Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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1 Napoli (Italy)

Definitely the most dangerous city in Italy, if not Western Europe. Palermo, Sicily is also very bad. These cities are riddled with mafia.

I was living in Naples for some years.

Even if it's dirty and deteriorate, the city itself is very beautiful and some places are special.

By the way, I must admit that many people are arrogant. They say they are friendly and warm but I found a lot of rude and impolite people and they're often extremely intrusive.

The ignorance you can find here is rare in other European cities and it's very difficult to find people who can speak English (even in a basic way). Italian its self can be a problem for some people, especially in some neighborhood.

Episodes of racism and xenophobia, sometimes even resulting in violence, are quite common, based on personal and friend's experiences, and I saw people insulted or even beaten even for having disabilities or physical difficulties.

Personally I've never had problems with robbery but I know about many people having had this kind of problems and it happens quite often to see tourist robbed or bag-snatched.

I ...more

It s a fact London is very dangerous even under CCTV. It is statistically the most dangerous city of Europe, straight after comes Glasgow with knifes aggression. Foreigners can easily see the difference on the high level of violence compare to their other European countries. South west London is considering as safe because posh but It is not the case at all. French persons and others foreigners have stories to talk about this area. Blood, dangerous crazy people, junkies, extreme poor-less, fight, murder etc. We are witness of chocking and bad acts each week. I come from Paris an area consider as a bad one but I have never seen in Paris, what I have seen here in 3 months. That s crazy. I live Fulham, my neighbor was killed in his house, an old woman was sexually abuse in the street, 3 children were kidnapped, a man try to kidnapped myself, A girl punched a man, a man had a cheek cut and many more witnessed. When I come back around 8 pm from work there is more than 50 percent a fight or ...more


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2 Moskova (Russia)

Whether you know something about Russia though besides that the American limited and controlled by state policy mass media and the European mass media with similar to Americas problem about everything connected with Russia. I doubt that that a half of those who expressed here their opinions at least once visited Moscow. I am from northern Europe and I lived in Moscow for 9 months and I with a confidence can say that Moscow is much quieter, cleaner and more civilized, than Paris (adored by tourists and where tourists are robed by hundreds of organized gangs and police simply not capable to fight with them, they won't even begin to look for your gone wallet or a handbag even if you will remain without passport, everything will be to spit on that fact (I lived there and I know that speak) Moscow in the same way is flooded by Asian emigrants, but behave they pretty well and I never faced aggression from any of them, in difference from Paris, where they constantly stick to tourists, ...more

HAve you ever been to Moscow to critic it?! - kirillyanukovich

Lots of gangs. The most powerful of them operates from Kremlin. Locals depending on age have a chip on the shoulder (younger ones) or gold mine instead of teeth (older ones). If you happen to be dark skinned expect trouble - if you're lucky you will regain consciousness in a week or two, and loose it immediately when you see how hospital looks like and how much "gratification" docs, nurses et al expect.

It is transcontinental, so is much of the Middle East and Turkey, Cyprus and even Egypt. - Harri666

What's wrong with this list, Russia in europe? - hashmat

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3 Kaliningrad (Russia)

Organized crime haven. Very dangerous

This borders Lithuania and how is this dangerous

Poland should take over Kaliningrad - styLIShT

4 Belgrade (Serbia)

This town shouldn't be in this list, you can walk alone whole day and night freely.

I'm not Serbian and I live in Belgrade, there are no gangs here, you have a very small chance to get robed and level of criminal is not so high, there are no racism or similar stuf, so I thing Belgrade shold not be on the list. Come to Belgrade and see for your self, you can walk alone in the midle of the night and feel very safe, and things that New Belgrade is dangerous is a lie I live there.

Belgrade is little dangerous. That is most beautiful city in hole world! Don't listen idiot from T.V. or Internet who say "Belgrade is most dangerous city in Europe" or "New Belgrade is full of Serbian Mafia" just come to us and enjoy in beautiful city!

I have been there last week. people are agressive and you are not wellcome at all. the staff of hotels and restaurants bearly give you a smile and they seize any opportunity to cheat you. taxi drivers are thieves and they have no fear of police or any one. we were attacked when we resisted to pay twice as much... the hotel receiptionist told us "taxi is a bet in belgrade". I will never go back... - bany

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5 Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herezgovina)

Sarajevo is nice city, however it is true that you can get robbed easy. Who ever does visit the city should keep him/her self in the downtown, should not walk around the suburbs. City with whole lot of historical buildings, and I would call it European Jerusalem. Diversity of different religions on one place, city with good people ready to help at any given time. Like any other big city, yes there are gangs, however it is safe if you keep your self in the old town. Beautiful city with nice night life, nice restaurants, nice food. You just need to get in contact with someone local and than you will discover beauties of the city it self and people that do live there. True it was much nicer, however war has done the damage. Lots of local people are not really from Sarajevo, huge population migration happened during and after the war. My opinion is a must see city.

I truly do not know what this city is doing on the list- I have never felt unsafe in Sarajevo, I have been there several times, and stayed for several weeks, and never, ever saw anybody being robbed. People are helpful, and the city is just amazing, as well as the nature around the city - I have been walking alone at night and nothing ever happened. I even forgot my credit card in a place, and had a guy running after me to give it to me, and this was at 3 am in a suburb. Having it so high on the list compared to London, Berlin, or Bucarest is just ridiculous!

Great city... If you acting like tourist, but stay in old town

I am self bosnian and I say Sarajevo is very dangerous city, with much corruption and poor people, that drives them insane. It is true that you can get robbed easily, murdered, kidnapped and police down there are criminals too, they don't care if you get shot or robbed etc. It is a beautiful city with nice clubs, cheap alcohol, nice food (good nightlife), but unfortunely the city is very high with crimes. For 3 days ago, it was a big shooting in Sarajevo. But like everywere else, even in the most dangerous place in world, if you don't look for trouble ( don't stare at someone, flash with something, have expensive things, be rude etc). Just be careful and nice, because people down there have a different mentality, especially those who have been in the war. don't look like a tourist down there.

