This needs to be higher! It's good family entertainment, but compared to other Disney classics, it's awful.

Why is Deadpool on this list? That movie was FANTASTIC! Frozen was just an example of a Disney failure. Awful movie. I couldn't think of one good thing to say about it. Soke people might say "It's a good movie. You just don't like it because it's popular". That is totally untrue and here are a few reasons why:

1) The songs weren't well written in the slightest nor did they sound good.

2) The plot twist was fairly predictable.

3) Olaf and Sven didn't do anything for the movie. Olaf wasn't funny and Sven didn't do anything.

4) A princess born with freezing powers? Don't tell me that isn't stupid.

5) What kind of cruel, awful parents lock their child in a room for years? That's abuse!

6) Nothing about this movie was funny. It was really cringy.

7) The story was not good.

8) Anna and Elsa's parents dying was not original at all.

9) Hans was obnoxious.

10) Everything that happened to them seemed so convenient.

11) ...more

IT IS A GREAT MOVIE... but it caused over a whole year of constant suffering, hearing let it go and do you want a build a snowman EVERYWHERE. I don't think this movie should be forgotten and it should be a remember Disney movie, but damn, people act like it's the best movie ever. The songs are really good, but that's what people seem to go so crazy about. The songs should add to the movie, but not define it entirely. I just think the hyper love people have for this movie needs to be taken down a notch. Something a lot of people probably don't notice that they should which makes the movie even better is that there are a lot of pretty good metaphors.

I generally didn't like Frozen. Me and my parents were the only ones in the whole cinema when we watched it, it had a very bland setting and all the characters weren't very entertaining. At first I thought it was going to be good because it was already released in other countries, they said it was a good movie at first. I liked it up into I realised how lame it was. What was I thinking when I liked it? I don't even want to mention the annoying fanbase. They throw tantrums at anyone who doesn't like Frozen, they get mad if you don't like the same things that they do. It's disgusting. It's like minions all over again.

Frozen is basically the "Call of Duty" of movies.

I mean, this film was loved and worshiped by so many people in a period of time, then suddenly a massive group of haters showed up and either side won't shut up ever since. This comparison is because similarly, the Call of Duty series also experienced a megaton of fanboy worship and blatant hate.

My conclusion is this; Frozen is overrated, but also overhated at the same time, like Call of Duty. It does have its legitimate praise, though I do think it has its problems and I think the film could have been better personally. - CrimsonShark

Don't get me wrong, Frozen is a decent movie. It has great animation, catchy songs, and heartwarming themes to it, but it doesn't compare to Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King like many people say it does. The film is very predictable at times and the final act with Hans being the bad guy felt like a really lazy way to finish the movie. People make it out to be the best Disney movie ever, but I've seen better from Disney. I still think it's a decent film, but not a masterpiece. - Disneykid00

Frozen was a pretty good movie, but nothing more! I've seen way better Disney stuff than this, like tangled for example. I honestly feel that a few people gave it endless praise and then some followed them, and before we knew it millions of sheep were giving frozen so much praise you'd think it was better than any other movie known to man.

I don't care that this movie is "Overhated" that doesn't change anything for me this movie being number 1 is Well Deserved as when it came out it was overpraised and is a cash cow that disney still makes millions off of but this movie is a below average movie at best it has many flaws overall it is not the worst movie ever but it is the most Overrated movie of all time - christangrant

Most annoying movie of all-time. - gothictomboy66

Damn right, this is totally overrated. It wasn't a bad movie at all, I thought it was quite good. Just not as good as it's made out to be. Just because the thrilling heroics are not performed by men and the princesses are not damsels in distress doesn't mean it's the best thing to come out of the Disney pantheon.

I have watched all 56 the disney canon movies and in my opinion this is one of the most boring ones. Sure it looks great but the amount of plot holes and inconsistencies is massive and difficult to over look. I also don't quite get why this and tangled are compared to each other so often when tangled is in a much higher league than this movie

Me and my friend are the only ones in our class that doesn't like this movie. We listened to "In Summer" in German (we were in German class), and him and I (that's probably not correct grammar but who even cares?! ) covered our ears. Everyone else was singing and dancing along. I just wanted to scream to them - "Get some real music taste! ".

Frozen is number 72 and below great movies like ET, Star Wars and Forrest Gump. Don't even get me started on this film, it should be #1 in my opinion. I even saw it before anyone else. - BlazikenBro

People seem to like "Frozen" by default because of "Let It Go" and the fact that TWO Disney Princesses are the main characters and they do all the work in the film. If the Disney logo wasn't even on the film, people wouldn't even think that this was a Disney film because it's so average on all levels.

I'm not saying it's a bad movie. In fact, I think it was a good movie that had a unique charm to it. HOWEVER, it's not a masterpiece. It has its flaws, and while I do like it I don't think people should practically worship it. - Garythesnail

I liked this movie when it came out but it's been two years and people are STILL worshiping this movie. It's an okay movie. That's it. I'm not saying it's terrible but it's not an animate classic and probably won't be.

Thanks to this movie Disney now has a big head and thinks that all they have to do to have a box office success is to make a movie that appeals to little white children. Now, we will never get another mature, well-written movie out of Disney because all they have to do to make money is animate cute characters and slapstick comedy. - milaqt

I nearly voted for this but then I had to vote for Titanic, but I still think that this is the second most overrated film of all time. Dreadful music, terrible corny characters, and an atrocious sudden plot twist. I'll give this film some credit for coming up with a somewhat original story.

Good lord! It wasn't that good, if anything it sucked! A ton of plot holes, REALLY annoying characters, bad songs(even Let it Go.) The only good thing about it is the animation. However, people WORSHIP this movie. Let it Go is a hit song, people are characters for Halloween, etc. Big Hero 6, Tangled, and Zootopia are better movies than this crap. Stop worshiping this pathetic movie

I'm not saying it's a bad movie. In fact, it's a great movie. But I don't want to hear every single song every where I go. You can NOT ESCAPE THE WRATH OF FROZEN SONGS. - Garythesnail

WAY TOO OVErrated! Can't STAND this movie, can't STAND the popularity, can't STAND the song "Let It Go".

There's never been a more overrated movie. This Christmas, there will be yet more Frozen crap in the stores, for the third year in a row. Oh wait, it's already happening, my local Clinton's is full of it!

It's so Overrated. Yet it sucks. 2013 would have been a good year if this was released in 2002 where I wouldn't watch it in theaters (because I was not born yet). The Incredibles was released before I was born and I didn't even watch it

Same Disney crap. Boring as hell. Elsa sings. Anna sings. Cheesy crap. Dumb scenes. Horrible villain (I mean he wasn't a good villain like the Joker). Dumb ending. And that's it. All this crap in 2 minutes - AlphaQ

How did this get so much hype? Is it original? Mostly. But original ideas are easy to think of. Good original ideas are hard to come by, and this movie still leaves people searching for decent originality.