Napoli (Italy)


The most dangerous city in Europe, without doubts! Camorra is one of the most terrible criminal organization in the world man.. We're not talking about simple, petty thieves or drunk bad boys. Believe me.

Well... to be honest I expected too see better things when I had sightseeing but all I can say about this city is scary. Too much homeless, dirtiness, indifference. ALL the cars were broken, and I did even see the car doors were pasted with sellotape. And also after visiting Istanbul, such an amazing awesome city, got me more in a depressive way.

We we were visiting it was terrible conditions, aware of our surroundings, Lot of homeless people and very dirty. We visited in 2008. We knew how people were looking at us, we needed to leave. We left ASAP, would never return. Didn't feel safe.

We unfortunately been there for business. So arrogant people how hate our English or American way to deal with. Never on time. Impossible to import anything here, they just want to flog their pizza, even if you are selling planes..

Try to visit the city, so dirty, food so bland, so flavorless, so tasteless, insipid.

In short, let's say no more about it; Flee.

I agree must be on the top one with milan.

Worst city in the whole country. Poor, dirty and full of jobless people who can't speak Italian. There's a huge differtent between Napoli and any other city of Northern Italy. I pray for all the german tourists with sandals and white socks who decide to visit Napoli.

Gypsies stealing from elder people, women and children. Nationalistic movements and skinhead organizations trying to protect their country in violent ways, violent football ultras, aggressive and corrupted police, and the reason for all of the above is the corruption of the politicians and their connections with the mafia

Napoli is a horrible city, like nearly always in Italy.

Dirty, smelling bad, dark, polluted, chaotic, insecure, low style, like ruin, destroyed and Italian people do not speak anything else than Italian, slacker, impolite, lazy, arrogant, rude, they are always trying to rip you off.

The hotels are old and expensive, that everywhere in Italy, roads are dangerous.

Avoid this old fashion country.

You can get killed if you are in a wrong place at a wrong moment. It's happened that a guy or girl find himself between mafia clan gun fight.
Very dangerous! You can find micro criminality also! So beware pickpokects!

Napoli is messed up. Don't ever go there.

Naples is a hole. I've never met a group of people more rude than here. People are so arrogant and inconsiderate with the locals finding anyway possible to rip you off. Granted I did meet some educated younger generation kids who were very in tune and actually had a soul. Very dangerous at night especially around the main train station and Port. I'd suggest to just go straight to see the tourist attractions here and get out of here!

Terrible city, dirty, crowded. People are aggressive, xenophobe, my wife is black and we have always problems with citizens, Italian citizens only.
It's far to be an open city, a mixed city, like others cities in Italy and like Italy itself.

Crazy city. southern Napoli is gorgeous and inviting but once you hit the north slums its like you have stepped into a different world. ever heard of scampia? The biggest open-air drug market in the world.

Tourists are definitely not safe. We were mugged at 2.00pm on leaving a pizza restaurant on the main road from the railway station to the sea front with our two young children. Robbers were picked up by two guys on scooters to escape police.
Had to join a long queue of other tourists reporting robberies at the police station.
If you want to visit Pompeii stay outside Naples.

The most dangerous city in europe. No doubts.

Going there is really loosing time.

Napoli is an amazing place, it seems to be a little dangerous, but people are really warm and friendly. Just respect them and smile!

How many stupid, superficial considerations on this ancient, noble, kind city. Better not write if you ignore what napoli is and represent in the world

I found Naples slightly intimidating. As soon as the train stopped in Napoli on the way south there were two incidents where as soon as we got off the train people strongly requested money and asked what was in my back pack. While they gave up after a while it was definitely more troubling than other cities in Europe.

Napoli is the Tricks kingdom! They see you're a tourist and you're just a easy prey to fool

'Gypsies stealing' Not them but Italians stealing, they look like gypsies, but there are no gypsies in Italy. Worst people there are Italian people themselves.

I'm from a Nordic country, and you arrive in Napoli (and Italy in general), it's a terrible shock that you are taking in the face as the place is so chaotic.

It's a dirty town that don't handle waste that well, but it also has a lot of historic beautiful buildings and attractions, it's an old and very interesting city, beautiful in some parts but I didn't feel so save when I went there - ChatonNoir

Napoli has officially been classified as 'the most dangerous place in Europe' by the European league.
In fact there is an average of 1.2 kills per day! Which makes it the first criminal city in Europe. Drugs are also an important issue, in fact Napoli is the second biggest drug carrefour in Europe after Gibraltar.

I was Napoli/Naples and very interesting city, but some place is dangerous especially outside the historical city zone. It is very good to take interest pictures but full with thieves and gangs ( stupid unemployed boys who likes spitting people etc). Another problem is dirt, heat, water and easily to get infection.