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6 Odessa (Ukraine)

Too many sexy women

Its one of the most mafia cities, I never seen like this one. I have terrible experience and got rub by police mafia.

The best sex I had in my life

Corrupted, mafia-ruled city...

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7 Malmö (Sweden)

The town is completely taken over by stupid immigrants, sadly...

What a dump! Seriously, If you are stupid enough to wander in there and not be immediately identifiable to the "locals" as an Arab or Somali... You gonna die.
Female? Gang rape. No way in hell are the police going to bother intervening or investigating if you are not Muslim.
Smell that? That's the schools, police stations, medical facility's being burned to the ground, it happens every single night.

Lots of nasty immigrant slums in the suburbs. Not a very nice place at all.

Disgusting Muslims all over the place

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8 Sofia (Bulgaria)

Gypsies stealing from elder people, women and children; nationalistic movements and skinhead organizations trying to protect their country in violent ways; violent football ultras; aggressive and corrupted police; and the reason for all of the above is the corruption of the politicians and their connections with the mafia

Me as a Dutch person in Sofia lives here fantastic with no problems at all! The street dogs just want to have food and beg, the gypsies are 99% scum, will only rob you when you are small, elderly or a girl. Local hooligans and nationalists? For me that's a good thing and they will never bother you with anything and the locals are friendly (not always of course). Good and safe place to live for sure!

Sofia is not unsafe! It is actually a very safe city and if you are worried - taxis are extremely cheap. I used to live there for 6 months and walked at night numerous times from the center to Lozenets - I never had any incident. I also used to work in Lyulin - considered to be unsafe and I did not feel that at all. I saw a Gypsy once - I ignored her and she did not care about me anymore. All city center is with cameras. You should use the same precautions as in every other bigger city. The locals are really kind and they like foreigners.

Travelled to Sofia in 2016 and after travelling in Western Europe for 3 weeks, actually felt the safest of all the countries I had been, I was super surprised. It is a radical and unimaginable improvement since I was there in the early 2000's! Fantastic place to go!

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9 Glasgow (UK)

Too much drink. Too few jobs. Local attitude very low.

I'm from glasgow I'm 22 and got two slashes on my face and one on my leg, I'm not a trouble maker just through being mugged haha it can be a beautiful but scary place at times.

Glasgow is wonderful place only the 10percent wee silly needs that ruin it!

The other lot the drug dealers and gangsters! There not so bad most of the time as they do there own thing and keep to them selfs pretty easy to spot too, track suits! Gucci cruise clothes rollex! Veneers! Big cars

The rest are ok

Nothing worse than junks but there everywhere in most run down areas,

City centre at we for most of you bet to get your taxi after dancing this is we're the trouble starts walking about Glasgow late at night!

I live in Glasgow 50 years yes it is bad and especially at night!

Muslims are a big problem for women as they are in every european country now!
Carry a rape alarm or better still a tazer!

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10 Pripyat (Ukraine)

No one lives in Pripyat. The only bad thing you'll find here is radiation - llamaboy17

No one even lives here! Everyone was evacuated due to the Chernobyl disaster, and now it's a dead zone! The only dangerous thing there is the radiation!

This is radioactive it like its abandoned and Chernobyl is on the northern Ukraine so don't live there

Apocalyptic wasteland!
RIP to the unfortunate victims of this city's curse. (1986)

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? Avdiivka (Ukraine)
? Nazran (Russia)

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11 Donetsk (Ukraine)

You know what is happening in the East Ukraine? With this war going on in Ukraine, it is certainly one of the most dangerous cities in Europe

It makes me worried to hear that my grandma's home town is so deadly. She says the crime is terrible there. Also with a war with Russia and Ukraine doesn't help.

The worst and the most dangerous city in Ukraine. The most brutal, violent and just scary crimes come from Donetsk. It should be in the top 10


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12 Tirana (Albania)

The whole world has heard about the Albanian mafia... About drug trafficking, people trafficking, murder's, rape, etc...
They control over 40% of the worlds drug trafficking
They are deep rooted in the balkans since the 15th century

FBI reports say that the Albanian mafia is one of the top 3 mafia organizations in the world

Interpol reports say that the Albanian mafia is the second largest mafia organization in the world

I am an Albanian and haven't lived in Albania for 20 years and every time I visit although I look and sound like a tourist never had any problems there everyone is friendly. However, I still say that Albania is dangerous but not to genuine visitors, the only people that will be in danger in Albania are gangsters, show offs, and people with attitude problems (due to the Albanian pride not to feel inferior or second to no one) Everyone else will be more welcomed then visiting relatives go and check it out or ask anyone who has been there.

Albanians are very violent people, common guys Albanian Mafia is most violent mafia in the world. They are very brave men.

Animals in the whole country not just in Tirana the whole country is racist and they are the main drug transporters in Europe disgusting people

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13 Pristina (Kosovo)

Considering that members of the Albanian mafia and the former Kosovo Liberation Army continue to dabble in organ harvesting, prostitution and drug trafficking, it is not surprising that this city is on the list.

Modern Kosovo is the most dangerous place in all of Europe anyway.

Kosovo have very security.

Pristina's citizens are very friendly, they can help you with everything, and no one will disturb you even during night. Pristina has a great nightlife.

Best place to by drugs. Best place to start drug business. Best place to be sold as a sex slave by Friendly human traficar s.

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14 Istanbul (Turkey) Istanbul (Turkey)

Great city. Never felt unsafe there. Lots to do and see.

It is very safe, conservative and clean except for very few areas well known like any in the world.I stayed there for almost a month.I love it people are very friendly and helpful unlike other countries I visited.
In Istanbul you will enjoy friendly atmosphere, stay away from aksaray.

This is the worst City and the worst people I have ever been to in my 10 years of travelling around the world. Since from the airport you will regret going to that city. Though Istanbul is very good city to visit as a tourist but the people there are not nice. The taxi drivers would definitely cheat you around tourist areas like Taksim. I enjoyed the city but had a very negative experience with the people. I have been to a club in Istiklal because I am black one stupid bouncer asked me to stay only by the bar. I nearly punched his face but men he was stronger than me. I wouldn't take the risk. That was the first time I experienced racism in my life.

