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Obi-Wan Kenobi is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, played by Sir Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor.


There is no way you can convince me that any other jedi or sith (from the movie franchise) is a better fighter than Obi. Sure, Yoda and Sidious maybe more force-adept, and Mace Windu may have been a stronger saber-fighter, but Obi-wan is still top tier in both categories. Just take a look at his accomplishments: Killed Darth Maul in one-on-one combat (becoming the first jedi to do so in 1000 years), defeated Count Dooku, killed General Grievous, defeated Anakin Skywalker who he trained and became one of the most powerful sith, and trained Like Skywalker, who defeated Darth Vader. Nobody else on this list deserves the #1 seat more than Obi-wan Kenobi.

As far as canon goes, Obi-Wan Kenobi is a strong Jedi in that he defeated Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader when he already had completely fallen to the dark side. His match-up with him proved that he is a really strong and good combatant. But, his matches against Lord Tyranus and Jango Fett did not compare favorably, he was easily outmatched by Dooku in both instances. His fight against Grievous in Revenge of the Sith made him stand out as he was the only Jedi to have ever defeated him without resulting in Grievous escaping. His countless batles in the Clone Wars made him look like a good fighter but in some if not a lot of instances a little weak. His first and final battle against Darth Maul made him really look powerful. He masters combat but he hasn´┐Ż't got much knowledge of the force until Yoda teaches him about his ecnounter with Qui-Gon Jinn in the last episode of the Clone Wars, where he learns about force ghosts and the difference of the cosmic and living force.

Obi Wan Kenobi (later known as Ben Kenobi) was one of the smartest Jedi in the JEDI COUNCIL. He led many attacks on the separatists and helped with more. He has good lightsaber skills along with being exceptionally good at the force. He was also very wise when he called shots in the clone war and he survived order 66. And not only did he survive but he even went BACK to fight a anakin who he beat in a epic battle. This is why he should be Jedi #1

He was on the rise, if the Jedi had not fallen then he would have been the next grand master after Yoda. just because he didn't want to kill the lad that was like as on to him there is no need to think he is weak. Also, with regards to Yoda being top, Yoda was the one who saw all the jedi collapsing around him and did nothing to actively stop it. idiot.

Actually I don't know where you got he was skilled against Dooku. The first time they fought in episode II Dooku would of killed him if Anakin didn't save his life. Also in episode III it was Anakin who pretty much embarassed Dooku while Obi wan was unconscious. Anakin Would of been the most powerful but never reached his full potential and should be 2 on this list to Luke who is one because he did reach his full potential. The force was strongest in the Skywalker bloodline. Luke was the only one to take down Vadar when Obi and Yoda went into exile. After he learns of the death of his wife is he at his angriest and most powerful. Id like to see what would of happened to Obi If they fought again right after Vadar was rebuilt and recovered from the first fight which was a Stalemate until he mad a foolish mistake trying to jump over Obi Wan While he had the high ground. And Last Anakin was light years ahead of Obi Wan if you compare them where they were at the same ages in they're lives. ...more

Obi-Wan is bad ass from start to finish, He beats supposedly the greatest Jedi while in his prime (Vader/Anakin), "Obi-Wan is a great mentor; as wise as Master Yoda, and as powerful as Master Windu. " making him the most well rounded jedi. He also battles on the frontline with the clones making him even cooler and he is by far the best master to have eg Trains Anakin and Luke also first jedi in 1000 years to kill a sith (darth Maul)

I believe that Obi-Wan was the stronger Jedi through time, since you could say he achieved what Yoda achieved and in less time. Even in his last fight was clearly more powerful than Vader and his death was clearly to help plot and was the kind of "deaths" that shows the character HAS TO go...while exceptionally powerful characters exist, in order to balance things out most writers do this.
Kenobi was a beast in both swordsmanship and force strenth...but the same you can say about Yoda, or Vader or anyone else in the list. The thing is, if you analyse him...he has a point that others don't have or have to a lesser extend. He is more intelligent and combined with his wisdom and saber skills...he is nearly unmatchable. Clearly my no1, with close (very very close) 2d Yoda.

Obi Wan is clearly the most powerful jedi. He killed Darth Maul as a PADAWAN. He then took care of Grievous when others failed. He was able to seriously maim the 2nd most powerful jedi on this list. He trained Luke Skywalker, who in turn, was able to turn Anakin back to the light side. He also was one of the few who survived the purge. If he is not the most powerful jedi, then I don't know who is.

Obi-wan took out Darth Maul, one of the most skilled light-saber duelists of all time, while he was still a padewan. He killed Grievous, another skilled duelist. He was the most promising jedi in the order so it was tasked with training the chosen one (anakin). He also defeated darth vader in his prime when he was supposed to be the most powerful jedi of all time.

The only fight he lost, he lost willingly (he didn't really lose the fight with Count Dooku.

Obi-Wan was a powerful jedi knight but I have always wondered why he was more powerful than his master, Qui Gon Jinn I kind of think Obi-Wan should have been Qui Gon's master also because Darth Maul killed Qui Gon Jinn and right after that Obi-Wan split Darth Maul in half.

Obi-Wan is the complete jedi, he has it all, he's the master of his lightsabe style probably the best ever at the defensive form (can't remember the name), powerful force user not the most powerful but still a bad-ass. Also he was the first jedi in 1000 years to defeat a sith. LEGEND. My favourite anyway.

Obi wan kenobi beat darth vader hands down, would of kill him if he thought that anakin would survived the fire he leaved him in. simples

Obi Wan should be one more spot higher. Whenever he loses, it's because he doesn't try to win. Why else do you think he defeated Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and General Grievous?

Obi should rank higher than anakin after all he not only beat anakin but helped luke to defeat vader, in a certain point of view.

He is the best. he was young when he defeated maul who was well trained in the dark side of the force

I think that Obi-Wan Kenobi should at least be number two. I mean: he beat Anakin Skywalker, and tought Luke everything he knows. Also, Qui-Gon Jinn should be in this and he should be number three because without him Anakin would never have become a jedi and then Luke would never have been born.

He can use one of the strongest force pushes of all!

Should be third after Grand Master Yoda and Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine (100% My Opinion).

He taught Vader and it seemed like he gave up in the 4th one so he seems better than vader

Killed more sith than other jedi. Survived more encounters

He was a very good teacher to anakin and luke skywalker. He defeated general grievous, he was gone to defeated darth Vader, fought to the clone wars,cut in half darth maul and had two good fights with count dooku. He also served the Jedi council.

Obi wan easily is far more qualified that luke to take the higher spots on this list

Somewhat underrated he was cool calm and collected smart and a amazing duelist

If you strike me down I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine