Arm Pits


My armpits are so ticklish! A lot of people would take advantage of that and hold my arms up and tickle my armpits! I would laugh so hard that I would start crying! For instance my brother was always on his phone, so one day I took his phone and hid it in his dresser. He knew I did something with it because I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. He then pinned my arms above my head and tickled my underarms. He knows that my armpits are my weakness. I couldn't even tell him where it was because I was laughing so hard! My sister comes in and says "what's going on here" and my brother said "she took my phone and won't tell me where it is" and he started to tickled me even more and I kept saying "HELP HELP" and my sister said "oh I'll help you alright" she helped my brother tickle me! She kept ticking my belly button (by the way that's my 2nd tickle spot) Both of my weaknesses were getting attacked. My laugh went silent and both my sister and brother were laughing too. I was crying from ...more

a lot ov girls and lads are very ticklish here and my boyfriend begs me to stop tickleing him there but it makes me do it more veryticklish arm pits is very common and the best place if you want to torcher your boyfriend you should go for the pits trust me

One time at school our class was watching a movie and I was laying down on the ground with my arms behind my head. My friend saw the chance and whispered to my other friend. They both lunged for me, one tickled one armpit, and one tickled the other. I was cracking up, but very quietly so my teacher wouldn't hear. They did that during the whole movie. I buried my face in my jacket and laughed so the teacher wouldn't hear. I ended up getting them both back the next day. by the way I'm a girl

I was over at a friend's house after school. We were both wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. We decided to go to the gaming room to play some smash, but that room was really humid. I took my sweater off, and so did my friend. I was now in a black tank top, and he was in a white tank top. I knew his armpits were VERY ticklish, so I thought I would take advantage of the fact that he was wearing a tank top (thus providing no protection to his armpits.)

every time he would use a cheap tactic on me, I grab his arm, lift it up, and tickle his armpits. If that did not work, I would go behind him and dig my fingers inside the closed armpits. They were sweaty, so it was way more fun to torture him. By the end of it, he was so sweaty, that his tank top began to show sweat stains. Sorry man!

My older sister and brother found out I was ticklish so they told my mum she decided that because I was rude to her that I was going to have tickle torture as my punishment so when I got home from school my brother and sister jump on me and tied me up my mum walked in the room with a lots of tickle tools first she rubbed baby oil on my arm pits, tummy and feet then picked up a brush and brushed my feet I was giggling after that server got the bath brush and brushed my tummy and said you are a ticklish boy aunt you last she put down the brush and then scribbled her long nails over Mr sensitive arm pits at this point I was screaming and beginning for her to stop

My armpits are extremely ticklish. My girl friend once straddled me and held my arm up over my head and tickled my armpit for 20 minutes. I hyperventilated and was totally exhausted for three hours afterward and was totally at her mercy. Being a tickle slave is mindbending!

How to tickle his armpits:

1) Try to catch him when he is shirtless or wearing something without sleeves, like a tank top or basketball jersey. This makes sure that your target area (his armpits) are open and exposed.

2) When tickling the armpits, try and expose it as much as you can, either by restraining him in a hold that exposes his pits (such as a full nelson), or by simply making sure his arms are raised all the time.

3) Always target the centre area, the part where the hair grows.

4) To increase his ticklishness, applying deodorant, oil, or lotion will make his armpits more slippery, and make it more ticklish. Natural sweat also works.

5) Another alternative is baby powder on his pits, to also heighten sensitivity.

I had just given my girlfriend some tickle torture on her sides and she wanted revenge. She tricked me into getting handcuffed with my hands above my head. She tickled me everywhere but the armpits were the worst. They were completely exposed and I squirmed around and laughed like an idiot. Once she figured out they were the most ticklish spot, she wouldn't stop tickling it. It was about an hour before she let me go and even then, I could still feel her fingers tickling my armpits.

My 17-year old friend was pissing me off one day, so I decided to handle it thru tickling. We were in my basement, and it was burning hot. He was wearing this thin white tank top. I decided that it was the perfect opportunity. I positioned myself so I was behind him, and wrapped my legs around his torso. He was now trapped, in a body scissors hold. Victims of this wrestling hold know that the more you move, the more painful it is. My friend kept moving, so I squeezed him even more so he would stop. As soon as he stopped, raised one of his arms, to tickle and expose his armpits. Man, were they sweaty.

When my friend was over after school one night, she said "let's play a game". She told me to close my eyes and lay on my bed with my arms up. She got out my handcuffs from when I was 7, and handcuffed me to the head of my bed. That's when the torture started. She tickled my stomach, my feet, my sides, my thighs, all that came out of that was a smile. But when she tickled my armpits I almost screamed. She did my armpits for 5 minutes straight and then went back to my feet. She tickled the soles of my feet but nothing happened. When she went between my toes I almost screamed.