Very beautiful city,friendly people and it was very safe

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15 Palermo (Italy)

I'm surprised this and Corleone weren't on the list already.

16 Milano (Italy)

Never experienced any problems in Milan, there are pickpockets so watch out but it's nothing more than that. A busy city and a bit overcrowded with traffic but also extremely interesting and inspiring and elegant - ChatonNoir

Quite safe city, just pay attention to refugee and gipsies. Do not walk nightly around railway stations.

What are you saying this Is impossible Milan is the best city in Italy.

Been to Milan many times. Nothing happens except for some pickpocketing if you're not careful enough.

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17 Bucuresti (Romania)

I lived in Prague for 2 years and I was beaten up on a bi-weekly basis because of the colour of my skin (Indian), I lived in Bratislava for a year and the people there were just as horrible, slightly better than Prague. I have since lived in Bucharest for 4 years and it is literally my favourite place on earth. The people are absolutely lovely here, they are not racist, it is a cheap, safe paradise. I should also mention that I am born and raised in UK, where the people are not too racist but very violent. I was attacked racially as a child but since I've grown up it's not been too bad. I've been working as a Doctor in the Uk for almost a year now and the level of violent attacks is insane.

It's not dangerous if you don't go crazy and act normally. Actually, it's a very nice city, with good girls

Bucharest is not at all a dangerous city. I was born here and grew up here and in my 30 years of life I've never encountered any violence against me, although I was not always living in the good areas of the city. You can walk alone, as a girl, in the middle of the night and nothing will happen to you.
Gypsies are just noisy, they like to be together and listen to music and have fun together, but they are not a threat to anyone.
It is very safe, take this from a girl.

I feel ten times more secure in Bucharest than in Brussels! And is not only the terrorist threat (which is zero in Bucharest! ).

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18 Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Though the inner-city center isn't that bad, many of the outlying neighborhoods Rotterdam, much like Amsterdam, has seen huge numbers of migration over the last 30 years (North-Africans/Eastern Europeans) - often leaving many of the neighborhoods a little run-down in comparison. Unlike Amsterdam, however, Rotterdam is not the Dutch poster-child to tourists, thus leaving the level of control far lower than Amsterdam would.

There are a number of minor slip-ups here and there, and the occasional junk that wants to make a run with your cash, but that's as to be expected. Though it's higher I'm Rotterdam than in the rest of the country, hard-violence and serious robbery are still very low. Just make sure to avoid the bad neighborhoods at night and leave the loud, drunk hooligans and the likes alone, don't draw their ire. Rotterdam isn't as bad as many other cities listed here in comparison. However, in comparison with the rest of the country, it's by far the most dangerous. - fyreNL

Rotterdam is most bad city of holland and you will be insulted or assaulted if you are gay by marrocan people.

More then half of the cities youth is part of the street culture. It's not a very big city and the worst in Rotterdam is the south where you won't come as a tourist. Violence is normal in Rotterdam but you won't die.

Various gangs of young Moroccan, Surinamese, Turkish etc. that are really dangerous and control most of the city. But I have to add that if you're not going out when it's night it's actually pretty safe, especially in the north. I'd advise you to stay out of the South side of Rotterdam though, especially Bloemhof, Hillesluis, Tarwewijk and the neighbourhoods around it. The South side has a really bad reputation and has the highest crime rates in the entire country next to Bijlmer in Amsterdam and Schilderswijk in Den Haag.

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19 Milan (Italy)

I have been to this city many times and I've never encountered any crime. Military and police is everywhere though. - Kast

I agree, military and police is everywhere. But that just makes the city safer. ^^

20 Nottingham (UK)

If you are visiting Nottingham and park your car in the street in or near the city centre be very careful to get back to it before the time you have paid for runs out. Of the ten local authority areas in the U.K. that make the most revenue from parking charges and fines, eight of them are in London with Brighton and Nottingham being the other two. Although the government has advised that local authorities ought to give parking motorists just a few minutes leeway after their time expires before penalising them, this certainly does not happen in Nottingham and I have often seen traffic wardens lurking quite near my parked car when they see that there is only a minute or two left before my ticket expires, obviously being ready to stick the penalty notice to the screen as soon it does. Also be careful if you have to drive to the Queens Medical Centre in the afternoon and park in the streets near there. Some of the streets have a strange sign stating that parking is prohibited between 1 ...more

I live in Nottingham, Hucknall, and I'm 19. I have say, you have your nice places and not so nice, just like any city. The bad places are really bad. Don't go walking around late at night, and it doesn't matter if you act big, or you're just acting normal, you have the same chance of getting mugged or stabbed. I remember as a kid, around 6 years old, me and my friend went down River Lean, and we saw a man sitting on the floor in the woods with a shot gun, we got so scared and we ran like hell, he started shouting at us, but some people on the tram saw him a bit before and called the police, and as a kid, when I was 13 - 17, I was scared to go outside because my friends estate was so scary. Also, Holgate School was horrible, fights every single day, the outside class rooms got burnt down, and people brought knives to school. I wouldn't advice anyone to go roaming around towns unless you're a well known local. I also lived in a pub, and it was really nice, but I've been in recently for ...more - MattKO

Beware of pickpockets in Nottingham! My teenage son had his phone picked from his pocket one Saturday evening in October 2018 when he was waiting at the counter of a fried chicken restaurant near the Old Market Square. Although there is a conveniently located city centre police station at the top of Maid Marian Way, he could not go there and report it at the time because the police station is open only from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.(! ). Indeed the police station looks as though it is closed altogether on Saturdays and Sundays, with all the police vehicles parked up outside. (But at least there are often some policemen on duty on Sunday mornings - in the speed camera van at the bottom of the A610 Bobbers Mill Bridge, no doubt waiting to catch people coming off the M1 and going to events in the Albert Hall.) And so we had to go to the police station to report the stolen phone the following Monday morning. However when we tried to report it as a theft the man on duty at the desk ...more

