Sonic has been shown to beat any opponent no matter how strong they were plus in sonic adventure he beat perfect chaos in super sonic for but in generations he beat perfect chaos without going super proof that he has gotten stronger over the years and he beat a being that controlled time and space, an all powerful genie which is like a demi god, dark Gaia which is an evil god and much more powerful beings and through all this he defeated them.

Without sonic there IS no series. I will state reasons for why sonic overpower every other character on this list.
Shadow: Well, you've seen it. Sonic defeated Shadow two times in Sonic Adventure 2.
Knuckles: Sonic defeated Knuckles easily in Sonic And Knuckles
Silver: Sonic defeated Silver in Sonic Generations
Shadic: Ok, first of all, Shadic isn't even a real sonic character. He's a fan character. HE'S NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY!
Mepheiles The Dark: Due to the events of sonic 06 never happening because Solaris never existed, and Mepheiles is part of Solaris, Mepheiles therefore never existed.
Nazo: Same reason as Shadic, he's just a fan character and NOT OFFICIAL!
Blaze: Blaze cannot run as fast as sonic, nor has the pure strength.
Metal Sonic: Metal was defeated multiple times by sonic. Examples: Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes, etc.
Big The Cat:Big doesn't even deserve to be on this list. He has shown zero fighting skill whatsoever and spend all his time fishing. ...more

Sonic has consistently shown to be faster than the speed of LIGHT, kicked an evil T. V into orbit, ripped apart an entire universe with his speed, resisted the gravity of a Black Hole, raced around the world multiple times in seconds, defeated Enerjak, a being who is millions of times stronger than a being that can destroy multiple universes and create them, as well as disintegrate people atom by atom, with his BARE HANDS, AND defeated a genie/demi-god who can manipulate reality, a being that can alter time itself, and even held Earth at bay. He was only knocked out by a machine that could create/destroy universes. Hell, he could run so fast, he could talk to himself on the phone from two different phones. Though, Nazo is technically stronger, Sonic in Ultra Form, probably could take him down.

Sonic is super fast. He has a speed roll attack and is faster than shadow. In super form, he is possibly 5 times as powerful as shadow and knuckles and sonic combined! And he has ice and fire and dark forms. And Sonic's strongest form, hyper, he can go over 456 billion lights years in a second! His power would break the universe without even using a muscle! He is crazy!

He defeated Perfect Chaos in his base form in Sonic Generations (which is cannon) but before it took the power of Super Sonic just to defeat Perfect Chaos. This means that the modern Sonic we all know today is more powerful then the Sonic Adventure version of Super Sonic and regular Sonic. Not to mention he has defeated Ultimate Emerl, which has powered up versions of Sonic's moves, in less than 30 SECONDS!

Sonic is not only the fastest thing alive but he is the most powerful character in the sonic university in base form he can reach speeds over the speed of light and he can transform over 5 times increasing his speed and power by a lot and in the comics he has mastered almouts all types of ways to use chaos control and chaos power he can transform into dark sonic, darkness sonic, super sonic, hyper sonic and true hyper sonic witch far ecseads the power of any of the chaos gods making him the most powerful character in the series sonic the hedgehog for the win!

Sonic is the fastest thing/hedgehog alive but isn't as good as shadow thanks to his chaos abilities and shadow walking through solid metal doors on x with inhibitor rings on and defeating something sonic died from in one hit

Oh come on Shadow is freakishly strong but Shadow lacks heart and compasion and strategy in his fights plus although Shadow has a lot more powers in their normal forms but in their super forms Sonic has equally as many different types of powers

Sonic can break the sound barrier in mere seconds, can transform into a invincible Demi God, a ULTIMATE LENGENDARY GOD THAT SUPASSES SUPER SONIC, and a evil version of himself that took out 2 Metarex's that were designed to test sonic's skills. Sonic is one of the most powerful character's in fictional history. Supreme combat skills, incredible speed, and three transformations that are equivalent to gods. Even in his base form, he can run to another continent and back in about a second and increase his momentum to make his hits even more powerful. Sonic, You deserve a medal or something!

Sonic has beaten gods of infinite power several times. His most powerful form is basically god, as he can alter time and the universe itself.

Let's face it Sonic the fastest thing alive Shadow just the darker version of them he doesn't need to be a number one song does that's why it's called Sonic characters

Who doesn't love sonic he is amazing and stronger than baritone in sage of six paths mode so yeah and baritone I would say is the weakest anime or manga character

When sonic is hyper then he is faster than anyone within a blink of an eye and he has the ultimate power of light so it is obvious that he is the best.

Sonic could beat everyone on this list and beat them, especially Tails

I think sonic because when he becomes superform he can become hydra sonic and super sonic can beat super shadow because electric beats fire

So he has been able to travel through dimensions which is 36 times the speed of light. Super sonic improves that by %1000. Nothing can touch him. - TypicalChez

Cool sonic but is not the killing machine if sonic vs shadow fight sonic would win because sonic can turn super sonic anytime nice

Sonic is the strongest and has beaten most or actually all these characters including shadow

Sonic is the living embodiment of chaos, has vast super strength, and durability, hypersonic speed, and the main character in the Sonic series.

Silver is super cool and can travel through time and has loads of powers. Yeah!

Sonic is strongest he is the main character duh

The original, unbeaten, super speedy blue blur!

Sonic is the best and my favorite hedgehog!

Sonic is by far the best on the list

Sonic could take one EVERYONE on this list and beat them