Most Disturbing Vocaloid Pairings

Well, I was asked this question by my big brother, and I already know a few people's. So I want to see what you guys think. And yes, Utau and Derivatives (Relatively Well-known ones) do count, because in my book, anything (of this sort) or anyone who have 3 or more original songs do count.

The Top Ten Most Disturbing Vocaloid Pairings

1 Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len

, so many things wrong with this pair.
*They look like twins.
Seriously, they look exactly alike. Both have the same length yellow hair, same eyes, same chest (sorry Rin), same face, similar clothes, almost everything! The only differences are the height, weight (by like a few pounds/ 1 inch), and gender. Otherwise, they look exactly alike and it would be too much of a coincidence if they weren't twins. Twins shouldn't be dating, either.
*It would be unlikely if they weren't twins.
It would be creepy to date someone that looks exactly like you. This is basically self-chest like the other person said.
*Mirror images.
This one is hilarious. Basically self-cest again. Besides, twin is a synonym for mirror images. Like the other person said, being a mirror image means the other person would do the exact same thing as you. And you would basically be the same person. Dating your mirror image is basically dating yourself.

Crypton even said that they were going to be ...more

Shipping them is wanting them to be forever alone. Mirror image = same person. - YukariYuzuki

Twins: twincest...
Siblings: incest...
Mirror images: another version of Narcissus / self-cest
Unrelated: very highly unlikely. probably twins separated from birth which leads to twincest again.
TRULY unrelated: guess it's fine. but dating a someone that looks like you kinda link to self-cest.
Mirror images: let's say you're not self-cest, but mirror images or technically the same person right? So you share the same personality, looks, wishes, knows all your secrets, copy everything you do. very annoying... probably won't last.

I can go on and on and on of how wrong this pair is. wherever you guys decide to settle down, I hope for the best because your relationship, Rin and Len, is so far the most disturbing.

No offense to RinLen fans. :P

This is crazy. They're twins. They're already paired up. They're already related. They already love each other. Why do people have to date each other to make it count? Why can't they love each other as siblings? I don't know any twins who date each other and if anyone else does, I'm a little scared. I think these two are great together, but there are a couple more things wrong with shipping them.
The whole point of Rin and Len is that in terms of looks, they're almost a male and female version of the same person, but in terms of personality, they're complete opposites. Isn't that exactly what we want to avoid? I mean, everyone is always going on about Miku and Luka having opposite personalities (I don't ship them, it's just an example), but apparently there's nothing wrong with Rin and Len's personalities being opposite. I mean, Len is meant to be shy and cute and Rin is meant to be sociable and short tempered. I'm not going to rave on about them looking the same because other ...more

The pairing gets boring after a while, they look cute, but seeing them together all the time?... not really, especially since I love them individually rather than mashed together most of the time, it also has to do with Len always singing with Rin, as if he wasn't able to sing with others,he only has sung with Rin,Gumi and Kaito, let Len sing with Miku for example, their voices match they look good and they have many good songs too.

2 Hatsune Miku x Kagamine Len

Okay, I need to disagree. But before I continue, I'd just like to say that Miku x Len is an awesome ship in my opinion. SO how the heck is Kaii Yuki x Kiyoteru less disturbing than this? Is it totally normal for a 9 year old to go out with some dude maybe in his 20's or 30's? Because Miku is 16 and Len is 14, so that's only a 2 year age gap compared to those two. So anyway: First of all it's stupid to ship people based on their voices or their colors. A couples voices can go well together, but that girl's personality could be shy, and the guy's could be psychopath serial killer. Also it's dumb to go: ' I go them because red and green match! " Or: 'i ship them because Blue and Yellow match! Red and Pink is a stupid color combination! ' Also, Crypton did not release their official personalities, so don't even start with shipping them based on that load of crap. IF you are going to hate a couple, let it be based on a legit reason, like, "He's 32 and she's 10 or something." Good day to ...more - NekoYaoiPrincess

So Miku being two years older than Len is what throws some people off? I just don't see why, I mean I didn't think much of it until I came here. I had never seen a problem with it. She's not 20 years older than him is she?
And what's this about colors not matching and personalities. I like Vocaloids exactly for that, because you get to imagine and fabricate what they are like and it wouldn't be "wrong" or "uncharacteristic" in the sense. Yes there are different ways different people interpret their characters, for example Rin and Len being siblings or not. So yes I do ship Miku and Len that's how I chose to interpret their relationship. I don't really care whether you don't like them or only see them as platonic but to argue that their colors don't match is just irrelevant.
I also happen to think their voices sound nice together. So think what you want, this happens to be my opinion.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why? So just because Len is 14 and Miku is 16, that doesn't work? Tch, please, my dad is 46 and my mom is 37. I can't argue with anyone who doesn't ship this because of a specific reason, but I especially CANNOT argue with anyone who goes "Len and Rin are best because they're both blonde" or "Miku should be with Kaito because I saw her with Kaito in a lot of videos" or even "Gumi should be with Gakupo because the colors match" because it's all so stupid! Like, come on, are you 5? Plus, from a recent comment, "Their personalities (blah, blah, blah)" isn't right. VOCALOID singing synthesis have NO PERSONALITIES. They're not real, they're computers, it's ' VOCALOID. No offense to anyone.

