5-MeO-DMT is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have done 38,5mg ketamine intravenously, 280ug liquid LSD, and 3,5g mushroom with 125mg MDMA hippie-flip. DMT is just... different.

It is totally and completely impossible to describe with words, because there are no words to describe it. But if I am to try, it is like the world turns into a source code of bright white and neon lines, then this again turns into chrysanthemum petals and this last fragment of what you can comprehend, is stretched to its bursting point while you hear reality screaming in choir in an increasing pitch until every dimension, time and your sanity explodes and splinter into a completely different reality made up of not one shred of what you know. It is simply incomprehensible, and you find yourself having gone completely mad. You seize to exist. Then the fragments of your consciousness is puzzled together in a place unlike anything you have ever imagined, where the geometry is more than four ...more

While on this drug me and my friend both entered into the fourth dimension of space because we had the doodle god theme song playing in the background. We both saw shapes the can't exist in this reality. He saw an angel and I turned to stone... If there is something more powerful than dmt, I don't want to try it.


Like people say, expect the unexpected. When I had my first breakthrough I took three tokes and I was gone. In a few seconds, I had no idea I was human, my body exploded into many infinite parts, which had infinite amount of colours. It was really intense and really mind blowing, it was scary, but I am very happy I did try it.

This is the most powerful hallucinogen known to man. Maybe not the most fun, but the trip from DMT makes LSD, PCP, Psilocybin, Ketamine, LSA, X, DXM, and Mescaline laughable.

I was fortunate enough to try DMT once, yet unfortunate to have not tried it correctly. I had smoked it on top of some cannabis (as I was advised to do) and later learned that the only true way to do DMT, is to do it by itself. Things did get really REALLY colorful and vibrant however. So that was a big (+) for the cannabis high.

First time I did DMT was crazy..
DMT was my first trip in general so I'd say it was really great. Almost like an out off body experience I felt like that. I was in a different room than the room that my body was in. There was just an array of different colors and shapes and swirls and just the music I was listening to made it even more intense. The feeling of it is just undescribable.

Nothing compares... Lsd wishes it could be DMT... Breakthrough experience will change a mans put look and perspective on life... It was turn God as you once knew from a noun to a verb... Think about that

Last time I did dmt my mom walked in while I was jerking off but she joined in so it was cool, I'm a four year old hamster

Really lets you float into the universe

Dmt is so strong, yet so amazing. It was almost too overwhelming. It is hard to remember to breathe, blink, and swallow, but the rest is so wonderful. Someday I hope to gain knowledge from it more than I already have

It's like shrooms times a million, plus aliens.

Was the best experience in my life, never experiences a drug as powerful as DMT more power full then taking multiple tabs and shrooms.

Like a gun loaded with the universe, straight to the dome

Most Amazing Experience of my Life. Words do not do the substance justice at all.

It seems very cool lol. I wouldn't do it but I like reading things like this..

Do DMT once and you will never have any fear doing 5-6 hits of acid or 2-3 grams of shrooms ever again. Best exploration trip ever.

It was impossible to describe to someone who hasn't tripped

DMT is the strongest hallucinogen. Period.

DMT is basically like magic mushrooms except more intense and much quicker acting. - marmalade_skies

There is no arguing DMT makes LSD seem a joy ride in level of intensity.

Dmt definitely gives the most powerful hallucinogenic trip

Should be taking if any one wants to become one with there life force being they differ now and then.Also if you are looking for the meaning of life you need not look any further than dmt - Screw32

I saw someone smoke this, they acted very weird - SoloPotato

DMT is no recreational drug. I started off with smoking it 60mg-100mg and inhaling hurt like hell, I then modified a glass vapor genie and vaped it... No kidding sub 25mg vaped has given me many breakthroughs. The heat from smoking it destroys/weakens the molecule. Also with vaping you only need 1 hit, Not 3 like smoking. Everything starts to change while I was still half way through inhaling. Forgot I ever existed as a human, time ceased to assist and felt though I was just awareness. I had a few trips that felt similar to 5-Meo-DMT but unfortunately for me from the 100+ experiences I have had with it, most were hell, swearing to myself that I would never touch the stuff again. The bad trips were something I would not wish on my worst enemy. If it was so bad why did I keep going back? Because I forced myself, thinking the bad trips are the ones that we can take the most from, to become a better person. It strips away your ego, allowing you see the real you without your ego making ...more