Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len


Kagamine Rin X Len is wrong since they were originally twins but Crypton decided to make them into mirror images for the fans freedom. Well that's what others say but that's just another rumor. What I really think that, they look a like in every way. The differences is just the height and weight just like the others say. And... I dunno! I just feel... Pained... I dunno why okay? Ain't lying! Others say it's love and others say it's a heart attack! Anyways! I should be talking about this shipping!

Rin and Len are like twins, siblings or whatever! If they are twins or siblings then it's wrong since they're blood related. But if they just really look a like then... Okay though I can't help but to feel disturbed. Anyway! If Rin and Len DO like each other and not lying to themselves or they just think they do then I won't stop them. If they're happy then why won't we be happy and just support them?

To the fans: If you really do admire them then just support them if they do ...more

Dear, God. Why does this pairing even exist? Okay, so Rin and Len were originally intended to be siblings. It's quite obvious from their shared last name, nearly identical appearance AND because KEI, the creator of the Vocaloids' designs, said for himself they were supposed to be twins. In the Unofficial Hatsune Mix manga that he illustrated, Rin and Len were described as brother and sister on page 65 and 66. Then, for whatever ridiculous excuse fans had, people decided to start shipping Rin and Len. After this pairing gained popularity, it provoked Crypton Future Media to revoke the backstory that the two teens are siblings and claim them to be "mirror images". Oh, okay. So this opens up the also repulsive subject of "selfcest". Talk about ultimate narcissism. Let's go along with this idea that Rin and Len are merely "mirror images" or "opposites", if you will. In other words, this makes the two blondes the exact same person, but ...more

They've got the same last name. And they're way too young to be married, so... And making them mirror images seems like a pretty lame excuse to me. They're not mirror images at all. A mirror image is when two halves (or in this case, two Vocaloids) look exactly the same. But Rin is supposedly shorter than Len, she's got a girl's legs, a girl's private part... Alright, so say we just put that aside and said they're mirror images. Then they look exactly identical. Everything about them - except their hair and clothes and stuff they can choose. That would just be creepy. Imagine what people would think if they saw them out on a date.

But nonetheless, people put all that aside, because they think they're cute together. And they're one of the most popular Vocaloid ships in existence. Okay, I'd better shut up, I'm making myself really annoyed.

I don't ship this. I see them as twins. Don't go give me crap and tell me "they're only mirror images so they're not twins" because I just basically said that in my eyes, I see them. As. Twins. I mean, come on, they look exactly alike, and if they were supposed to date each other, they're basically dating themselves. Miracles don't happen for a computer to date someone they're already related to. Then I'll cut to the chase; in MY OPINION, this pairing is right to be the most disturbing. They're both official VOCALOID singing synthesis, additionally, behind them is the same voice, so technically they've already paired up. Plus, both of them have 'Kagamine' in their name. That would be kind of odd, dating someone with the same name with similar looks. Again, this is only my opinion. No offense to anyone.

Like many others have said, I do and always will view Rin and Len as twin siblings. From the moment I saw the two of them, four years ago, it immediately clicked in my mind that the two are blood related. Yes, it is true that Crypton Future Media has announced their relation is as Mirror Images despite the fact that they were originally intended to be twins but, does this really make shipping the two of them any better? It's technically Selfcest, which I personally find a rather strange form of ship. Rin and Len look cute together as SIBLINGS! Not lovers! I can barely believe that this ship is even popular! I mean, who in their right mind would look at that practically identical boy and girl and say, "You know, those two should be involved in a non-platonic romantic relationship with eachother! ". I do not understand the appeal of this pairing and I doubt I ever will. In my opinion, Rin and Len love each other like sister and brother should and not as anything more.

It just seems like a lazy pairing because most people just pair them because they are both blond. Also some people pair them because their voices mix well together but its already given that their voices mix well because they share the same voice source

Personally having a twin makes me a bit biased on this one. The Kagamines have always looked like twins to me; for starters, they're around the same height, they are the same age, they've got the same hair/eye color, the list goes on. Secondly, if they're mirror images, it makes them the same person in separate bodies, right? A ship really doesn't work well if both parties are exactly the same, if you ask me. They'd need to clash a bit, in both color palette and "canon" (which I use cautiously in this fandom.) Thirdly, their shippers can really harass people who support other, less represented ships involving Rin or Len, such as Miku/Len (which I've experienced before.) Then there's the twincest shippers, and like I said, I have a twin of my own. Imagining Adolescence with my twin and I is DISGUSTING. Seriously, just stop, Rin/Len.