I feel like this ship is too obvious. I'm starting to wonder if so many people ship it just because Miku is the most popular FEMALE vocaloid and Len is probably the most popular MALE vocaloid. When I ship vocaloids, I focus on how they sound together. For me Miku and Len are not exactly the best sounding duo, although there are some songs where they sound 'ok' like 'Ton Ton Mae'. Therefore I can only see them as friends, or Miku is a big sister figure to Len and Rin.

The reason I am starting to hate this ship is because of those obnoxious Miku x Len shippers who feel they need to ruin everyone else's ships. I ship Len x Gumi and I love listening to the songs they sing in. Unfortunately when I look down at the comments, it's filled with Miku x Len shippers hating it because it's Len with Gumi instead of Miku. It's unnecessary. You wouldn't expect Len x Gumi shippers to go up to a Miku x Len song and comment "Ugh no it should be Gumi instead of Miku". I sometimes see Miku x Len ...more

3 Kaai Yuki x Hiyama Kiyoteru

Like what the other opinion said, Kiyoteru is an adult (he's 22 by the way, not 40) and Yuki is a child (9).

Like if the teacher was 20 and the student was like 15, sure, I don't really care about the huge gap between ages or anything, but if one of them is 9 years old, it doesn't work. I only ship kids with other kids. Once they get to be 13 or something, then it's okay to ship them with other people. Just not when they're not even tweens yet. Otherwise, age difference doesn't bother me unless the people are like 50 years apart, then it gets creepy.

I don't say this often when it comes to ships but this pairing makes me barf and cringe. Like practically everyone else said, she's 9. I usually say ship and let ship but this is just wrong on so many levels.
I understand the interest in problematic ships to a certain extent as they make up for interesting plot-points and I definitely understand that not every ship has to be sexual (most of my ships are only romantic, problematic or not) but shouldn't it at least be a criteria that the characters we pair are on the same maturity-level and knows what the hell it is they're doing?
A 9 year old no matter how intelligent has no comprehension of adult-relationships which is exactly how it should be at that age.

I know a lot of people have already said this, but how can people ship them when Kiyoteru is so much older than her? I know some people say it's the heart that counts, not the age, but come on. This is Vocaloid. No one officially likes anyone else-that's the whole reason people can ship whoever they like.

4 Hatsune Miku x Kaito

I like Kaito, but Kaimiku has done more harm than good to him, he's basically living in that shadow, plus the way he is portrayed doesn't help either (pervert, idiot, getting hurt by others), and he is not as popular as Len for example so he rarely gets solo songs. Now the designs, they don't really match other than the color(pairing them because of the colors is silly in my opinion) and in the games they look more like older brother and younger sister rather than a couple. He doesn't have a defined age, but making him younger is wasting his potential, and you are better off making Len older, Len is a better teenager for obvious reasons, Kaito works the best as an adult, and with someone that compliments his voice, not one that overshadows him.

Miku doesn't go good with Kaito, her voice is disturbingly high pitched and off key. Mixing it with Kaito's lower voice is just terrible. Kaito and Meiko actually sound good together, KaitoxMiku is way overrated. Actually, Miku herself is overrated, but is won't get into that. They just don't go together. I don't really care about the age difference (since I'm also a KaitoxLen shipper, hehe) but they just don't sound or look good together. What really pisses me off is the fandom. Oh my god, the fandom is nuts. Not all of it, but at least 90% of it. "I HATE MEIKO SHE TOTALLY STOLE KAITO FROM MIKU! " Okay, first of all, Meiko was made before Miku. Second of all, do you really hate her just because she supposedly "stole Kaito"? Third of all, that just makes KaitoxMiku look bad, you moron. Seriously, it's like this with almost every fan I've met. I don't mind that you ship them, just please, don't try to act like it's your hobby or something. That just proves you have no life right there.

I reckon Miku and Kaito look really cute, but they're voices don't go, or their personalities. I don't ship them, but I don't like Meiko x Kaito either.

