Hatsune Miku x Kaito


Has anyone ever hear "From your Hands" by Miku and Kaito? Listen to that song and I dare you--I DARE YOU to tell me they don't sound good together. I don't know what songs you people have been listening to, but Miku isn't a chipmunk. Her voice has range and variation. And so do Kaito's. There are bad songs featuring Miku and Kaito and there are good songs that features the both of them. Personally, I adore the contrast between a high and low voice. It's easier to discern and complementary to both singers. I don't hate the Meiko x Kaito shipping. I love hearing them sing together. I'm just not one for the pair. I don't know why people are spouting this whole "personality" and "don't look good together" crap. First of all, they're programs. What personality? And second of all, they are a gorgeous pair. Those colours, those designs? Lovely. And even better together.

Terrible pairing. Their voices are so different. Kaito has a totally low voice, and it clashes with Miku's high voice. Just not good. Yuck. Age differences aren't what's really hitting me (since I'm a MikuxLuka shipper, laugh out loud). Meiko and Kaito always seemed official. Their names, the same uppercase style, voice pitch, short hair, etcetera.
But Miku and Kaito? NO.

There are numerous reasons why I highly dislike this ship. First of all, they do NOT sound good together. Yes, after reading the majority of the comment you might find this reason common but Miku does after all sound childish and high pitch and Kaito sounds older and more mature than her... That doesn't mix well. Second of all, I know KAITO's age is unofficial but come on, he sounds and often looks like he is in his 20's. He is also often portrayed as a man in his 20's. Shipping KAITO x Miku in my opinion is a bit... Eh... Pedophilia in my opinion. Third of all, the fans have a not to do with why I dislike this ship. I am NOT saying that all the fans are terrible but some just get very immature when it comes to this sort of thing.
In conclusion, I am a definite KAITO x MEIKO fan. They sound great together! They were even made to complement each other's voices and their name's were made to look good together! KAITO needs a woman, not a young girl!

I disagree..I love the pairing since I love how they sound together...It's kind of like saying that you agree with the saying "Age doesn't matter" in real life but you disagree with this case...I mean come on...They reflect today's society..In love, skills, & talent, Age doesn't matter.. - MariaAthenaYu

I don't like this shipping for 3 reasons (these are my reasons): 1. Even though Kaito has no official age he looks like he's old enough to be Miku's teacher he looks like he's in his 20's and Miku is only 16 no offense but... Paedophilia much? 2. there voices don't go good together some people say that their voices are great for duets but that's because they can edit and change there voicebanks to make it look like their voices can go well (if it's possible lmao) 3. this is the main reason why it's because of the FANS! Oh my gosh are they crazy they think that this pairing is more superior to any other pairing in the vocaloid fandom um... Newsflash there are other vocaloids that they can both be paired with and id you don't like it or ship it they bash you for it these fans are nuts I'm telling you there so rabid they act like there are no other vocaloids that they can both be paired with I'm not saying all fans are like that but only the rabid ones I don't hate the pairing or the ...more

There's is an ACTUAL REASON why I don't ship this. It's because Kaito was made for Meiko, literally. Even on the Vocaloid Answers Wiki, it says that Meiko and Kaito and counterparts. That explains the blue and the red, the short hair, the similar names, and not to mention they were supposed to be released together.

Also, not like I care, but since many fans do, Miku and Kaito's voices just don't go together. I mean, Cendrillon is a good song and all, but the voices clash. Badly.

Their voices don't synchronise well at all from my point of view. Miku is around 16 while Kaito is in his twenties and I know age difference doesn't matter but Kaito gives of a pedo-ish vibe. One of the most annoying reasons that bothers me till it blows my minds off is that FANS. I REALLY don't know why people ship this pair so much... It's really confusing and because I ship another pair with Kaito and it will obviously drive anyone insane if they continuously find this pair in a music video together (E. G ME) It's overrated and because of this pair the enormous amount of consisting these pair in their music video drives me insane. I strongly believe that their voices are terrible together for obvious reasons such as Miku having a too high pitch voice while Kaito having a deep voice, In my opinion it ruins the music video when they sing it together. In my opinion they don't even look good together! Another reason is that I really like kaito (as a vocaloid) and him being with Miku ...more

I'm going to be honest. As much as I dislike this shipping, you have to admit, they do look good together design-wise, but once you actually get into the fandom and listen to their voices, you'll discover that they shouldn't be paired at all. Miku's voice is shrilly and high, but Kaito's voice is steady and low. Since Vocaloids are voice synthesizers, theoretically, wouldn't it make more sense to pair them based on voice compatibility vs design?

This couple is extremely disturbing for many reasons. People are saying KAITO is 20-22 he isn't he's middle aged! That would make him in his 30's so a 30 year old man and a 16 year old girl. That is pedophilia. Also the voices don't go together very well at all. I personally like Miku x Len and KAITO X MEIKO. Also the fans are super annoying Mikutards that want Miku to be with one of the most popular male vocaloids like Kaito being a popular male like Len which again Len and Miku is a better ship than Kaito x Miku. Usually I'm like people can ship who they want I don't care but this just genuinely bothers me not to mention promotes pedophilia so congrats Miku x Kaito shippers you promote pedophiles actions.

