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61 Behind Your Ears

A few times in social studies when we watched movies, the girl behind me would tickle me behind my ear and it would be torture trying not to laugh or get in trouble so I just sit there enduring it.

I never knew I was ticklish there until my boyfriend was giving me a hickey and crawled his way up to my hear and it tickled!

62 Jaw

Your jaw is the one body part you can tickle by yourself - countnightdark13

63 Forehead

Forehead will not that ticklish but it better then the chin

64 Inside the Nose

Every time my hair accidently goes up my nose it really tickles I laugh like really loud and I hate it

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65 Fingers

Fingers are a tickling tool and not a place to be tickled!

The itch stays with you - Curti2594

66 Inside Elbow

Oh my god! Yasss I hate it with a living passion! I'll have a tingling feeling for like 15-20 more mins after its been tickled! - Somepeeps_dontcare

67 Mid-low back

This is my worst spot! I can almost tickle myself here. Pinching a bit is most effective. Thankfully none of my friends have found out. If I got tickled there by someone else I'd probably laugh so hard. But since no one else knows I'm not sure. Though pretty confident I'd die laughing if someone tickled me there.

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68 Big Toe

I don't to the to I

69 Nails

My dad is so weird. He's so ticklish on his fingernails

Like if your boyfriend tickles your nails, you will totally freak out

70 Eyebrows

I hate it when I'm tickled there

71 Behind the Ears

It works almost every time on my brother. It is hilarious. He could not stop laughing. Seriously it is legit!

My little cousin is so ticklish behind her ears I am as well.

I was riding on my moms back when I was 6, and I did not do this on purpus, I licked behind her ear, she screamed and dropped me, that how I broke one of my rubs :D ( D: )

72 Tongue

That's itch, which is different than tickling. But I do know what you're talking about though. - TheMadDude

My tongue is super ticklish!

Yup it makes me cringe so bad!

I totally get this, my girlfriend will surprise me and sit on me when I'm watching T.V.. She will then lick my feet for a full hour sometimes. By the end I'm laughing so hard. It's a good way to bong though, after the fact is usually lots of cuddling and kissing, ocassionally sex

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73 Ears

Every time I go to bed and I can't sleep because my friend tickle me in the ear with a feather.

Some people like to tickle people there! - Curti2594

It gives me shivers when my friend blows on my ears... So ticklish

Pretty nice when u do it there

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74 Arms

I am so so ticklish here.If you run your fingernail very gently on the underside of my arm it kills me

Really ticklish there they should put it more up the list

Kinda yeah more goosebumps but it will give a reaction - Curti2594

I'm so so so so ticklish there if you lightly put your finger nail on any part of your arm you will be so ticklish there if you do that to your self it kills me so much it will probably kill you too

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75 Throat

Eewww why would anyone even your self tickle there? that's just dumb!

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76 Palm of the Hand

Once my teacher said to me lets find out where you are weak and she said come up to the front so them she started tickling me all over but the worst was my hand so every else started to do it to me lol

I love it when people tickle the palm of my hand it's so ticklish love it

Once you tickle yourself there you will be laughing so hard if your doing a tickle fight tickle there Palm of the hand

I love it when people tickle my hand it tickles but it feels nice too I know I'm weird!

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77 Temple

It drives me mad

78 Lips

My girlfriend and I were kissing and suddenly it felt ticklish

Light finger touch on the lips and I'm tickled right away! Try it!

My lips are really ticklish. Whenever I try to put lipliner on, it tickles too much

79 Cheek

My little brother is so ticklish on his checks! If I rub my finger against it he squirms and laughs like crazy! It's so cute!

80 Heel

Once I got out of the shower my boyfriend busted in ripped my towel off shoved me to the wall tgrought the towel on my head so I couldn't see pushed me to the toilet and put hand cuffs on my ankle he tickled my feet big response then he tickled my heel and I went nuts

I can't help but struggle when you use a brush here and I burst into laughter immediately

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