I definitely agree. I don't hate the ship but... like you said they don't look good together. At all. They just don't. I've heard a couple songs with the two of them that actually sounded nice... But aside from those two songs, their voices just don't mix. Not to mention, I have a problem with the age difference. I mean, the fact that he's probably ten years older than her at the most doesn't really bother me, but what does bother me is the fact that she's never going to get older. And that's been proven considering the fact that she's been sixteen since 2004. (Or whenever they made vocaloid). I personally ship Kaito and Meiko. Kato and Meiko not only SOUND good together, but they also LOOK good together AND their both around the same age, so even if they never get older, there's no problem because, you know, they already sound fantastic together. (Miku's voice needs to become a lot lower for them to sound good together. Which will never happen) I've already made this extremely long ...more

I see kaito and miku as siblings. They can love each other but then as friends not as lovers. (don't forget their ages)

5 Kagamine Rin x Hatsune Mikuo

... Well if Rin and Mikuo does like each other then I support... I don't see anything disturbing... Seriously.

Eh... What about it? -_-

I am neutral...just think there's something wrong with this ship but I don't know why... someone can explain that? (Explain if you can beat my own "mother's understanding") "SHUT UP FOR THE ONE WHO DON'T AGREE, I HAVE MY OWN OPINION"

I honestly think it is a very cute ship. There is nothing wrong with it either (in my opinion). Oh and yeah just to clear things out, people don’t always ship Rin with someone other than Len just because they ship Len with someone else like Miku or Gumi.

6 Neru x Len

I have the feeling peope only ship this because they have both yellow hair

People probably ship them cause their both yellowish which is a stupid reason but this is a good ship compared to a lot of the vocaloid pairings. I mean come on rin x Len they look like twins! They are even considered twins in some of their songs. And if they are twins that would be incest. (sorry if anyone takes that as an offense).
I don't want to admit but I do ship neru x Len.

I feel kinda like people only ship them because they look good together and they have this idea that Neru is all tsundere. But what I find really annoying is how people just overlook the fact that Neru's voice is Miku's pitched down and doesn't go well with Len's at all. And I sort of said this before, but Neru is supposed to be roughly seventeen (a year older than Miku) and Len is fourteen. It's REALLY frustrating how people ALWAYS make Neru look younger than him in fan art.

That's just insane. Len is cheerful and energetic boy, Neru is... What she is. I don't mean that I don't like Neru, Neru is my favourite :( But she and Len... Just NO.

7 Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Rinto

Wait what? Honestly I don't even get what the point of Rinto and Lenka is in the first place. Weren't Rin and Len supposed to be each other's counterparts?
I don't know how disturbing I find this on a scale from 1-10 I mean, they're supposedly the same age and unless Krypton has made it official not siblings either. But I think it's hella boring however to ship characters whom are practically identical to one another. Wherein lies the interest in that kind of interaction?

Sure, the Vocaloids doesn't have official personalities but isn't the point of characters like Mikuo and Rinto to be just that, simply Miku and Rin of the opposite gender?

They're practically the same person. They're genderbends! They make me want to puke when I see a picture of them. Yes, they bave the same interests and stuff, but their looks throws me off. They're better as cousins or anything related to that.

Their voices may sound well together, but that's because Rinto's voice is basically Rin's voice, except only lower!

No no no no no, what the hell? I don't understand how I find this weird and love lencest but, no. Rin and Rinto look much better as relatives. He could be her father! The resemblance is literally that close. No, it's not right to have Rin date the male version of herself, it's not right. - Vocaloid_____Forever__0529

Rinto is kinda like Rin from another universe. And if you think about it, its like dating yourself..that's kinda odd

8 Haku x Len

This is a ship? I never knew that, this must be one of those rare ships that are made, but this would never work. Haku and Len are like opposites, Haku has a depressing vibe while Len is just... Len. SO NO, this shouldn't even qualify, it's not cute at all. - Vocaloid_____Forever__0529

They don't look good together. I've seen a good amount of people ship them but they just don't go together. :(

Why does this ship exist?! Len is 14 while Haku is clearly older than him! I seen videos about this pairing and I just don't understand why. People, think about the age difference and how it won't work out! But this is coming from a Haku x Luka fan so I'm a bit weird.

Nah haku goes good with sake bottle or gakupo :3

9 Kaito x Meiko

They're literally made to be together. I don't know why so many people don't ship them and I have no idea how a pairing like Miku x Kaito got more popular than them. It's as close to cannon as a Vocaloid ship can get.

What!? These two sing really well together, they were just made for each other! Opposites attract! Miku x Kaito is not right because their voices don't go and people just pair the most popular girl with the hottest guy. Meiko and Kaito, no age gap, it's perfect!

Woah. Hold on! They're literally made to be together! I have no idea why people don't ship this and I have no clue on how Kaito x Miku got more popular than this ship! I mean, I have no problem with Kaito x Miku but how the hell is this ship not that popular?

How is this disturbing? Did some Miku X Kaito fans post this or something? I'm not saying this because I ship it, but tell me why this is disturbing please. They are both around the same age range (even if they have no official age they both clearly look like adults) and they sound great together.

10 Kagamine Rin x Kamui Gakupo

It is so sounds like a chlid and a man, Gakupo's voice is very deep and attactive, and rin is to high for gakupo.and their style are quite different!