(Posted 16th March 2018) As a Nottingham resident I have been shocked by what happened to 18 year old Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa, who was attacked and seriously injured in the street by a crowd of about ten teenage girls of African ethnic origin outside the Victoria Centre at about 8 p.m on 20th February 2018, and who finally died as a result of her injuries in the Queens Medical Centre on 14th March 2018. This incident may not have been big news here in the U.K. but certainly has been in the Egyptian media, and her death could now see a diplomatic incident between Egypt and the U.K. I was however disappointed that the Nottinghamshire Police website made no mention of the attack at the time or soon after it happened. The website's first mention of it was hours after Mariam's death on 14th March, but made no mention of her by name or gave any details of her attackers. The following day there was another post on the website, which did mention her name, but it seemed that the main ...more

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21 Riga (Latvia)

"It's full of Nazis" What?! No it is not. I am originally Edinburgh and have lived in Riga for 18 months and have never been or felt threatened, experienced or witnessed any crime. The worst thing you will experience is beggars around the central market.

If you want to drink in some of the worst bars in Europe, Riga is for you. If you want get ripped off, Riga is for you. If you want to go and have a fight, Riga is for you. If you want to get mugged, Riga is for you. If you aren't able to pull a beauty in the U.K and want to pay to sleep with a good looker (who has probably slept with five other men that night) Riga is for you. If you want to visit a city so corrupted by its greed that it is prepared to prostitute itself and its women to the extent that even the staff in a five star hotel offer to provide you with a woman for the night, Riga is for you. If you want to visit a city so corrupted by its greed that it is prepared to turn a blind eye to the astonishing level of violence aimed towards its visitors, Riga is for you.

Beautiful city, awesome people! Well, most people who writing here never go abroad, I believe that they even not 19 years old. Nothing bad I could say about Riga. Yes, there is some parts of city in bad condition, but it's everywhere like that - Berlin, London, Paris etc.
Nazi? Com'on.. Stop watching T.V. people! Go there, enjoy and feel free!

Its like if england was a city but it's a country so I'm likw what lol

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22 Paris (France) Paris (France)

Paris is a big white hole. I lived in the suburbs for a year and prior to that lived in London. La scar -french chavs in segio taichini track suits with chavs dogs trying to look hard. Ethnic tensions that are verging on a race war. My Gfriend and I were a mixed couple me white and she black and we got nothing but trouble the whole time. A girl who I was working with got raped and I was mugged by Arab gangs twice! I saw violence everywhere. The list is endless. Dirty with nasty and rude people. Hello on earth. Avoid this place. It may of been nice 30 or so years ago but now it's a hole.

Again, it is the Muslim people. They are the problem! The biggest mistake the Western world could have done was to allow Muslims HORRIBLE people! TERRIBLE!

The major problem of Paris is the pickpockets, only in crowded touristic areas and not everywhere like certain people here try to argue.

Those pickpockets, robbers etc.. Are mainly coming from Eastern Europe and Italy, like in lots of big touristic city, and why more in Paris because it is enough close to those countries and easy accessible.

For the rest Paris is Paris, the most visited ans beautiful capital city in the world.

And I want to thank French people, from the heart of any American citizen, for Lafayette and Statue of Liberty. ;-))

Paris really went down in my estimation when I saw that tape on you tube ("shocking moment woman is robbed at cashpoint..." which indeed showed two girls (who looked like gypsies) attacking and robbing a woman who was taking money from a woman at a cashpoint machine. The most disgusting thing about it was not that detestable crime, but the way the other people waiting to use the cashpoint just stood there and watched it all, without offering to help the woman or step in at all. If people in Paris react like that when someone is being violently robbed next to them, then they deserve to have streets that are not safe to walk in and public transport not fit to use. Contrast that video with another on YouTube ("mob owns purse snatcher") which shows what happened in a city in China when two youths on a motorbike snatched a bag from a woman pedestrian. At least in that city the local people showed themselves to be good citizens and good Samartians who certainly will not stand by and watch, ...more

The eiffel tower is big danger sign.

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23 Seville (Spain)

Traffic is kind of dangerous but other than that its kind of safe. Seville is a relatively large city so of course there will be more crime but there is crime everywhere. Bigger cities means more people and more people means more problems.

I don't think Seville should be here, is very safe

I always felt very safe in Seville, no idea why this city is on this list.

So dangerous, traffic is a 'mare too

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24 London (UK) London (UK) London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south eastern part of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia.

It s a fact London is very dangerous even under CCTV. It is statistically the most dangerous city of Europe, straight after comes Glasgow with knifes aggression. Foreigners can easily see the difference on the high level of violence compare to their other European countries. South west London is considering as safe because posh but It is not the case at all. French persons and others foreigners have stories to talk about this area. Blood, dangerous crazy people, junkies, extreme poor-less, fight, murder etc. We are witness of chocking and bad acts each week. I come from Paris an area consider as a bad one but I have never seen in Paris, what I have seen here in 3 months. That s crazy. I live Fulham, my neighbor was killed in his house, an old woman was sexually abuse in the street, 3 children were kidnapped, a man try to kidnapped myself, A girl punched a man, a man had a cheek cut and many more witnessed. When I come back around 8 pm from work there is more than 50 percent a fight or ...more

Bear in mind London is one of the largest cities (counting the urban zone) in Europe with one of the largest populations of any city. That means there are a lot of different areas within London, some places extremely safe, others more dangerous. Stick to the centre or the wealthy suburbs and you're generally OK. Wander around certain parts of Tottenham, Brixton and Peckham of a night just have your wits about you and you should be alright. Don't let any stories of crime dissuade you from visiting though, London has some amazing places.

I live in this wonderful city and it is no more dangerous than any other capital city. The same rules apply everywhere: don't walk down dark side streets on your own or even as a pair (if you're going to, best be done in a group of 3 or more). Don't show off your wealth too much or you may be targetted. Don't wonder off outside the centre unless you know what you are heading into! Common sense people.