You have good quality ships! Len x Miku and Kaito x Meiko is much better than Kaito x Miku, even though I prefer Miku x Teto and Len x Piko. - SueDonom

I totally disagree. Age does not matter at all. Plus Kaito is ageless! He can be preferred as any age you want. The voices don't really matter to me either. They look adorable together, I like it like that. Just because there's a 4 year age gap (Kaito is preferred to be 20) doesn't mean that this is a phedophile ship, it's just 4 years. If miku was 10 then this would be a problem. Plus, in Japan, when your 13 your considered grown up already. So it's still ok for Miku to be with Kaito. It isn't wrong at all for Kaito to be older, there are other people that have huge age gaps then this, don't complain at all. Even though the voices are crazy together, it's still unique to have a low pitch and a high pitch. I'm okay with Meiko x Kaito, and Miku x Len, but I prefer Kaito x Miku more than anything. But it's okay to ship whatever you want to ship.

If you see "Magnet" in their version to me it doesn't sound good kaito's voice is manly and deep while Miku's voice is high pitched and child like if you hear them singing Miku isn't even using her natural voice her voice had to be minimized to the point of where she sounds like a mouse squeaking it's like Miku is a child singing this while Kaito's voice is an adult

There is not a single thing disturbing about this pair, but what can I expect from foolish Kaimeiko fans who are highly uneducated and trying to push their silly head cannons. Most of the things negative about the pair are invalid and false. Kaito has no official age, therefore is not to old for Miku. The fact this is number four baffles me. Vocaloids don't even have cannon personalities. I've basically blew most of the responses below me out of the park. Not to mention I've heard several awful Kaimeiko covers. Kaito and Miku voices can blend to gather if they a are mixed and tuned properly, like most vocaloids. However I'm sure most Kaito x Meiko fans are referring to the mass amount of poorly messed together audacity

Do I need to say any more?

(I give the approval to MikuXNegi though)

Come on now, there's too many things I can say about this. For one, they don't harmonize with each other very well, which makes it difficult for them to sing together. Vocaloids sing, that's their point, so it's not very smart to ship two people who don't sound good together. Another thing that pisses me off A LOT is the fandom. Oh my god, I hate them. I just can't deal with it, they literally go insane about these two being together, which doesn't even look good overall. Plus, they all seem to hate Meiko just because she was literally made for Kaito, and was made to synchronize well with him. I don't ship either of them, I'm a complete yaoi fangirl. But still, even thinking about KaiMiku makes my stomach churn, I simply don't like it. - Vocaloid_____Forever__0529

One of the pairings that I dislike the most sorry but I just really don't like it if you see them between appearances Kaito looks so much older than Miku seriously that's paedophilia Miku is still like a pubescent teen and kaito is an adult I'm sorry but that seems wrong I CRINGE AND HATE this pairing even more day by day when I see it I LOATHE this pairing I'm not trying to offend any fans but for me I hate this pairing

I personally believe that Kaito and Miku would have a sibling-like relationship. I am fine with this ship and I do see how people do ship it, but it's not my cup of tea. They don't have the best sounding songs together because of the voices they have, Miku has a quite high-pitched voice and Kaito has a low-pitched voice and they don't compliment each other in my opinion.Kaito X Meiko is actually cannon and that is one of the reasons I don't like this ship. I am not saying that this ship should be not be a thing, but I think that other ships should be as popular as this ship is. - ThePossessedShipper

Yeah, they just don't go. Kaito sounds like a middle-aged man and Miku sounds like a sixteen year old (exactly what she is). Kaito was actually originally supposed to be a middle-aged man but the person who designed him made him look like someone in their mid twenties. Anyway, my point is in terms of their voices it's almost as bad as Yuki x Kiyoteru.

I Hate Miku x Kaito so much! I love Miku so much her voice make me crazy I'm in love with her so I HATE seeing Miku with any other male. When I see some Miku video, song with male It make me feel really BAD my heart is bleeding ( I totally don't understand why people like Miku x Kaito THIS DESTROYS HER GOOD OPINIONS. I think Miku should be alone just Miku was perfect or Miku singing with Luka, Gumi or any other female everyone was happy. I really please everyone to STOP making songs and MMD Miku x some male all this stuff should be deleted I believe this will happened one day! Sorry for my English. - Ikslu

I don't like it because it just freaks me off when a Vocaloid composer wants Miku to have a boyfriend/husband in a song and ALMOST ALL of them choose Kaito. I'm not a fan of Miku X Len either, but I'd like to see this couple or Miku X Gakupo, or even Miku X Kiyoteru instead. (I prefer MikuLuka though :P) Also, Kaito and Meiko seem more... canon for reasons someone mentioned already.

I do not particularly dislike this ship but I don't support it either. While I see nothing wrong with the age gap, (about 4 years if we assume Kaito is around 20 years old) I feel like these two do not go well together. I personally think Kaito should just be single. But as far as Miku goes, her cute demeanor just does not suit Kaito...

I really don't like this ship. They don't look good together, their voices don't go and the age gap is too much for me. Miku is 16, and Kaito is middle-aged... I'm not sure whether I ship Kaito x Meiko, but I do get annoyed seeing him with Miku all the time anyway.

I hate this ship! Sorry to those who like it I personally can't stand the couple. Although that Yuki and teacher dude are more creepy...

Reasons: Raging mad fans and age gap. Miku is 16, Kaito is about 22...

The reason I find this ship disturbing is because to me it seems like pedophilia. Unlike Len x Miku, Kaito is a full grown adult male. I think the reason people ship them is because they show up together in so many songs.

I love both Miku and KAITO, but they're not good together in many ways. People only ship because they are (hardly) similar with colours. Oh yeah, and KAITO'S voice is WAY too deep for Miku's squeak

Honestly, ship them but I'm not offended. But why would they be one of the worst couples? I'd really like to know exactly. It's not much of an age difference, with only 2 years apart, and neither are they incest.