Kagamine Rin has such a high, sharp, clear voice. Kamui Gakupo has such a low, thick tone. These together do not balance each other out! Gakupo overpowers Rin. Gakupo HAS to sing background to Rin or they don't balance.

I seen enough but gakupo goes good with kaito

I have no idea how the ship even came about! It just doesn't look right and it NEVER WILL. Rin's voice is so young and piercing compared to Gakupo's which is deep and calm. It's never going to work.

The Contenders

11 Tei Sukone x Kagamine Len

Tei is just... strange I actually kinda like yandere girls but I HATE TEI!

I'm sorry but I don't like this pairing at all for 1 thing tei is 19 yrs old and len is only 14 that's like a young adult that has a very young boyfriend plus there personalities are different tei would stalk len to no end plus she's yandere and I don't think len would want a girlfriend who masturbates in public and kills people that would creep him out plus len is a happy go lucky type of guy tei is yandere if len won't choose her she'll kill him

I don't know why people hate this ship, I find it adorable. I mean yeah, Len would probably be scared of Tei's murderous instincts, but she DOES have some self control. She genuinely believes murder is wrong, she just sorta snaps sometimes. I think that Len would be like a drug for her to keep her calm. If he would talk to her long enough to realize she's not entirely crazy, he'd probably really start to like her. And yeah, it's kinda gross that she masturbates to him in public, but that's better than her actually going out and raping him, isn't it? I feel like it means she genuinely loves him enough that she won't force herself upon him.

I really don't like this pairing plus there voices are completely different Len has a high pitched and somewhat childish tone for a voice while tei has a (somewhat) low and dull robotic-like voice it would clash badly in my opinion and again I don't think Len would want some yandere freak as a girlfriend

12 Kamui Gakupo x Megurine Luka

I haven't really looked into them, so I haven't heard them sing together, but looking from the outside, I think they'd go well together.

This is my strongest and most favorite ship. I haven't heard them sing together but I imagine them being deep in love in my fandom world. Go ahead with your options its GAKUPO x LUKA FOREVER WITH ME!

Well I kinda ship it... Due to the song 'go Google it' but I feel like Luka would stay single and independent ;-;

Honestly it's the worst ship in Vocaloid in my opinion. It's hard to explain. I don't get why so many people ship it- other than their song 'Go Google It,' I don't know of many reasons.

13 Gumi x Len

I actually prefer rin x gumi. And len is just good friend with them and supports their relationship

Don't call them disturbing. They're cute.

WHAT! How are they disturbing? They look cute together
You don't have to ship them but they are nowhere near disturbing!
I'm not really sure why this list was created. All couples are great in their own way, everyone just has a different opinion on who they like the best. But no vocaloid ship is disturbing.

No. Gumi x Len is a no go for me. I ship Rin and Len. I don't care how many people hate them. I think its cute. They sound good together, and look good together. I get absolutely triggered when people ship Gumi x Len. Just no. Absolute no.

14 Luka x Kaito

They are amazing together I took allot of quizzes and I was luka or kaito I was so happy I think luka and kaito need more attention I think that dumb MEIKO IS TRYING TO TAKE KAITO AWAY FROM LUKA kaito loves luka not meiko miku is fine with kaito I still ship them but luka x kaito THE BEST SHIP THAT EVER EXISTED

I actually like this couple very much. Their voices are very nice together and although their ages aren't official, and even though age doesn't entirely matter, they look like they are both in their twenties so people can't really argue about age difference. Also, they look really nice together, don't you think? I don't agree too much with Gakupo x Luka because I don't think their voices are very nice together. Miku x Kaito feels a little pedophile, and their voices aren't very nice either. And I always seem to imagine Meiko as Kaitos older sister. She makes fun of him lightly at times but is somewhat nice to him. Same goes for Luka and Gakupo a little I guess.

Hey this pairing isn't that bad their voices are great together and they look good together take this off the list!

I agree with "I actually like this couple very much. Their voices are very nice together and although their ages aren't official, and even though age doesn't entirely matter, they look like they are both in their twenties so people can't really argue about age difference. Also, they look really nice together, don't you think? I don't agree too much with Gakupo x Luka because I don't think their voices are very nice together. Miku x Kaito feels a little pedophile, and their voices aren't very nice either. And I always seem to imagine Meiko as Kaitos older sister. She makes fun of him lightly at times but is somewhat nice to him. Same goes for Luka and Gakupo a little I guess."

15 Shion Kaito X Hatsune Miku

God Just no, I dislike this ship for various reasons that I surely will get hated on but I don't care.

1) Even though ages are verified/official Kaito is obviously older than Miku, the age gap doesn't matter but if I hadn't known better just taking a glance at them it would totally look like a pedophile couple to me. I'm a huge Kaito fan although.

2) Pisses me off just because 50% of the people that ship these two are because of their similar colors.