I was pleased to hear the news in November 2018 that the Metropolitan Police have changed their policy in respect of criminals on motorcycles, and that they will now pursue them if they commit a crime, and may even drive into them and knock them off their motorcycles if necessary. Let's hope that this new policy will see a big reduction in the numbers of this type of crime.

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25 St. Petersburg (Russia)

A good friend of mine from Canada decided to study Russian there. He could hold for about three months, because of high petty crime rate in the suburb he lived, and because of the local police corruption. After the first month he decided to carry a knife as a means of self-defense. After about three months, decided to continue the studies in Minsk.

This city is the one of the most dangerous cities. You feel relaxed and you want to trust to people living there but they belong most probably to a Russian mafia network. The city seems touristic but it is a mafia city for sure.

Too bad it's true... St Petersburg Is beautiful but at some parts really empty and deserted and problems can occur when you are a tourist. So take taxi or metro and don't go out too late in deserted ares - ChatonNoir

Nice city BUT very dangerous with crime! Be careful! - Art

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26 Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is the most beautiful places I have been. I haven't seen anything bad. Guys are mostly rude and covered. I don't think they would do anything. Every touristic places has some pickpocketing. I haven't seen any but there might be. People are lovely there.

I'm a scotsman who visits here very regularly: beautiful city! Biggest problem are the taxi drivers, who will rip you off unless of a reputable taxi company (ask the locals, who are super-friendly. bars will generally be happy to call a taxi for you). also, there are many on-street drug dealers and pimps/ sex show touts around the bottom end of wenceslas square once the sun goes down, who will pester you for business. do not trust these people, who will rip you off mercilessly! And do you really wanna go see a show with a pregnant dwarf and a monkey? I sheet you not! A respectful "no thanks" generally suffices, and they generally will leave you alone. however, if you get angry with them, there's a chance that you could get into problems with them... And the police won't help, who I assume get kick-backs! Street drug dealers operate under the noses of the nearby police!

Prague is relatively safe. Not much violence. Folks are loud often, dumb tourists are even louder;P Good night transport. Though people can be quite rude. If you get into trouble, don't expect anyone helping you. Medical emergency can be ridiculously ignorant if you are not "bleeding from the neck". Police in streets will try to help even if they don't speak english.
Don't exchange currency with anyone in the streets. Don't leave your stuff unattended. Keep your bags and pockets sealed. Don't leave receipt after withdrawing cash in an ATM.
You can be more less relaxed with locals. Even drunks will try to be nice:) But keep your eyes peeled and your wallet safe.

Nice, clean, cheap - will come back again! - Art

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27 Limerick (Ireland)

Stay away from this place council estate kids closed thing to hell

Limerick saw a gang murder every week between about 2000 all the way up until 2010, but the Police have it under control now. Over 100 gang members have been jailed under new anti-gang legislation (the others are dead), and put away for a long time, while firearms crimes are down by 93% year on year. There is still a decent police (Garda) presence and they have SWAT teams patrolling the remaining few gang areas.

This is some sort of a joke website I think. The grammar and spelling is hilarious. All of these city's have issues but no more than any other urban areas where people live cheek by jowl. I live in limerick and although there are bad areas it's down to bad planning by the people who spend a few years in college and by people who have never lived in a bad area in their lives and they decide how these housing estates are built without some consideration about what could happen in the future. I encourage anyone to visit limerick and see for themselves and who wants to go to a council estate when on vacation anyway ffs!

While it is the worst city in Ireland I don't think that it deserves to be higher than places like riga and pristina

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28 Marseille (France)

Nice city along the sea, lots of things to discover in and outside, really good food like the most famous fish dish in the world: The Bouillabaisse and do you remember the not least famous Ratatouille.

Some suburbs are a bit less secure, but no more than any big city with such a large diversity of peoples.

Certainly one of the nicest Mediterranean big city.

And in 2014 the delinquency decreased by up to 80%.

Awesome place! Family friendly! People are incredible

I'm living in France in Paris and I say Paris is pretty dangerous and use to be a nice place now it is only a soulless place. But MARSEILLE... Robbery, drugs traffic, gun traffic shootings this place doesn't even belong to France just to Arabs drug dealers

Not recommend at all, except for those who can afford live near the port. Will never come back again.
P. S. We only enjoy If castle, Notre dame de la Garde, Longchamp palace and the Port area. We recommend visit others small cities near Marseille instead. For example, Toulon, st. Tropez, ex en Provence and etc.

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29 Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest was the city where we felt most uncomfortable in all of Europe (above Napoli/Naples and Barcelona, which also did not feel super safe, but we were also very careful in those locations, always on lookout for pickpockets, etc... We walked to a pizza place at midnight in the heart of Naples and didn't feel endangered for a moment. )

In Budapest, the problem is that it feels very corrupt, that everyone is in on a scam -- even the hired officials and "professionals." We were charged about $50 to go 1 mile (or less) in a taxi, all because we forgot to ask up-front first how much it would cost (the other taxis did not do this when we asked before getting in. But if you don't -- they charge whatever they want. )

When we took the subway, we had a ticket but forgot to get it stamped; we were accosted by the "subway police" (in official uniform) who then said he was going to have to fine us, but he was going to give us a "special discount" and would only make one of us pay ...more

I note the comments here about the taxi drivers, when I was in Budapest (admittedly a few years ago now) I found that there was no need to use taxis because the public transport system was so good, as was often the case in places that had been under communist rule in the recent past. The ticket inspectors (also the subject of some comment here) are vigilant but only doing their job. When one approached me on the metro, I had previously correctly validated my ticket and so there was no problem. However I did find you had to be careful with the waiters in some restaurants because when you had ordered the meal (or believed you had ordered the meal in full) and the waiter had taken the menu away, he would return a minute or two later and start asking questions like "do want bread? do you want salad" etc, etc and if you just said "yes, please" you could find that you final bill was about three times as much as what you had expected. After I had been caught twice like ...more

It is not true at all. I am from Budapest. I grew up there. You just have to watch out with pickpockets, like in any other big city.Obviously, if you walk alone in bad parts at night with your brand new mobile phone when you're not experienced in the city of course can be that you get into a situation but in this case do not ever travel to nowhere! You can not know where you can get into trouble it depends on the situation and on the person as well.. A lot of cops are walking around the city! It is a lovely place, must to see and the Hungarian culinary is world-wide famous!

