Lsd now days can be a lot of different drugs due to research chemicals being discovered. But good tasteless lsd-25 will have you questioning you every thought destroying your inner ego. With an 8 hour duration I would say the experience was life changing.

The first time I tripped was on 25i witch sent me into a loop, not bad but it felt like I was literally going insane, in the best kind of way of course. And one time I did a vile of lsa, which is super mild, hardly even felt a high off it, but a little molly topped that off, only time I've done either of those. But I've done lsd many a time, its just great, its like putting a whole new mindset in your head, its incredible and the visuals are breathtaking at higher doses, all though I perfer small doses myself, 1 or 2 hits always does me just right, and I'm still able to function somewhat normally. But L is a double edged blade, on the one side it got this almost sharp feel to it, I wouldn't go as far as to say harsh but almost, and after a 12 hour trip it gets exhausting. I would definitely like to try shrooms or mescaline, because I'm told the trips are much more gentle.

LSD is like a miracle substance that allows your mind to travel to dimensions you never thought possible. Everything around you seems to be more alive than ever. You feel a deep connection with nature while gaining completely new perspectives on life. I find myself overwhelmed with awe while observing life from the beautiful angle that LSD helps provide.

Unlike mots people,weed or any other plant like drug was not my so called "gateway drug". It was LSD. I've recently just done it and not under the best circumstances. I hadn't done much research, I didn't know anyone who's done it before hand. So I get the drug, 20 hits, from a new friend and I hit balls deep on it with her in the car along with two other STRANGERS. I had a good trip, but to the new users, be in a comfortable and familiar place.

LSD is a eye opening experience. you see and think in different way during and after you take it. take 2 or more hits go into the darkest room you can find turn on some calming music and lucy will be your dirty girl for life

I've only done shrooms and LSD. And in all honesty lsd was the greatest thing I've ever done in my life. Did it with a good friend of mine who has a bad past with all types of Drugs. And not even at the peak he tells me it's the best drug he's ever done. And at that moment, the only thought going thru my head is "I don't even want to experiment any more I just want to smoke weed and get acid lmao. Everyone would benefit from taking LSD in my opinion

I've tried lsd 2 times. Both times I had come up with a fake story in my head that something bad had happened. I can say acid has changed my life very positively by pointing out what I acted like that was negative. Lsd has shown me to live a full and happy life with no selfishness.

LSD blew me much more away than magic mushrooms did, should at least be higher than the liberty caps, 1 tab had me tripping utter balls more than 150 of the mushrooms did. But I can't disagree that mushrooms are much better for your money since they are free!

I had the best trip ever. Two hit's and it was most powerful, most pleasurable, and scariest drug I have ever taken! It beats DMT, Shrooms, you name it, LSD is AWESOME. But... USER BEWARE! Some LSD is forged by the devil himself. It is so powerful, I actually thought (and saw) snakes were slithering up my ass. Not to mention the giant toads trying to eat me. Scariest, yet best drug ever! Not sure why this is not #1...

LSD is amazing... I've done it 12 times and I plan to do it more. Just an absolutly beautiful experience... It changed my life... Love came before hate, and I lost 90 lbs and still losing weight. My mind sees life differently ever since my first trip. Even my one and only bad trip that sent me to the ER helped me in life. I don't fear things the same as I used to. Definitely my favorite Psychedelic drug!

LSD, or Acid, has changed my life more so than any other psychedelic. It is the perfect tool to set the mind clear. Truly a life-changing experience if done correctly.

Very intense walls were breathing I drove on it somehow. A lot of tracers, saw everything discolores, almost went insane and thought everyone was against me and when I trip it I feel like I'm in a new world

Opened my mind to a greater way of creative thinking. Combining with MDMA and shrooms at the same time was the craziest trip I've ever had in my entire life. I love LSD.

The top three picks are good, but LSD should certainly be higher. I mean, who voted for ecstasy? Really, you can't hallucinate on molly. LSD should be at least higher than ecstasy

Had a hard time with psychedelics, but acid showed me the way. I am not so excited about acid now, but I believe that it is the first step in the long psychedelic journey

In simple words LSD convinced me to be a better person not only to the world and to myself... Since first time keep looking for personal and intrapersonal growth

Had me tripping for 16 hours with both open eyed and close eyed visuals. Never laughed so long or so intensely in my life. I came out of my trip a new man.

Pure LSD is cutting edge science and if used in the right way one can have a hardcore trip

It's a good starter psychedelic, so long as you have an experienced tripper with you.

LSD was amazing and bad at the same time. Buy this stuff!

People don't realize it's so fun, its like a life changing party in your brain

I've never experienced an ego death like LSD

LSD is the most powerful hallucinogenic like DMT but the only difference is its about the psychology of you in the imaginative way rather then DMT being as powerful but more epic and religious feeling. However I think LSD is more dinner and more insane in mood perception and its like a rush and possibly the best night of your life

I don't have a great wealth of knowledge of psychedelica but acid changed my life it is the grand daddy of all drugs as far as I am currently concerned

LSD is amazing. Changed my thought process and changed the way I look at life. Made me more appreciative of everything and took me for an amazing ride. I laughed so hard so often, saw beautiful things, and saw horrible things. Tasteless and lasts about 8 hours. Music, T.V. , good friends, you name it everything was better on acid