3) Do you even know the translation of Cantarella?

Person : I so ship this! It's like true love!

Me : Look up the lyrics, and tell me that again.

Which means about most of the fans only ship them because of that one song. But are unaware of the true meaning

This was already on the list earlier.

To be honest, I don't like the ship only because I, just... don't ship it. But for the people saying 'Kaito is too old for Miku, because he's, like, 25' is kinda stupid, because he has no official age. Sure, he sounds like he could be 30, but I personally know plenty of 15 year olds who have lower voices than him! Same goes for how tall he is/ how 'old' he looks. You cannot judge age by looks. People think I'm, like 18 sometimes, which I am most definitely not. But if you don't like the ship, that's cool with me. And if you do ship it, that's cool to. They're vocaloids people, and were not made for shipping wars! Let people ship what they wanna ship. Unless it's, like Gachapoid x Meiko or some bull like that. That's just plain grooos. *shudders*

I feel the only reason that this is shipped is because of the fact that both of their color schemes are centered around blue. Other than that, I don't see why anyone would ship it.

16 Lenka x Nero

So, who agrees with me that this ship should not exist? I have the same opinion, they're not cute together.

I don't see anything wrong with it

What? I never even knew this was a thing... I kinda regret finding out it is a pairing though... :/

Genderbend ships, guys. People ship Neru x Len, so they ship Nero x Lenka. It's just what they do. It doesn't make it disturbing. I don't really ship it, but come on!

17 Gumi x Kamui Gakupo

They aren't siblings, but I just can't see them in a romantic relationship. Maybe old friends?

Even though Gumi is one of my favorites, I can't see her with Gakupo. Personally I feel Luka and Gakupo are a better match. They have a mature feeling to them that I love.

I think that they are the best couple and I think that they are NOT SIBLINGS

Well nothing wrong with this ship but I just see them as good friends.

18 Hatsune Miku x Hatsune Mikuo

I think they're more like siblings. I mean this would pretty much mean Miku is dating herself. (the guy version of herself, but meh. ) Miku likes herself, but not quite that much.

To be honest, this pairing really throws me off. It makes sense in a way because they have so much in common, but when actually put together it comes off as a disturbing pairing. In my view, they would be better off as best friends or siblings.

This isn't even incest...It's...It's...I don't know what it is! It's self-cest because Mikuo is just Miku.. So no, in my opinion, this is a terrible idea for a ship. It's basically Miku dating herself, and if you think about it, kinda sad.

That ship, is... nonsense - BorisRule

19 Megurine Luka x Kagamine Len

Sorry but I don't like this if Luka were to date Len in my opinion she would look like a paedophile Len is still a pubescent teen and Luka is basically an adult she's too mature for him and their voices don't clash very well Len's child-like high pitched voice overpowers Luka's mature and lady like voice when I heared them sing 'Magnet' Luka's voice was somewhat having a hard time keeping up with Len's voice half of the time you only hear Len's voice you can hear Luka's too but she sounds like she's whispering instead of singing when the 2 of them are supposed to be singing together and Luka's voice sometimes overpowers Len's voice as well they don't clash very well and she's too old for him

Luka is so much older than Len and their voices don't blend well together Luka looks like she's old enough to be Len's mother or teacher

I'm sorry okay but they honestly don't seem right. Logically, Len would be a good few feet smaller than Luka, Luka is 20 and Len's only 14, and they don't look good together. I think they'd be the distant friends who nod or say hello whilst passing each other. I can't see them as a couple.

You know, the only way they could both be teenagers at the same time would be when Len's 13 and Luka's 19. She's six years older than him. It's...wrong. If they were adults, I wouldn't really mind, because when you're adults, age difference generally doesn't matter as much. But while they're still young...NO.

20 Kaito x Kagamine Rin

It's actually one of my favorite ships. Sure, there's a height difference. But that's in most relationships. And going by body type; Miku is 16 and has a similar body type to Rin. And Kaito doesn't look that old/sound that old. It isn't pedophilia, unless you want it to be. Kaito is any age you want, not a set number.

I find it hard to ship this, it's like shipping Haku and Oliver, I don't have anything against it but it's hard to imagine

Come on, guys. She's 14.

I used to ship this a lot, but know that I kinda look at it.. I don't know. I still have a slight interest in the ship but I don't know how I feel about it.

21 Meiko x Megurine Luka

So what people? Yuri is yuri and yaoi is yaoi (I'm a guy so I kinda find it disturbing though). Respect it then be racists that hurts people's feelings.

When I think of this it doesn't seem bad, but my heart is already placed at Gakupo x Luka and Kaito x Meiko so...

I reckon most people who don't like this ship are either against yuri/yaoi or generally don't like Meiko much and don't particularly ship her with anyone. Because it would physically work really well. But I don't's just a thought.

