I curse the day this abomination made it into theaters. This "movie" SUCKS! Never see it.

It deserves to be number 1 for an overrated movies or rather a worthless, and trash movies of all time. It's basically a teenage girl having a problem on her suitors on who she will pick plus they changed the view of what the vampires and werewolves really are. In my childhood I usually feared this kind of creatures because they are very scary and they are portrayed as a ferocious monsters until thisty movie showed up and it ruin everything. Kudos Stephanie Meyer for adding a worthless novel this century has. - johnalekseicanon

Why are girls obsessed with movies about these dudes that they think are attractive fall in love with some girl? Like, wouldn't that make them angrier? Cause I think all the girls who watch these movies would much rather want to marry the dudes in these movies themselves instead of watching some random chick marry them

Annoying Sparkly so called vampires. What happened to the creepy type of vampires who sucked blood and were afraid of garlic. Oh and turn into bats and sleep in coffins those were the real vampire movies not this silly thing called twilight.

It's Beauty and the Beast... But instead of adorable singing candles, you've got indecisive, dumb-as-a-rock twats who can't decide between a vampire or a werewolf (she sure knows how to pick 'em). HOW IS THIS SO POPULAR?!?!

Stupid. Pitiful. Idiotic. Hideousness. This movie is way overrated and the only reason it has any recognition in the media is because millions of brainwashed little girls waste their money to watch it.

Twilight is awful, but the fact that Frozen and the Lion King is in this top 10 list proves that it is a crap list. Two of the best Disney movies ever made. Suck it, haters

it's just for 9-13 year old girls to drool over a sparkling "vampire", the worst excuse for one ever, and a shirtless wolf-man, not a werewolf they are different creatures. - xiicorrupt

Everyone hates it. Where is this movie overrated? - Brainfck

It's not that overrated, most people are aware that it's crap apart from easily impressed/excitable teenage girls who have just figured out what their clitoris is.

Why has it got only 7% of votes, it should get at least 50% more than the second film on this list? Wasted a lot of time and money watching those robots claiming themselves as actors

Yes this movie sucks, because of this movie Vampires Suck was made, but at least that was better. Why the hell is Titanic on this list (best movie ever)

Do you know a SINGLE person who likes this movie? No? Then why are you considering voting for this?! Learn the definition of the word "overrated".

It was fine until breaking dawn happened. This is the type of movie that gets its hype from 9_ 13 year olds and they should seriously not witness their " honeymoon"

Why do so many people have this stupid obsession with hot boy vampires that fall in love with human girls. Boy/girl love stories are seriously getting old. - Erikelelf

I feel like by now most people are aware that this series is complete crap, so I don't really feel like I need to remind people of why.

This movie is a disgrace to vampire fans everywhere. No one can make a werewolf or vampire film any more because of the "horror" of Twilight.

To all teen girls out there! If u breakup with your boyfriend, start thinking of committing suicide or try hooking up with the most idiotic, self-absorbed boy around. This is the message of twilight. I am losing my faith in the new generation with these things being taught to kids today

I first thought this was not overrated but underrated, but I realized how many millions of dollars sold because of this horrible movie.

Twilight is awful in every way and ruined pretty much every genre it is in. No idea how anyone likes this garbage.

Nobody should have to explain, when you try to explain it you just want to vomit - missyweirdo

I am sorry but saying that twilight is a good movie franchise is like saying an ant can pull a planet!

Thankfully, nowadays everyone realizes it sucks, but it used to be insanely popular. Why? There are no original ideas at all!

Too many people hate this god-awful series for it to be truly "over-rated"

Anything is a better love story than Twilight! - RiverClanRocks