It's a great movie, my favorite! Well, you people have no sense of humour after all because of 1500 died (including Jack). I mean 200M budget! They also even build a replica ship to make the movie more real. If you don't like the movie's front part just skip it to the sinking part and you will find cool and sad moments after that! Geez. Also Kate (Rose) and Leonardo (Jack) are saving this movie by their awesome acting. If you don't like Jack and Rose part, just watch The sinking of Rms Titanic on youtube! It's only about the movie without Jake and Rose in it, only sinking scene until rescue by Rms Carpathia. Same as Frozen, if you don't like the movie, then shut up! So that the movie will forgotten really soon. I didn't cry but my heart break after watching this without a words. If you don't like the movie, fine but you should respect the 1500 people who died on Titanic in real life. Just watch A night to remember, that movie will about Titanic without a couple. This movie have been ...more

This should be number 1. Its story just adds something that never really happened to a very sad event. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, or and war film, is sadder. A few thousand people died in the Titanic. Millions of people died in wars, and while I do stay away from war movies for being too depressing, they are still historically accurate. So stop saying this is the saddest movie ever when Schindler's List, The Green Mile, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and the Shawshank Redemption exist. - 445956

Ugh, there's no such thing as Jack in Titanic. I have already stated that I hate DiCaprio because of this film and I really hate this piece of crap film. James could've stick ONLY to Sci-Fi films, not Love Stories like this garbage! Titenic (Lol. I know, it's "Titanic") is supposed to be a biography of a ship that was supposed to travel from Europe to America (correct me if I'm wrong) but got sunk by an iceberg, not a "Love Story" about an unknown young man who came out of nowhere and a woman who they both met and "fell in love with each other".

Or wait... Maybe Jack came from somewhere... Maybe he came from the future of 2020 A.D. where Judgment Day was still occurring... Maybe he's a new Terminator? Who knows? Perhaps... Terminator: Titanic?!

Oh God!

Twilight is a bad movie, worse than this movie, but there is a ratio to the amount of fame it gets to how good it really is. In ratio wise, this movie got a lot more fame than twilight for being a bad movie while twilight didn't get as much fame for being a worse movie but the amount of fame it got for how bad it was less extreme than the fame and value of this movie, so there.

I was going to vote for Frozen, but then I decided to vote for this because, although I actually kind of like this movie, and I do think that it's a good movie, I don't think it's a GREAT movie. This movie is the kind of movie I only watch every few years, because watching it repetitively can get rather boring. It's also really predictable.

This movie never made me cry. There are so many huge flaws, and when the old lady throws the diamond into the sea at the end it ruins the movie. It's not very accurate to history either. Titanic is definitely the most overrated movie of all time. - olliv

Like King Kong and Avatar, way too long be good, I fell asleep watching it, the only saving grace is that this movie was not forcing a message down our throats. By the way, watch red letter medias review of avatar, even though plinkit likes this movie it still is really funny

It's lame and boring to sit through. Only way I'd watch it is as if my wife or girlfriend, though I don't have either one, forced me to. The more overrated a movie is to me, the less praise I think it deserves. But, this one's not for me. And I don't care what any of you say, it sucks. - TylertheTitan

Seriously I could fall asleep to a long movie like this. Look I get it great actors, and all that but the movie still to this day I find to be very overrated. Like I could read the actual book from it and that would be more enjoyable than this film I'm not kidding. - htoutlaws2012

... So, THIS movie got 2000+ million dollars, huh?

Well, thank you for your tricking Americans again, Mr. Cameron. Let's hope your next movie gets as much money as this (it will).

Let's see...

Jack and Rose flip off the security guard, have sex, distract the lifeguard and cause the boat to sink, killing the two people looking for them in the car instantly...

What a fine romance.

Happy to see it so high on this list! Seeing it at 8 on "Best Movies of All Time" mad me really angry and disappointed with voters.

They made a movie about a sinking ship, big deal. How come they never made a movie about 9/11 where a lot more people died and it would be a much more interesting movie.

It isn't too bad, but it is just far too long and predictable. The entire plot can be summarized in a matter of words. The whole thing just feels drawn out, nothing much actually happens.

I hate people who cry at this, I wish both of them died, she's a brat, and he's a greasy little mamma's boy, and they fall in love, no logic, pretty booring. - Queen-aholic

How many more times can something be milked? 10000 things happen but noo Titanic, Titanic, Titanic...What happened was awful but enough. AND they made a movie on top of it. Seriously, "GO ON".

The only shock in the whole movie was her and the necklace, other than that, I could have wrote it. - RdrTech

People, people, people... Do you even know what over-rated means?

Let me tell you, even though this movie is pretty good, it definitely got more credit than it deserved! Everything was far too predictable and simple!

BORRING as hell, cliché love story mixed with a bit of history... That's the movie in a nut shell. Further more Rose flipping someone off is really retarded... First of all a edwardian woman of that social status would never had done some thing like that... Probably never would have even known what that meant... AND correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't "the finger" gesture come out later.. Like the 1920'?

yes that was a long boring soap opera type movie I was glad once the ship started 2 sink I knew it was over... I just don't get why it won all these awards and made all this money. - sUx2Bu

This movie goes like This :
Boy Meats Girl
The Have Sex
Boat Sinks (That's the part that makes people Like It)
Boy Dies (People Cry)
85 years later:
Girl Tells Story
Guy Doesn't Fiend Diamond
Girl Wants To Please Guy So she Dumps Her Necklace In The Ocean.


Dragged on to long just think its overrated I like DiCaprio. Just because this film was not that great does not mean DiCaprio sucks I just did not like this movie very much. - JustinDanger

The couple has bad chemistry, and it's a cheesy love story that did not even exits, it's pretty cliche at some parts, and just your average romance story but set in the titanic. Wow, bravo? - missyweirdo

Everyone who cries during this film are idiots who don't know how TERRIBLE this film is and why it's sucks!

There is nothing special or inspirational in this movie, it's overrated only because of those stupid leonardo fans.