This makes sense to be honest. I don't ship it but it's cute

22 Kaito x Kagamine Len

Once my bff who hates Len looked up "Len gay" on YouTube, the results were my nightmare ship... - Mocchiko

Huge age gap. That's the huge issue. A young adult man and a fourteen year old boy? That's not cool guys.

If Len was female, no one would ship it. Their voices don't look that good together AND Kaito is way older than Len. People always forget age gaps when it comes to Yuri and Yaoi.

What the heck do you mean huge age difference? I've looked and I haven't been able to find Kaito's age anywhere, although most people think he's in his late teens or early twenties. The age difference isn't all that big if he's in his teenage years. You could argue that Len, being thirteen (or was it fourteen? ) is to young to be dating someone Kaito's age. You may have a point there, but don't shove some bull crap down my throat about a large age difference when Kaito has no official age.

23 Kamui Gakupo x Hatsune Miku

I even don't know why is this pair for...I think Gakupo and Luka is better...

Their voices clashes with eachother. Gakupo has a very low and manly voice, while Miku has a childish, weird and high voice. Purple and turquoise don't fit either.

This is just like Miku x Kaito in the sence that Gakupo just seems way too old for her.

Their voices sound good together especially when using Miku dark with Gakupo power, they harmonize nicely and there s a form of mutual respect between the two as in neither of them take over the other like in their cover of Tsugai kogarashi or the cuter close x cloths overall I think they should be made to sing together more often.

24 Kaito x Kaito

It's not disturbing, it just shows how Kaito has a massive ego. But still, the ship two different Kaito modules. His Classic module and his Cyber Neko module. I have NO idea how it came about! But yeah, that's the ship, and I do not approve it.

They are the same person

This is pure selfcest lmao wut, also don't search up kaito x kaito

This is definitely the most disturbing in my opinion. I didn't even know this existed.

25 Utatane Piko x SF-A2 Miki

Most people ship them because of their ahoge come on Miki is like 20 I think and piko looks like he's 15-16 and their voices Don't sound good together

Hate this pairing. They don't actually sound good together at all. People only ship 'Em because of their ahoges. I can't see Miki as anything but a girl in her early twenties while I see Piko as being 15. I'd rather ship Piko with Len, Gumi, or Rin since they sound adorable together and Miki with Kiyoteru for the same reason. - SueDonom

This is one of my OTPs, and I find nothing bad about it whatsoever. I see Miki as 18, and Piko as 16, they're not related, like Rin x Len, which is pretty wrong in my opinion, and they both go perfectly together. Nobody can change my mind, sorry. This really should be at least a bit lower on this list.

I don't actually ship this, but they go really well together, can't deny that. They've both got those adorable pieces of hair sticking off their head and they just all 'round fit. But whatever. I'm just that weird kid who put Len x Miki on the list.

26 Kaito x Ice Cream

This is actually a little fun. Having this to throw off shipping wars is pretty fun, especially the part about ice cream!

This is best ship. I support 100%

OTP...that one SPICE parody, anyone? As youtuber Demo VD put it, "Kaito, you just married dairy..." Great ship. Totes worth my while. - KobayashiMatcha21

This ship is not that disturbing. It's a crack ship so it doesn't really need to make sense, why would you be against this? It's just a joke.

27 Ryuto (Gachapoid) x Kiyoteru

Lord, no! Please! This is even worse than Yuki x Kiyoteru! Do the words 'age difference' mean anything to the people who ship this?

Ryuto is 7. Kiyoteru is 22. This is one of the cases where age actually matters, because Ryuto is 7.

I dislike Gachapoid. He shouldn't be shipped with anyone. He should be put in the corner (sorry if I'm being too mean, but I don't know anyone else who dislikes him, so I have to vent a little! )

... Give me a moment well I go burn my eyes after seeing this...

28 Oliver x Len Kagamine

Oliver seems a lot younger than Len to me (personally), even though there's only a two year age gap. Still, I wouldn't want that to mean I totally rule them out in terms of shipping. I really love the ship - I think it's adorable - there are just other people I like to ship them both with more than each other.

I honestly don' see why people find this disturbing. The two sound great together, and I think they look nice together too. I just don't get the people that sexualize them or the ship. - ProSkellyArcher

Nah. Don't know why but this pairing throws me off. Maybe because I have always seen Oliver as being 100 percent straight. I'd rather ship him with Rin and Len with Piko. - SueDonom

This is my OTP. In my mind, Oliver is the uke. Actually, I think he's just an absolute uke. Even Kaai Yuki could probably top him. Oliver is the cinnamon roll of all cinnamon rolls. I see Len as the seme in this ship. I like shotacon hentai.

29 Oliver x Seeu

THIS SHIP IS JUST WRONG. SeeU is FIVE YEARS OLDER. I personally ship Oliver and Rin, it makes much more sense, there is only a two year age gap. I have no idea why SeeU x Oliver is more popular than that ship. This may just be because I never really liked SeeU though...

