Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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221 Jan Mayen (Norway)

This is an uninhabited island, not a city - Kast

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222 Varese (Italy)
223 Turin (Italy)
224 Lucca (Italy)
225 Taranto (Italy)
226 Brindisi (Italy)
227 Reggio Calabria (Italy)
228 Tropea (Italy)
229 Scalea (Italy)
230 Crotone (Italy) V 1 Comment
231 Bagheria (Italy)
232 Catanzaro (Italy)
233 Malaga (Spain)

Too much drunk, boozed up Brits.

Full of gypsis

234 Varna (Bulgaria)

Car ignitions stabbings fights people here do for the sport lots of gypsies pick pocketing from tourists drug bussines domestic burglary rate is so high prostitution abductions car thefts fraud level so high and all this is with the special thanks to the police helping the underworld and the town is runner by the Russian mafia politicians police law system workers are participating in crimes police is so miserable at investigating can't help nothing the citizens the crime situation is very bad here

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235 Beragh (Northern Ireland)

Kidnaps, Murders, Satanic Rituals Galore

236 Odense (Denmark)

A city area in Odense called "Vollsmose" is pretty bad. There are like 70% Middle Eastern, east European and Africans there, but there are also danes there that are gang related. Don't go there at night!

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