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21 Lord Vitiate

Lord Viate, is by far one of the most powerful, Sith Lords, having been able to kill both parents with a thought at age six, he was given the name 'Lord Viate' at 13 years of age, he then began to research the arts of ancient Sith to increase his longevity and eventually, being a master of both Sith Sorcery and Alchemy, as well as having an Ideal knowledge of both the light and dark sides of the force, He could seed his consciousness into the minds of children, and even suppress those childrens force sensitivity, increasing the chance that he would continue to live on, the ultimate sleeper agent, He dominated the minds of countless sith lords and master jedi, capable of devouring entire planets with a complex ritual, he was capable of subduing both Revan and Malak, and turned them to his will. He is not truely dead, and was in control of the Sith Empire for almost 1,300 years.

Devours planets to make himself more powerful, can control minds of master Jedi, can't die because his soul is spread around in different people

He is more powerful than yoda and palpatine combined. Fancy killing both your parents at the age of 6!

The only guy to beat Revan. He killed the most powerful living sith (Marr) with a single blast of force lightning. No matter how many times the dude was killed he kept surviving, taking other bodies, and reaking havoc. He destroyed entire planets with- no, not a deathstar, his force powers. I can't think of another being that can literally destroy a planet with the force. (oh and he can mind control an entire planet too).
He was beaten by the hero of tython, but if there's anything consistent about vitiate, it's his constant plotting, and his death may well have merely been a scheme to hide himself for a time while his plans came to fruition.

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22 N'Kata Del Gormo

This is yoda's master according to the legends!

Biggest penis in the universe. his dick was also most powerful

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23 General Grievous General Grievous

The reason this guy's a beast? I'll let you dwell on this. He has no force powers. All his Jedi opponents DO have force powers. His fellow Sith friends have force powers, and those Jedi aren't shy to use those powers on Grievous. Regardless of that fact he's killed skilled Jedi left and right and as such is bar none the most powerful character in Star Wars who can't use the force.

Killed many jedi. Trained by dooku. Nealy killed obi wan. Led the droid army. Survived a bomb being put in his ship and he is an all round badass. What else can I say.

He was enough to beat 4 jedi at once.

Leveled with Kenobi and lost only the last saber duel. probably the best prototype before Vader. Fought well despite handicap

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24 Saesee Tiin

Apparently he was the best jedi pilot. Shame that he couldn't defend from the emperor.

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25 Ben Skywalker

Why was he even created? He has no purpose

He's stupid and I hate him

I dun even know who this CRAZY CHARACTER is

He's not lukes son he's hon solos

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26 Marka Ragnos

He is the king of the sith he was so powerful his rain was called the golden age

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27 Ahsoka Tano Ahsoka Tano Ahsoka Tano is a character in the Star Wars franchise. Introduced as the Padawan apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, she is a central protagonist of both the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the subsequent TV series.

Ahsoka Tano was not the most powerful Jedi ever, but had potential to become very powerful had she not left the order. After all, she was trained by the chosen one himself. And we saw her power grow quite a bit in the clone wars series. So I don't think she was the most powerful, nor do I think she would become greater than most jedi greats (ie Yoda, Anakin, Luke) but she had great potential as a jedi and good character development. Plus I really love her fighting style and her green and semi-yellow lightsaber. So my vote is for Ahsoka.

Has proved her skill many times in The Clone Wars and is as good as her master (Anakin Skywalker) when it comes to strategic thinking on the battlefield.

Was able to hold her own against many powerful opponents

She is better she should be like number 11 but a lot of people don't know who she is

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28 Cade Skywalker

He's the best because he can defeat anyone - con

He is the best I mean he is better then yoda and obiwan and luke together. - con

Who is Cade? If he can beat all of those people he should be at the top.

He survived a drop from 60 feet high!

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29 Jaina Solo

Janina isn't evil, her brother worked for the Sith. She shot him to save mon mothma

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30 Rey Rey Rey is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by British actress Daisy Ridley. First appearing as the central character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey is a scavenger who was left behind on the planet Jakku when she was a child, and later becomes involved with the Resistance's more.

With no training, Rey manages to master the Force and defeats the powerful Kylo Ren. The Force Awakens is saying that the Force has awaken in her. If she gets training to be a Jedi by Luke, she could turn out to be the strongest Jedi ever.

Rey is super awesome. With no training at all, she masters many Force techniques. She also has a tragic past, but I still wonder who her parents are. Maybe Luke will reveal that "I am your father" Heh heh.

Shows natural aptitude for the force and will undoubtedly grow in power over the subsequent films- particularly with Luke's guidance.

The Mary Sue is the most powerful force user ever to exist. Should be 1.

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31 Agen Kolar V 1 Comment
32 Abeloth

Abeloth is literally the most powerful creature in th Star Wars universe. She can make others do her bidding that are light years away. There's only one way to kill her and it's not even 100% certain that's the way to do it.

Please tell me why bail is in front of abeloth and ventress

Most powerful. Should be number one

This is ridiculous, she CANNOT DIE! ok, so maybe she might be able to be killed by one magic dagger, but other than that she is completely immortal

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33 Darth Krayt

A fearsome jedi and Sith Lord. He was skilled in the use of force lightning and force illusions. He was well trained in 3 forms of jedi combat and 1 format of Sith combat.

The main villain in the Legacy comic series, he is a great Sith. It is interesting how he is shunned by his Sith predecessors due to his disregard to the Rule of Two.

34 Bastila Shan
35 Adi Gallia Adi Gallia

She had a red lightsaber in episode one although it was not seen.

She lost to Savage Oppress. She is clearly not the best.

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36 Starkiller

He isn't good or bad, which is a shame because he would be an excellent jedi or enemy. He can bring an entire star cruiser down to the ground! Never underestimate this super cool badass

Don't even get me started on how badass this guy is. At the age of 17 he easily rivaled Darth Vader and the emperor. He probably could have even killed Vader on the Death Star.

He has taken down full-sized destroyers with the force and beat Darth Vader. He can make Tie-Fighters disintegrate in less than a second as well.

He was a great Sith and Jedi. He beat Vader and saved himself for the darkness.

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37 Luminara Unduli Luminara Unduli

She is a very talented Jedi though never in the jedi council she has very skilled moves. Being agile has helped her.

Luminara is a skilled and disciplined Jedi, but her closed-mindedness is her Kryptonite.

38 Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus can actually find people on a planet with the force. He is awesome in fights and probably knows about all the force can do. This guy is amazing and could kill even Vader or other star wars characters easily, and this guy killed his MASTER. That is just amazing.

He is known for devouring a planet. Unforyunately his greatest strength is also his weakness. All he could do was feed. Nothing more

Why is Nihilus not on the list, the dude DEVOURED the force he ate the force for breakfast dinner and lunch Visas Marr and Darth Traya called him a "wound in the force" Darth Traya also stated he was more force presence than flesh.

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39 Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker V 1 Comment
40 Meetra Surik / The Jedi Exile

As good as her intentions are, she nearly caused the death of the force! I think that's saying something

She almost single-handedly caused the death of the force. Twice. That's some serious crap right there

She managed to kill all the Sith Triumvirate members (Darth Traya, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus) by her own! Alone! She also defeated all the Sith at Trayus Academy (Malachor V). Unique duelist, able to successfully use all forms of lightsaber combat, proficient in a wide range of Force Powers, exemplariness in Light Side, wise,... SHE ROCKS!

Due to her efforts and achievements, the Jedi Order could survive!

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