SeeU is FIVE years older than Oliver. In my mind, that is just wrong.

Jeez they might be siblings for how much age difference there is between them.

But oliver is way younger than seeu...

30 Prima x Calne Ca

When was this even a ship? I really like calne ca but I don't ship her with anyone.

I don't think anybody ships this, lol...

I love Calne Ca, but can the fandom please refrain from shipping her with anyone? It's bizarre.

Why is this a thing?

31 YOHIOloid x Maika

I completely agree. Their voices really don't compliment each other. They don't exactly sound bad together but their duets sounds flat and uninteresting and I could think of so many character they'd match better with.

I've heard that their respective creators ships them together which I suppose would make them as canon as a vocaloid-pairing can be (though no vocaloid-ship will hopefully ever be canon) and yes their designs match which is most likely also an intentional thing from their creators. But this only makes me think that a lot of fans ships them out of convenience, and how many times have I not heard the argument "this is canon therefor it's perfect"? Or "this is how the creators wants it so they're obviously made for each other". I guess that this could make it sound as if I'm shipping Kaito x Meiko simply out of convenience too since KaiMei-fandom so often uses the "they were literally made for each other"-argument but the thing is that ...more

I think Yohioloid looks best with Len in my opinion, It's not a bad ship it's not disturbing, but it's adorable! I agree that Maika and Yohio aren't a good ship I get it, I get it A LOT! This ship need to burn

I don't get why there's so much hype for this pairing Maika has a slight accent in her voice and yohio's voice sounds very clear and young. Maika's accent somewhat gets in the way when she's singing and also there voices are late in keeping up with the tune so I don't think they go together. Plus Yohio is 17 and Maika is 19... Still like an adult dating a young person

I didn't know that YOHIOloid was shipped

32 Kaito x Gakupo

They may actually work in the right situation. Meiko and Kaito wouldn't work, mostly because when Meiko gets drunk, Kaito would be sent to an early grave, and Magnet had me sold on Miku and Luka

This could be possible if you saw them as gay

Can't really ship it...

No they are just best bro-buds

33 Oliver x Big Al

This is one of the few Vocaloid pairings that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Last time I checked, Oliver was a shy twelve year old boy while Big Al was a twenty three year old man who seems like anything but shy and quiet... Their voices don't sound very nice together and there is an obvious sign that points towards pedophilla.

Shoot the person who came up with this. Jesus christ. PEDOPHILIA. IS. ILLEGAL.

I don't think I need to explain myself.

Nope father and son

34 Piko x Iroha

I ship Piko with Miki because they are both robot and they seems counterpart of each other, but yeah this ship is not too bad, I guess - Sere

Honestly, Piko is way to gay to be with anyone other than Len.

Hm...not to...bad

ok, but no really, I like their voices, just listen to their cover of feathers across the season

35 Anon x Kanon

Can someone please kill this ship lol - Mocchiko

Nope, I've got a twin and trust be, twincest isn't wincest, it's just plain weird.

This should be second, right under Yuki x Kiyoteru since I think Pedophilia is SLIGHTLY worse than Incest but incest like this is still awful and disgusting :/
I mean, why is Rin and Len at the top? This is confirmed!

Anon and kanon are confirmed for twins. Can we refrain from morphing the fandom into a twincest cesspit? Thank you.
(Although if you have any better ideas, I need to get these two out of the way for my shipping chart) - Winterush

36 Akaito x Kaito

They are the same person in a different color scheme. I like them as a split personality thing (Kaito is the actual person, Akaito is an alter ego) and them as lovers is disurbing.

Seems like they are the same people

Get some hair dye and a new coat and suddenly you can date yourself. Seems legit

Think its sort of a cool ship! I mean its not as bad as dating yourself, I also like to imagine they are different personalities and to me it works out.

37 Kaai Yuki x Oliver

This is so much less disturbing than Oliver x Seeu. Let me give everyone complaining about age difference a piece of info. Oliver is 12. Seeu is 17. That's only 1 year better than Len x Luka. But since they apparently look good together, people overlook that and ship them to their hearts content. Yuki x Oliver is cute. I'm not particularly obsessed with the ship, but they look good together, their voices go well together, and there is only a three years age difference between them. So it's not disturbing. Full stop.

I found this ship cute. I don't see what's wrong with it, it's only a 2-3 year age difference.

Why is this even on the most disturbing list? These two are really cute!

Age difference again? This pairing was adorable!

38 Prima x Miku Hatsune

Hm, maybe they should be friends. because Prima tried killing Rin, who killed Miku.

Most old fashioned paired with most modern?

Ya pair a yandere with someone who is compassionate. Not to mention the fact that Prima looks like a kid and miku is a teen.

39 Akita Nero x Kagamine Rin

Neru's voice is Rin's toned down, so I kind of see them as the same person.

