Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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121 Jerusalem (Israel) Jerusalem (Israel) Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

Why is this on here It is in Asia

Israel is in Asia, not Europe

Israel is not in Europe so why is it on the list

Israel is NOT in Europe! IT IS IN Asia! FAKE!

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122 Milton Keynes (England)

What makes MK so dangerous, at least in the summer months, in the summer months - WASPS! (Maybe it has something to do with the many lakes and stretches of water there, as wasps like to be near water.) Anyway, I recall how my weekend there was plagued with them everywhere, in the outside areas of the Premier Inn where I was staying, at an outdoor event in Campbell Park and at the Gullivers amusement park. Indeed soon after arriving there I feared that I would not get through the weekend without being stung, and I was proved right.

123 Aarhus (Denmark)

Mostly a Peacefull City at Night but Drunk People Can be very violence so be careful when you go to the pub.

The west of Århus is very bad! Don't go there at night, or you will get jumped for sure

124 Sochi (Russia)

We suPPoRt nO gaYs aNd we LOvE bRokEN tOiLEts.

Whoever putted Sochi on the list is retarded.Sochi is one of the safest cities in russia

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125 Galati (Romania)
126 Hisingen
127 Perpignan (France)

Peoples here are always been rude and violent here. Plus, you can easily be attacked or robbed here. - Rex34

France is not safe at all, specially nowadays

128 Desborough (UK)

This is very strange as Desborough is only a small down in North Northamptonshire, very close to the Leicestershire border with the beautiful town of Market Harborough only a few miles up the road. I have lived in Desborough for almost 10 years and was so surprised how friendly everyone is having lived in Kettering Town before. The house prices are very reasonable and you get plenty for your money. The infants and junior schools are superb too. The downside is there isn't an awful lot going in the centre of town but the problem here is the council plough all their money into Corby Town as that is a very deprived area and to be honest a complete crap hole and is a bit too close to Desborough Town for my liking! If the council got their act together and invested a bit of cash into Desborough then it would get the town back on it's feet. Whenever there is a bit of crime it normally youths coming over from Corby or a handful of local gypsies that are causing the majority of the problems. ...more

129 Kranj (Slovenia)

A lot of gangs, particulary Ex-Yugoslav nations, high crime rate and a paradise for drug dealers.

130 Leiden (Netherlands)

You can easily walk in Leiden, but a lot of hoods have jumpy people who will try to fight you, also a lot of youth criminal's trying to be tough because they look up to criminal's

Very dangerous shootings everywhere it's like syria trust me I've been in syria

131 Katrineholm (Sweden)

It is extremely dangerous to your mental health, extremely boring with strange inhabitants who will stare at you if they don't know you. Thoughts of death occur frequently, to live here is like entering The Twighlight Zone.

132 Fishernead (Milton Keynes, England)

Milton Keynes has a lot of Somali youths from fishermead who are commiting lots of crime and causing disruption to members of the public.

133 Stoke-on-Trent (England)


134 Murcia (Spain)

Probably one of the safer cities in Spain, that could be one of the most safer countries in Europe.

135 Gdansk V 3 Comments
136 Kilmarnock (UK)

I live in the only good bit of Killie, and even then we have some skenky bams living I the new builds at the end of the street. Town centre filled with crack heads and junkies. Not afraid to walk there alone though (even though I'm a younger female). This place is roughly the same as Glasgow but to be very honest I feel safe in Glasgow as well as here. As long as you don't stray too far away from the centre of Glasgow and have even basic level street smarts then all will be good. I suppose everywhere has it's good and bad points.

Good to know you have street smarts.

137 Toszeg (Hungary)
138 Gothenburg (Sweden)

A lot of gangs rule the city, especially many suburbs. The impression of a friendly and happy city is still there, though. It's very beautiful with a really concentrated downtown area and cable cars. Also a huge indoor shopping street (the world's largest? ). But it's a big city with big city problems.

I am from baltimore us I was visiting gothenburg and I got robbed and a Gun into My stomach in bergsjon I would not Call it a very dangerous place but it's a lot of immigrants and bikes and the oxygien was full of THC and I saw a lot of police cars

139 Stolac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
140 Kalmar (Sweden)

Cows, sheep and hens running around the streets, making the city dirty and unpleasant. Also people are dangerous: they can't decide about anything, not even where a public toilet should be located. The only advantage about the city is that it is a suburb of Växjö, a much nicer Place.

Kalmar, a small "city" and a suburb of Växjö, is dangerous because of slippery cow dirt.

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