Budapest is not bad compared to anty other large european city. - Slovenija

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30 Madrid (Spain)

Very safe city if you act as a normal person. Being robbed is the most dangerous thing can happen to you, even on the worst district. And make clear that Cañada Real Galiana is a gypsy camp. Even the most peaceful village in the world is dangerous if you get laid with the Butcher's daughter without permission.

Was in Madrid for 4 days, was robbed by local youths on first night... I was drunk, alone, and did not know my way around these mazy streets. So I blame myself as with those factors involved, you can be attacked in any city... Over the next 3 days though, I actually grew to love the city (and made sure I knew my way home! ). The people are beautiful and the history of this city is so interesting and I would never have this city on this list.. I have travelled to many cities across Europe, and although I was robbed here, it is probably my favourite city in Europe.

Madrid is one of the safest cities in Europe! I always feel safe here and there is little to no trouble on a night out. The chances of getting mugged are exactly the same as if you were to take a walk to your local supermarket.

I lived in madrid for years and it is very safe but pickpockets are about and its worse in barcelona. so just be aware that there are people constanstly about looking for an easy mark. if u stand on ramblas in barceloana for 20 minutes at night thre is a high chance someone will try and pickpocket u.

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31 Marinka (Ukraine)
32 Saint-Denis (France)
33 Pernik (Bulgaria)

If you like your car, wallet or your face, avoid the city!

34 Liverpool (UK)

Reading the comments on this post infuriates me. Most of these comments are full of ignorance and hatred, there's also a lot of bad spelling. I've grown up in Liverpool and I'm the first person to admit that it's far from perfect, however I'm so proud of the mix of cultures we have here were a diverse city and for the most part, very welcoming. Seeing people comment about how there's too many Muslims or too many 'foreigners' is sad because that's the beauty of the city. Before commenting on how scouters are self righteous uneducated asses, maybe you should take a look at your own spelling and ignorant views before judging a city that welcomes diversity.

Still growing up here and faced with threats everyday, today I had two dogs set on my English bull just because I apparently looked at him funny.

Liverpool is just an old hole full of unemployed former harbor workers who now spend their time getting drunk and getting into fights. Attempts to modernize it have been made, but it remains a hellhole.

Lol Worst football team is located there too

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35 Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt is a banking city, but it is also a gateway to Europe with a huge airport, central train station and access to the Rhein. This means that it is really impossible to stop drugs and human trafficking, resulting in prostitution, illegal immigration, drugs-related crimes and violence. Keep to well populated areas at night and if you must visit the red light area, be very careful.

When I went to Frankfurt in the summer I was greated at exit of the airport by a man with a knife that decided to take my money and just ran off.. Well I'm never going there again I can tell you that.

A lot of drugs in frankfurt, robberies and stabbings swell

Frankfurt is actually a great city for party and generally for nightlife.
But on the other hand this city has a big problem with prostitution and drugs. At night you better should stay in the city center where you can walk around on your own without any trouble. Mind the Central Station at night, there you will get in trouble with drugers, gypsys, and pimps/gangs.

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36 Dublin (Ireland) Dublin (Ireland)

A lot of friendly people and nice places but crime is only around the corner. Most crimes committed are not reported and kids as young as 10 sometimes get involved in serious crimes. These crimes mostly occur in primarily council estates but they are scattered in so many areas that crime is possible anywhere. Gangs are also a serious problem but the IRA have indeed lost a lot of their power in recent years.

I lived here for 2 years and have had my share of bad situations (kids shouting at me/throwing things, drunk people pushing me, fights outside of clubs). Just by walking in the city center, even in touristic areas, you can find junkies or packs of youngsters in tracksuit messing around with strangers. Numbers may not be bad as some other cities, but I definitely feel much more unsafe walking in the streets than in any other big city where I lived.

Visiting the suburbs of Dublin last week, I saw two black teenage boys being threatened by two white men in their early 20s with knives. If Limerick (currently ranked as more dangerous than Dublin) is that bad, then how come I never witnessed anything this horrific during the 4 years I spent living there?

It's a smelly scumhole full of inbred louts and girls usually get get pregnant at 13 and are riddled with aids, herpes, and other diseases

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37 Brussels (Belgium)

I lived in Schaerbeek for 3 months beginning 2015, fortunately I have dark hair and beard and that were my lucky points, because often people thought I was Turkish (one of the crowd). I think this saved my during this 3 months. Allover the city of Brussels you see this Maghreb immigrants staring at you, and if they know that you are not one of them they will start to behave really badly with you! (personal experience) (I am talking only about young people, because Old immigrants are very nice and polite with everyone and if you are foreigner they are very kind)

I have a lot of black friends in Italy and I thought that even in Brussels they will be nice like in Italy! But noo! I walked in matongé, it was late afternoon, and two young blacks started to speak loudly about me and what I was doing in their neighbor, one of them said that he wanted to beat me, I am not scared to fight but being the only white in a black neighborhood I preferred to run away! My colleague women was ...more

Living here for 13 years already. This city is full of savage muslims harassing white folks. The moroccans are the worst, a single one is scared of everyone but when they make a bigger group they become confident and harass single persons. They talk dirty to white women and when they talk back those damn arabs are not afraid to hit them. If you're a girl walking alone then it's better to stay in jeans and not to show any naked body parts.

This is a scared Belgian writing

It's not true, Brussels is a safe city in general like all international cities u may cross some dangerous people but really rarely, some Marocain Belgian black and Roumanian just some make troubles but still a few percentage, living here since 2005 I love this city people are nice and helpful.

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38 Lisabona (Portugal)

I have never been to Lisbon or Portugal, but I have a friend who went there for a few days last year. While he was riding in a tram he had a wad of cash pulled from his back picket at a stop by another passenger who promptly got out and ran off, though admittedly it was a bit careless of him to put his cash in his back pocket.) However I have read since then that the trams in Lisbon are notorious for this kind of crime, and so tourists are probably best advised not to ride on them when visiting the city, but use alternative ways of getting around.