Please guys the whole point of shipping them is because they resemble each other. They are perfect mirror images of each other, therefore the perfect pair. Like they were created for each other. Also, its official on Wikipedia that they are not twins or mirror images, just whatever you want them to be

I ship it... Just a thing... It is kinda disturbing if you think about it... But let me tell you, I ignore that they look like and I don't consider them as siblings (well yes but not lovers at the same time), let me tell you that they look so cute together! Really! Crypton decided to make them mirrors to let us have a choice and remember : THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! Remember that, everything is possible in fiction... People could have the same last name or even look alike without being related! So it is just a question to understand people shipping it and not the fact that it is disturbing... Let's being honest, I hate incest, I always read noncest fanfictions... And you know what? It doesn't make me weird... Actually telling that this ship is the biggest is for me a lie, because seriously, there are a lot of people hating it... Well I'm done. Hope that you understand my opinion about it...

Okay can I just say first EVERY LEN X RIN FAN PLEASE GET OUT. GET OUT. This obviously is a discussion for people who dislike the pairing and we do not need you getting offend over it. Because guess what? Everyone had their own opinions for ffs. Your otp's the top one on the poll? Deal with it. There's a reason why it is.


Okay so my opinion,

Honestly I do not get this pair at all. First of all, aren't they mirror images? They're not twins or siblings, they're mirror images according to their official wiki. And a mirror image, according to a certain dictionary, means "an image of an object, plan, person, etc. , as it would appear if viewed in a mirror, with right and left reversed. ".

So technically, doesn't that mean you're dating yourself? For like you're dating a mirror?

Second of all, they look like each other. Eyes, hair, outfit and ...more - EzReaL

When I heard their version of Romeo and Cinderella, I shipped them. Now it's been five years and they are still my favorite shipping. They sound great together, and they look amazing together. I personally don't like Miku x Len or Neru x Len. No matter how hard I try to see the other ships, I can't see Rin or Len with anyone else but each other.

I love rin x len and they are not twin crypton say that we can imagine they relationship siblings, lovers, friends, rivals... then stop telling that rin x len is wrong

This will Always be THE MOST DISTURBING VOCALOID PAIRING! I really don't understand Rin+Len fans (no offense, I just despise this pairing). Many reasons why, just read what the others say...

They are twins so that very much makes this creepy. Plus I prefer to ship Len with the older girls. Like Miku and Luka.

Also I ship Rin with Oliver as well. So I am not interested in ship.

Kagamine Twins is the best, and why do you like MiLen, why? If Vocaloid doesn't born Kagamine Len, so who Miku is couple with? Mikuo? And why don't you like couple Miku x Mikuo?

I see no problem with it. No matter what you say I won't change my mind: they're ment to be. They are not siblings: since they're computer programs and there's nothing, repeat, NOTHING confirmed, you can't just say that this is incest (or twincest whatever) just because they're similar! Their voices have a PERFECT sync and also, people try to create personalities for vocaloids and it's always similar because of their appearance and/or songs (I mean not Rin and Len similar I mean personalities made by different people are similar) and Rin and Len's personalities are always ment to be. Plus, their love songs together doesn't have the same emotion as Len's songs with Miku or Luka or Gumi or Kaito or whatever

Sorry, but why is this coming first? How is this more disturbing than Kaito x Kaito?

I really like Rin x Len, I don't know why they think miku x len if they don't have any history

I never really mind incest BUT somehow, They don't suit each other though I personally enjoy them for their sibling love. They are cuter and more suitable for sibling love rather than romantic one. they awfully look alike that I cannot bring myself to ship them but I love songs that both sing together.

Just... I see them as twins. Also, if you go deeper in this post, you'll see more vocaloids, I have NO idea who half of these peasants are

I know they can be seen as mirror images, lovers, twins, etc. but I see them as twins! I mean come on, same voice actor, short hair, blonde hair, same eyes. I wouldn't date someone who looked exactly like myself.

It's nice but they look so similar... It's like dating a sibling... To me they should be more brother and sister it just works better

For me, this shipping IS disturbing but if they truly like each other so be it! Let's just respect okay? And don't be rude on saying things about the shippings and people who gets shipped.

Let's be NOT rude k? - EternallyK

Ugh! I hate this ship so much! Like seriously dude?! They look identical! They're names literally mean left and right mirror sounds! (sorry if that's not exactly what they mean) lenxrin is just wrong! (Not saying incest is wrong..I just don't like Kagamine incest) I'm not just saying this cause I love Len-kun!

I have always thought that they were twins. There physical appearance is much to close for them to be lovers, which is why I really don't think that they could possibly be girlfriend and boyfriend.