My boyfriend and I were sitting on the sofa watching T.V.. He was sitting up and I was leaning my head on his lap. He suddenly grabbed my arms and sat on them, pinning them above my head. He thought that it would be funny to tickle the heck out of me and my armpits are my most ticklish spot. He tickled me in that one spot for over half an hour and I was a crying mess by the time he'd finished. I did like it though. Now he knows my weakness he tickles my armpits whenever he gets chance. He loves to see me laugh

I'm a girl who has ticklish underarms, I was my friends house and she was this kid who tickled her belly button (she told me she wrote on this website) so I went over when I got there I saw her on the couch crying from laughter she told the kid to stop and said "this is my friend Sarah, just like me" ( we have the same name and both have brown hair except my eyes are hazel hers are brown) "hi" I said "i'm really ticklish if you wanna tickle me two" I had to help Sarah, he said ok and I laid down he looked at my shirt and started to lift it up "hold on" I said "I'm ticklish on my underarms" he tickled me for 15 minutes then I said "switch" and we took turns getting tickled, me on my underarms and Sarah on her belly button

One day my boyfriend thought it would be funny to tie me down and tickle me. He bought some rope and brought some friends over. He told me they were gonna show me a magic trick. (We had just gone swimming, so I was in a bikini) Then he told me he had to tie me down to the bed, then he did and he yells really loud, "Tickle Time! " Then him and his friends started tickling me like crazy especially in the armpits. I yelled for him to stop, but I was always telling him how I loved being TICKLED so I guess he just took it to the next level!

I have a friend named Xander, and one time during school he fell down the hill in the school property. Being the totally amazing best friend I am, I went down the hill and laughed at him. I pulled up him, and when I MEANT to poke him in the side, but I ended up poking his armpit. His reaction was hilarious. He squealed and laughed so LOUDLY before falling back on the ground. Now I tickle him when ever I want him to cheer up or just to tease him.

I'm a girl and I'm super ticklish on my underarms, my older brother and his friend started tickling me. My brother held my arms up while his friend tickled me I was tickled for an hour then I started crying they stopped then tied me up while I was in my bra and panties, my brother started tickling my belly and belly button while his friend continued tickling my underarms. I hated it so much.

Hi 18 year old girl here. I was tickled by my 15 year old cousin. He duct tape me to the floor (which we did because we were board) and my underarms were exposed. He took advantage of the vulnerability and tickled me for 30 minutes, then got a feather, toothbrush, and an electric toothbrush. He tickled me for so long, he said I look like someone who would get tickled, I have black hair and a light skin tone. It was the worst thing the ever happened to me.

I am a girl and me armpits are super ticklish. My boyfriend found out once and when I woke up one morning I found myself tied to my bed in a spreadable position. My boyfriend came closer to my pits and started tickling them for a whole hour. My armpits so ticklish that I almost died. I am a girl and watched many videos but girls are not the only ones who has armpits that are ticklish boys have really ticklish armpits too!

I'm a 17 year old cheerleader (girl) and once in gym class I was wearing my workout tanktop and my best friend put me in a full Nelson and my other best friend tickled my armpits for almost the whole class I'm so ticklish under my armpits and they know it and always take advantage of it but idc I kinda love being tickled

I was 16 and my friends and I had a bunch of duct tape so we decided to duct tape me to the wall(I was wearing a crop top and shorts) so they duct taped my arms above my head and my legs so I was hanging off the wall, only my arms and legs covered in duct tape, then my friend Amy started tickling my armpits and I was screaming and struggling to get out because all my friends started to tickle me

My armpits are the worst of all. I'm the youngest cousin, so I like to act older. One day, my cousin's daughter, Amy, who is nine (in fourteen), decided to test me. Now, since I like to act older, I tickle her a lot hehehe... She's never tickled me because I'm older and stronger. But when I had my arm up on a chair, she started tickling me like crazy! Eventually when I had screamed enough, my cousin came out, didn't even scold his daughter, and started tickling me too! Oh my god that was one of the most horrific experiences ever.

I fell asleep and when I woke up I was tied down and couldn't move! Then my friend came over and poked my armpit and I laughed. Then she started tickling my armpit for over an hour. I am SO ticklish on my armpits.

My cousin and I would always have sleepovers and we only had a twin bed to share so her very tickleish feet where right in front of my hands! So I started tickling her like crazy! She said I'll get you for this and she did one night when brought her friend to the sleepover to so my cousin got 3feathers gave 2 of the feathers to her friend with 1 hand Ava my cousin held down my feet and with the other she started tickling them! But then I felt something else it was her friend tickling my armpits it tickled so much! I tried tickling the girls back but it tickled me to much to move!

I dated a boy that use to love to tickle my armpits. He always wanted me to wear sleeveless clothes cause he said he loved my arms but I really think he said it cause he was obsessed with tickling me under my arms constantly and wanted my skin exposed. lol. Under my arms is my most ticklish spots on my body and I always freaked out but it was fun cause I got to laugh and he was really cute. Haha. - Tiff2000

I'm a woman who is extremely ticklish on the armpits. I laugh hysterically and plead for mercy when tickled there. I can recall an experience in college when my two roommates discovered my weakness and took turns pinning my arms over my head while the other tickled me. I made them promise not to tell anyone else but the two of them had fun with me on a number of occasions.

Once in class the teacher left the class so my friends held my arms up and told everyone to come and tickle my armpits. They do it every time a teacher leaves which can be up to 30 minutes. Now I can't go near anyone or they grab my arms and make me hold them up so everyone tickles me. I cry so much every time

My friend is very ticklish on his armpits, sides, feet, and neck. I don't why but he is very ticklish in those places. I also very ticklish. People are very tickled in place where you least you know. Best way for him to laugh like crazy is with a toothbrush.