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21 PCP

I tried it. It was overall fun but very inconsistent. Some trips were great. Some were scary and unpleasant. It never made me take off my clothes and run around on the streets. In fact, I'd be lucky to be able to make it to the bathroom on that stuff. I'm retired from PCP. - marmalade_skies

Strongest most wild hallucinogenic drug in history. Scary but fun

I prefer herion

22 Ergine

Ergine is Lysergamide. It has no hallucinogenic properties in humans and is concidered as an depressant. It's a controlled substance because it can be easely transformed into the " real hallucinogenic " substance Lysergic acid diethylamide ( LSD-25 ). Animals ( who have an other metabolism system than humans ) acts like crazy ( convulsions, abnormal behaviour... ) when they eating by accident grass with this molecule in it. Dangerous for animals but harmless for humans unless you convert the substance into a psychoactive substance ( that's the main reason why Ergine is controlled and illegal to own ).

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23 MDA

Had this once, a healthy bump to pass the time while waiting for some acid to kick in. Pretty much candy flipping in one drug, euphoria like E, thoughts and visuals like LSD. Geometric strobes in primary colors dominated my peripheral vision while my focus was either super clear or melty. I would totally choose this over MDMA any time.

I took mda in 1994 at tribal funk rave is san fran. I was overpowered but a sence of peace and oneness with everyone around me. I saw electricity coming from my fingers. By far the best and only time I tripped on any kind of e like that.

What are you talking about? Have you ever taken LSD? Thoughts and Visuals like LSD? MDMA is Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and MDA is Methylenedioxyamphetamine. It 's less potent than MDMA and MDMA has no frank hallucinogenic properties. And you are telling that MDA is better? And closer to LSD? For your information, Ecstasy is in the category of Phenylethylamines and LSD in the category of Tryptamines.

24 Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)

I honestly love this hallucination type drug, its really fun if you take in high doses-20to30

My 2nd hallucigen and I though it was great, I did see bugs and had lucid dreams, and also a drunk like feeling, I could not walk straight. The next day I felt so heavy couldn't barley stand at first, but it got better around 3rd period at school, and I could easily pass out in school, all my classes, and even for a few secs. There was a lot of confusion and forgetting this day, and the 3rd day I had a headache. Most didn't like it but I'd do it again...


A anti- histamine with no hallucinogenic properties. Only in overdose you can get some hallucinations but it gives you also an oversedative feeling at that moment. I can't concider this as an hallucinogenic drug!

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25 4-AcO-DMT (O-Acetylpsilocin)

Generally you'd be self dosing, so with even a little bit of research you'll be able to figure out how best to "proceed." I distinctly remember, on an oral 27mg trip, an out of body experience in which my mind "floated" above where I guess you could say it feels like it normally sits in my head, did a somersault, and settled back down at the peak. It was slow, kind of overly electric, and almost religious when done with a friend. Also highly disorganizing as far as speech and social interaction with sober people. A little more "on" for me that shrooms feels, lucid.

Probably in between DMT and psilocin, this one really is intense because generally if you have this you can measure out what you're taking. A 20mg hit can have you totally absorbed, and it's not even considered a heavy dose. Much more of a body high than LSD, or even an 8th cubensis, in my humble opinion. Feels like small, pleasant electric jolts on every nerve ending, where the visuals fractalize but in a highly geometric, angular, sharp way. Definitely could not hold myself together in public or with other people at home, and could barely walk around my small room during the first 4 hours. Mystical, natural overtones to the experience.

The strongest psychedelic if smoked.

Worst nose burn ever if snorted!

26 Methamphetamine

Yes yes I did see thing is putting it lightly

DMT is number 1, but just wonder if anyone else has found themselves on day 3 or 4 of Meth and been Glitching so hard that theirs a Dark guy with sunny's telling you "your the chosen one neo"


27 Bromo Dragonfly

Melts your whole body and mind. A totally amazing trip. Slightly less potent than LSD. A type of synthetic acid. Last ages, good 10-12 hour trip.


Best drug in the world. Makes everything amazing in THIS realm. (The real one)

Yeah dog yeah I've had mad wig outs on this bad boy and will do it again I love Tis sheeit

The world's most powerful rush hallucinogenic

29 Ibogaine
30 25I-NBOMe

Done this stuff a few time besides the danger at higher doses it's pretty awesome. It can easily be sold as acid because it comes blotted. You feel so happy yo smile for no reason and just sit and stare as what ever your looking at has what seem like a membrane of melting colors and shapes.

You get really intense neon/ wavy visuals on it but at some points it felt like my mouth was warping sideways which felt a bit too intense for me, I don't know if there's any fun/euphoric bits to it ( only tried it once) but I wouldn't try it again

Its classed as class A drug more related to the 2c family like 2cp.

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31 4-HO-MET (Metocin)

Ego centric psychedelic that is the in between of MDMA and mushrooms. Can be enlightening if used correctly.

32 Harmaline

Incredible but not for the faint of heart. Be sure to prepare your mind before trying this

33 4-HO-MiPT

I've never felt more relaxed. Get some good headphones and do whatever you do.

34 Voacangine
35 Dipropyltryptamine

The most 'wide spectrum' psychedelic I have yet encountered

DMT on saliva...imagine that!

36 5 Meo Dipt
37 Tma2 (Trimethoxyamphetamine 2)

This is a real hallucinogen. It has synergic properties. Meaning that your senses changes. You can see or smell music, feel and touch something that's not there etc... Take this drug only when you know what you're taking because it can also give you panic attacks not knowing what is happening to you. If you're prepared for it, it's a fun experience.

38 Salvinorin B Ethoxymethyl Ether

Threshold is 10 micrograms, stronger than LSD, DMT, Salvia. The Strongest psychedelic by weight. You'll never see it though, atkeast not likely.

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39 AMT

Most underrated psychedelic out there

40 Adderall

I know its not really a good trip but the euphoria was unbeleivably strong the first time I did it. The first time I did Adderall I was 14 years old my friend told me that he had some adderal (I had no idea what it was) and I never was big on pills I was the weed smoker of the group but anyway he said I've got some adderal pills you really need to try some so he handed me the bottle and I took one out he said oh no take two it wont be as good with just one so I took two 20 mg xr's he said it takes like fifteen minutes to kick in so while I waited we threw a football and after like the fourth throw I started to get real hyper and stuff so we went walking and we did all this at night so as we're walking the I guess you could say "hallucinogenic" feeling started kicking in every time I would look ahead the road seemed to be getting longer and longer as we walked and I had already been feeling hyper so I looked at my friend and said man forget this, I'm fixing to get to the end ...more

What are you talking about? Adderall is a mixture of dextro and levo amphetamine. It has only stimulant properties and because of the levoamphetamine in it no hallucinogenic properties at all.

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