Just like Neru X Len, it really disturbs me. I like Rin, but I sorta hate Nero. Nero is a Boukaloid, Rin is a Vocaloid. Boukaloids hate Vocaloids. To me, they were not made for each other. Also, this pairing should be on the top of this list.

I don't know why butt I find this pairing pretty cute
Like not as cute as my other ships but still cute
There's only a one year age difference too - SueDonom

40 Rin x Gumi

How have I not come across this?! This is a great ship! They look really cute together and there isn't really an age gap because Gumi's age isn't confirmed. It's only confirmed for her to be set in her teenage year, suggesting she'll be around 14-17 maybe? Plus their voices go so good together. I ship this now.

This ship is adorable! Gumi and Rin sound great together, maybe even better than Gumi and Len! They look cute together, too!

Shut up, Yuri is awesome.

Orange Carrot?

41 Len x IA

Too bad IA isn't popular. I like a love triangle idea of IA x Len x Miku. Kinda like Acute, but instead of KAITO and Luka, it's Len and IA. Except Miku doesn't try to kill anyone question: Why do some many people die in Vocaloid?!

I love IA, but she's definitely one of the much more popular ones. - SueDonom

I ship this so much

This is my favorite ship of Vocaloid! >< they are just really cute together. They sound nice. The only thing that is missing to become this ship more popular a a song. WE NEED A IAXLEN SONG GODAMNED!

Honestly I used to ship this. I made an MMD of them kissing and it has a little under 2K views. But now I really only ship Oliver and Len (I would be lying if I said I didn't ship Kaito and Len a bit too), and I ship IA with Teto, and sometimes Miku. - ProSkellyArcher

42 Kaito x Kasane Teto

Seriously, Teto looks like 15, BUT she's 31 and Len is 14!

If you watched the MMD series "Kaito's Newlywed Life", then you'll see why.

Was this even a real thing -_-

43 Vy2 Yuma x Gumi

I love this ship both of them are perfect and they sound wonderful together

Nah, they look and sound great together. They're not exactly my OTP. I ship Gumi x Len but Yuma x Gumi would be my second Gumi ship


No,no,and NO! This is the best ship,their voices are amazing together and have some cute pictures,to me this is the best ship ever

44 Fukase x Lily

I can imagine Fukase having a similar personality as I imagine Oliver having.

Repulsed by girls.

I had never heard of this one before seeing this post but I think that this is definitely an odd ship. I mean Fuk ase is a Vocaloid from December of 2015 and Lily came out at least a year before and their popularity difference is quite odd. Fuk ase is oddly popular for a new Vocaloid (I'm not complaining he's probably in my top 3 male Vocaloids, along with Kaito and Oliver) and yes, Lily is spoken about here and there but I have honestly never listened to one of her songs, if I'm remembering correctly. I see Fuk ase as more of the childish prankster who actually has some mental battles if his own(A good example of who I see him being could be Seven/707/Saeyoung from Mystic Messenger), and I see Lily being more of the steriotypical "teenage girl" character who loves to party(I have no good examples for her really... Sorry).
If you're looking for a crack ship, here's one that you'll probably never hear of again.

45 Oliver x Mayu

I've put them because I think is a great ship, just trhee years of difference, both evil-like blonde teenagers with yellow eyes (Mayu is a yandere and Oliver has a kind of double personality, I'm talking of his red eye); It is strange for me that there are not many fan art... what do you think? - Sere

46 Oliver x Gumi

To me, Gumi is about 17. I don't think she has an official age, but I haven't checked. Anyway, she just seems way too old for Oliver.

Gumi looks like she's about 16 to me, while OLIVER's officially twelve. So yeah no Gumi x Lily and OLIVER X Rin - SueDonom

Age, it looks weird. Isn't Oliver like twelve?

... why.

47 Oliver x SONiKA

Really? who invented this? and people like this ship because...

Nooo not Oliver!

Oh great, I stumbled into the disturbing part of the fandom looking for interesting ships.


48 Miku x Haku

I don't really think this should be a pairing to be honest. I see them as sisters than lovers.

I don't think it's a great ship but it's cute. You'll agree if you see daughter of white and wooden girl

Agreed I can't figure out how this world work out

Yeah...I can see it...I think...
Wait, Haku's voice is Miku's tonned down, right? Is that why people ship it...? I feel so dumb right now.

49 Rin Kagamine x Kaito

This is like Len x Kaito, except worse because... I can't really explain it. I know in my mind Kaito is twenty, so that's six years of an age difference.

This is more phedophile, it's just a big no.

50 SeeU x USee

Never heard about it... Well I think... Just like Rin and Len.. If I don't consider them siblings.. It is fine to me but I ship Rin and Len more to be honest..

They are considered as brother/sister and still people ship them. That just nasty af.

I hate genderbend ships. But I gotta admit, I still can't find a good USee design.

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