Lisbon is a safe and beautiful city.

I lived in Lisbon for 3 months and, instead of some incidents of stealing I heard, which I think are common in most capitals, it was a very safe and very beautiful city. Drug culture is popular (especially weed and cocaine) but I never saw junkies or dealers who mocked or assaulted people who did not provoke them. I walked alone at night several times and never even got scared. Go!

Nice city with nice people! - Art

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39 Amsterdam (Netherlands) Amsterdam (Netherlands)

I am afraid that the Amsterdam police have something of a reputation for not being all that concerned about crimes committed against tourists and visitors, which probably explains why the latter are such attractive targets for the criminal element in the city. Last year a 30 year old British visitor to Amsterdam who was only staying there for one night went missing.However when it was becoming clear that the Amsterdam police were making such little effort to investigate his disappearance, his family decided to go to Amsterdam and carry out their own investigations by visiting all of shops, businesses and homes in the area where he disappeared and obtaining film from the private security cameras on these premises, from which they were able to piece together much of what happened and how the man was robbed of his mobile phone while incapacitated under the influence of drink and drugs. The family handed the film footage to the police, who were then able to locate his body in a canal near ...more

Amsterdam is very overrated. It is a misconception that because of its liberal attitude on soft drugs, it is a calm and peaceful place. I can guarantee you will encounter a drug dealer asking out loud whether you want to buy cocaine pretty much 10 meters apart from each other. I left the RHO hotel in Amsterdam central at 8 AM and was pulled to one side and asked whether I wanted to buy cocaine, the police are powerless and do nothing about it.

I was very shocked by a story from Amsterdam I read in the papers a few weeks ago about two British sisters walking back to their hotel one evening who were set upon by a man and a woman. As they were threatened with a knife by the man, they just threw their handbags at him, hoping that he would just run off with them and leave them unharmed. The incident was all recorded on a nearby camera in the street (which recorded the date as 30th August 2018). Again it just goes to show that Amsterdam is not a particularly safe city, and visitors should be careful and perhaps avoid long walks after dark, but take a taxi instead.

Nuke this criminal Liberal City first and the rest of this country then it will be alright. The dutch are crazy and their laws are sickening, all in the name of progress. At some point their will be a revolution by it's own people needed to free this country from outsiders and corrupt coffee drinking politicians.
Don't you touch their cheese, dutch fries with mayo, no negative thoughts or negative words, they are priceless and best tasting foods ever invented. Holland needs to stand up and reinvent itself. Groetjes: B Van Ondergaan.

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40 Tetovo (Macedonia)

Tetovo is a city hidden between mountains. Usually you wouldn't hear anything about it but I've been there a couple of times for work. People seem friendly in general but I'd highly suggest trusting anybody! They have something very sketchy about them and most men look like thugs straight out of a gangster film. Avoid talking or even looking at them. Also I'd highly suggest against going out when it's dark.

The area around Tetovo is known for insane amounts of drug trafficking. Several cartels are operating in the region. Kidnappings are common and gun violence is present if not the highest in Europe. If you're looking for drugs, this is the wrong place. Those people are not to be played with and they don't hesitate to use violence. Stories about people being fed to wolves and bears are making their rounds and when looking at those people you wouldn't have a problem believing it.

Macedonia is a country with an average monthly income of less then 400 US dollars (! ) yet ...more

Tetovo is the long lost brother of Ciudad Juarez. They're basically twins that were separated after birth and now are on two different continents. But still the same problems about drugs and criminality.

Gypsies everywhere. They steal your money and curse and threaten you with a life of bad luck.

A dangerous country of lairs and cheats. A corrupt nation that even had to steal their name from Greece. Avoid!

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41 Chisineu (Moldova)

Rather nice city. Maybe not the best place to bring the family for vacation, or travel as a single woman (unless a seasoned traveller). Beautiful in the spring. Fairly friendly. Of course, tourists are targets for scammers.

Sadly, issues with prostitution, and sex tourism (which is a problem more caused by idiots from Western Europe and North America looking for sex), and more alarmingly, human trafficking, certainly are issues.

Very dangerous city. Should be in top 5. High organized crime rate. Dangerous for British and Americans from US due to sexual activities all around the city. Take care of small children especially girls. Even a very disciplined and good looking person is dangerous. You can be sold easily in the other Eastern European Countries and could be made a prostitute.

Looks like you didn't see a lot of places in this world, are you kidding me - "Should be in top 5.", I was there and is not that dangerous.

Been here once. No offense to Moldovans, but it's like if all the parts of Russia like Magnitogorsk and Norilsk were one country. Chisineu is an eyesore.

42 Bratislava (Slovakia)

Disco clubs are full of drunk people. Alcohol makes them violent and aggressive.

Beware of thieves and pickpockets. Be careful especially of gypsies.. Avoid the Pentagon, Petrzalka and Vrakunya. Downtown and other places are safety.

Bratislava is pretty safe, although it is true that there are lots of pickpocketers and taxi drivers that do rip you off

Small, nice and very cheap - will be back again! At night time was drunk yang people on the street. - Art

Very safe and surprisingly nice city on the Danube. No muslims, and (almost) no gypsies. Only very small districts (Pentagon, Kopcany) are known with drugs and asocials, but they are far away from city centre and you shouldn't accidentally get in if you don't intend to. I also cannot agree Petrzalka should be avoided. It is a huge settlement that perhaps looks nasty (more than 100K people live there), but it's not a "true" immigrants locality as known in some major European cities. Except very small locations (Kopcany, far away almost near Austrian borders), Petrzalka is pretty safe. - bugger

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43 Athens (Greece) Athens (Greece)

Athens is one of the safest cities / capitals in the world. It used to be just a short time ago when people literally walked "every" and "any" street in the capital at any time without a second thought. Today with the masses of illegal immigrants that seek asylum/refuge in Europe enter the gates of the country and along with them the ills of having to accept the record number of illegals is what makes Athens today a city that is still VERY safe but like any other large city, have people use common sense and not walk into unknown territory which may be prone pickpockets etc. Despite the growing number of criminal acts, these are mostly crimes that equate to stealing/pickpockets and the like. Under no circumstances should anyone say that you are not safe in Athens. It is FAR from the truth and it is either ignorance or a lie. Drug addicts and gypsies are not criminals. Gypsies are people that are found in every single country of the world and they are to be singled ...more

Athens is a very safe city. In fact I believe its one of the safest cities in the world and believe my I have travel a lot. The Greeks are notorious when it comes in protecting the tourist since most of them live their life out of incoming tourism. There are a few problems from minorities in the downtown center of Athens but really you don't have to go there because there isn't much going on anyway.

