding on to it's old ways, I don't think that's going to happen. However this idea might help for the mean time. I don't know which one is less likely to happen honestly, though.

First off, most children, as of 2019, are not financially responsible. They burn through money, and with college tuition rates up 1000% from before the recession, Gen Z will not be able to afford college unless they have a sustainable and reliable source of income, which they do not.

7 Increases Enjoyment of School

I do think that kids would like it a lot more because of the fact that they would be getting paid with money instead of knowledge.

At least we'll gain something for school other than mindless "knowledge" that we'll be forgotten in a week or two.

Yea I think we should cause I am from the government of united nation

8 Fosters Independence in Kids

I totally agree, we need to become more independent. We need to pay for holidays, clothes, college and other nice things in life.

9 Availability of Government Funds

The WALL is not a reason why we should get money for school. Maybe if you start paying attention to school you will learn how to stay on topic and not COMPLAIN. Do you think that because I complained I got straight As. Hell no now kids my teacher's first rule is don't be LAZY and the next rule is NO WHINING I repeat NO WHINING so shut Your Vocal Cords and pay attention in school

If you paid each kid 15 dollars a month to go to school, saying that they go to school for 9 months, the federal government would be spending a rough estimate of $6.678 billion a year. That's relatively small on a budgetary scale, and we could get even more money for this by cutting welfare benefits. (To begin with, cutting welfare benefits would force more potentials workers to find a job, which would free up a lot of money and increase economic productivity.)

Instead of spending all that money on bullet trains we can't even ride until we're 18, or on banks with insulting customer service, they can use it to pay us the hard-working students.

10 School Difficulty Increases Over Time

They don't realize how hard it is and how much it affects our future. I can keep up since I'm a straight A student, but most of the students are having problems at home, being bullied etc. Not everyone has time to study. the least they could do is give us some money or something.

And whats the point of paying students just because school gets harder."

Look,school is harder, and you have to stay up late just to complete harder and more assignments.

And the harder it gets, the more you can put your energy into studying instead of complaining."

Do you even understand?

People don't understand that some kids work there butts off basically for nothing. Partically in college they are making you go to school longer but in reality your just getting a job and that 2 or 3 extra years you did it just for a good job. I think you should get paid.

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11 Schools Serve as Full-Time Careers for Children

We have homework, schoolwork, and then studying. And even then, sometimes the homework is so hard that we stay up until 3 A.M or something like that.

Kids are like adults too. They do whatever the can and get a bunch A+ and it ends up in the trash and that paper is wasted. I spend 10 months at school each year all for nothing! MY LIFE IS WASTED AT SCHOOL! And if you want a day just with your family, they make it sooo difficult just to miss school FOR A DAY! Kids should be paid for all of this torture!

School is basically a full-time career for children, so I think they should get paid.

12 Provides Motivation for Academic Improvement

Money actually motivates kids unlike a stupid letter on a paper. After all, school IS technically a full time job if you think about it. And no motivation is why kids drop out.

I would instantly stop making comments about how dumb school is if I got paid

13 Increases Happiness About School Attendance

Well, actually, I still wouldn't like school. I would just want to get paid.

14 Incentives from Multiple Authorities

There are lots of teachers. One tells you this, one tells you that. They have a different rulesets. But the most important thing is the bosses giving you money after you work. So that would mean middle + high school students would get almost $7,000 and pre-k plus grades kindergarten through 5 will get about $5,500. Add that to gifted classes and special needs. That's a lot of money we're missing.

I would say that the money comes from the school's principal and is dished out to students based on age.

15 Enables Purchase of School Supplies

And if you had 1,00$ dollars for getting an F, would you spend it on school supplies? No, of course not.

Now your parents don't have to buy every. Single. Thing.

16 School as a Full-Time Job

People are claiming that childrens' schoolwork doesn't benifit our society like an adult's job does. Well, if we don't learn, we can't do the jobs, and therefore can't be a benifit for society. So school benifits society by preparing students to do real work. And this is why it benifits society and therefore should qualify as a full time job. And, therefore, they should pay students.

They don't need to get paid a whole lot. Just $10 weekly for elementary kids, $15 weekly for middle or junior high kids & $25 weekly for high school students, also get paid 10 cents per point, which means 48 cents on an assignment, quiz, project, etc. you got a 4.8 on. Going to school is like going to work. High school seniors have to spend hundreds of dollars on graduation supplies & thousands on go on a trip right after that.

We (as a kid) don't have another way to get paid (other than those lousy $5 that come from chores). We do as much work as our parents (I have been to my parents work), and they get paid for it... why shouldn't we?

17 Benefits the School Directly
18 Salary for Virtual Items Like V-Bucks

So its just telling kids that video games are the most important thing but also then they are paying for there own stuff instead of parents which is a plus.

Great Evidence mi glad that someone here in our fellow universe has some sort of common sense.

Gaming is taking over the world!

19 The Government Would Pay More Attention to the Educational Systems

Where their money is going, their heads, eyes, ears, and nose are going. If they notice bad stuff, they will immediately stop it.

20 Teaches the Value of Work and Earning

Your not paying them for good grades your paying them to go to school it wouldn't
matter if they got good grades or not.

21 Encourages Studious Behavior and Work Ethic

Or just hire someone to do all the work for them.

OK. that's it.Who is/are this/these visitor(s) ruining the list? Whoever you are show yourself, and go away.

You get paid by the grade!

22 Makes School More Appealing

Help me plesiosaur

23 Financial Aid for Economically Disadvantaged Kids

That's really sad...Teachers need to be kinder, espectailly to her

24 Supports Parents in Buying School Supplies

You have a point

25 Creates Excitement About School

I would be! If I was still a kid...

No I am not exited

My step sisters cousin was bullied as she was payed to go to school

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