Most Intense Action Movies of the 2000s


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21 The Dark Knight
22 Rambo
23 Kill Bill - Volume One
24 Rush Hour 3
25 The Raid: Redemption
26 The Bourne Supremacy
27 Gangs of Wasseypur

This is so far the intense film I've seen so Much gore so much killings and super intense story - Radioactive

28 U.S. Seals 2
29 Transformers
30 The Punisher

Thomas Jane stars in this flick with John Travolta. The Punisher's WHOLE ENTIRE family gets massacred on vacation including himself but somehow he survives. There is nothing unique or special about this movie but it is a straight up revenge flick that has the viewer rooting for The Punisher to complete his revenge. -

Simple straight-to-the-point REVENGE. This movie is definitely a classic with absolutely no unnecessary build-ups. Frank Castle, who's whole family was massacred, seeks revenge against a well-established criminal organization. It's the way he gets his revenge that's exiting. He doesn't just go around shooting people. This is a must see movie!

31 Street Kings

In Street Kings starring Forrest Whittaker and Keanu Reeves there is a lot of dirty cop business taking place. They are all under the microscope and the black cop ratting on The Captain Whittaker and Keanu Reeves are caught up in some kind of conspiracy that makes no sense after the rat is executed. -

32 Ultraviolet

Milla Jovovich's character is so cool, beautiful, powerful, fearless that you can care less about some movie holes. I really love this "infamous" film - Alexandr

33 Bad Boys II
34 A Good Day to Die Hard
35 Wanted
36 The Bourne Ultimatum
37 Fast Five
38 Vantage Point
39 Cellular

Under rated film, good action, good music, relaxing action

40 The Kingdom
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