Actually, I felt safer in Athens than in the city I live in (London). It was not only a very beautiful city, but also clean and people were mostly friendly and helpful. It's a shame they have some issues with immigrants but sadly all capitals do..


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44 Novi Sad (Serbia)

Once upon a time Novi Sad was a quiet and safe city. Nowadays could be a dangerous place. But still has soul and hospitality.

I live in Novi Sad almost 2 years. My bike has been stolen, but this is the only negative experience which I had. We are talking about a city, what has ca. 250.000 inhabitant, and the law of large numbers says, that the more people, the more idiots... You shold be careful - like elsewhere. But if you connect on the vibrations of the city - you will enjoy your stay!

Novi Sad is supersafe and easy. There are cycling tracks all over the city. Public transport is well organized. People are easygoing and gentle. It's a great place to relax and be careless.

Well... They set cars/ trash cans on fire, car crashing is something normal, stealing is daily... Don't worry, it's safe

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45 Manchester (England)

Safe enough in the day, but don't go venturing around the council estates after dark or risk getting robbed or attacked. The areas of danger probably won't attract tourists, though.

Manchester is a great city, it's not that rough at all, it's been cleaned up over the years and is now probably one of the safest cities in the UK, very friendly people.

Manchester is the most dangerous city in UK and the biggest city for gangsters in europe. Google Noonan Crime Family Guys like Desmond Noonan or Dominic Noonan (I guess peoples who live in UK have heared of him) these guys are real gangsters.

After those bombings? VOTE FOR THIS now I'm British but I live London But yeah

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46 Katowice (Poland)

I was born there. It's certainly not the safest place and when it's dark you shouldn't use public transport or stroll around on the streets. But the city centre is getting safer and things are improving. Football hooligans are a plague.

I was born Poland and I have been in Katowice before. It is not really dangerous at all, apart from a few gangs which I think are in prison right now so that's dealt with.

The city is pretty safe but not the best looking cities in Europe

90% of football games turn violent. Avoid any big football game.

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47 Belfast (Northern Ireland) Belfast (Northern Ireland) Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, the second-largest city in Ireland after Dublin, and is situated around the River Lagan, which runs through the city.

Belfast is a beautiful city great for tourism but it's not safe at night with riot's that sometimes happens and crime rate is increasing. Don't leave things unattended or cars unlocked.

Belfast by day is great. Great shopping, food and sights including those notorious trouble spots. Belfast by night is a different city with a huge alcohol problem and mix that with people who already will fight with their own shadow and you have danger. Do not enter any loyalist or republican areas at night. Some almost join city centre streets. Avoid the drunken crowds that follow parades throughout the city. Rioting is not spectator sport.

Riots never involve tourists or civilians. Belfast has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and the statistics prove the crime rate is still falling and not increasing as stated in a previous post.

Look at the photo at the top to prove that the city is dangerous.

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48 Bradford (England)

Bradford used to be a great place, good shops, restaurants, and plenty of historic places and buildings. Now all they is, is pound shops, boarded up shops, a massive waste land were they used to be some great shops. If you are in Bradford regardless of the time, be on your highest alert and old onto you bags. Oh and if you do see any white faces, say hello, they are an extinction.

The Pakistanis have ruined this city. The future is bleak.

Dump full of Poundlands and immigrants. I have no problem with foreigners but for some reason Bradford is overrun with the lowest form of bottom dwelling rubbish from every race, including English! There is no future for this poor, exploited, dull, corrupt city where employment dwindles and and the large multimillion pound Centenary Square pond serves as reminder of the local governments efforts to exploit public money.

I was born in Bradford and lived there for 24 years until I emigrated to Australia. Best thing I ever did. I have been back a number of times over the years to visit family and friends still unfortunate (or stupid) enough to be still living there. It is a complete dump, it is dangerous...lots of areas are off limits to white people at night. There are a lot of Pakistani gangs roaming around. And others driving very expensive doubt paid for by drug money. Even though my family and friends live locally almost all of them shop in other nearby cities like Huddersfield, Leeds or even Keighley to name a few. There is also a large presence of eastern Europeans...they are not all criminals but many are. Hopefully Britains exit from the EU will have them packing and going back to the countries they came from. There are some quite nice areas outside Bradford, usually more exclusive areas with country views or canal frontage. Unemployment is huge, wages are low and crime is everywhere. ...more

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49 Vilnius (Lithuania)

Love this city. Really beautiful old town, lovely panoramas and tiny squares and parks. But I was sad about the people - why they're so unhappy? Lithuanian have to try smile more - that would be the way better.

Beautiful city... Lots to explore. Loved it

Not too bad, but not good though

A pretty gem of a city with an old town that takes your breath away. Not dangerous. Only that people tend to be a little harsh and not too welcoming. But I don't care, u have to respect that people are different everywhere! - ChatonNoir

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50 Leeds (UK)

Rubbish leeds is a vibrant fast forward thinking city its got some of the best shopping centres in the world and yorkshire dales 10 minutes away great universities and sporting facilities!

Pretty rough but not as much as some other cities

Leeds isn't dangerous, apart from some suburbs! This city is great and people are very friendly

Leeds is really rough and not many safe areas to live. One of my closest friends was sexually assaulted here and I was nearly mugged.

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