I didn't really tickle a girl's sides yet, but I'll tell you this. I was at school during free time in the classroom. I was seating in front of the most ticklish girl I know. Some say her ticklish spot is her back, but no, it's everywhere, mostly the sides. There were two boys who liked to tickle girls by jabbing their hands into the girls bellies. One time, the boy was talking to someone else about who's the most ticklish person in class? The person said that it was the girl I was talking about, by the way, Her name is Sophia, he tried to tickle her. One jab to the belly, she laughed so hard. Then the other person tickled her continuously. I want to tickle her so bad

Gosh my sides are way to ticklish. One day in college my professor (who happened to be my stepmom) caught me talking in class. So she called me up and told me to stand in front of the whole class, we were talking about the human body nerves and actually started tickling me in front of the entire class. She said something about the stomach and nerves so she tickled me there and me being incredibly ticklish, squeled so loud and I tried squirming away but she kept tickling me. I feel on the floor and she asks volunteers to help tickle me! That lasted for an hour as they tickled me with feathers and toothbrushes all over as two football players pinned me down. And every time I walk down the hallway, people always poke and tickle.

Me and my best friend (I'm a girl, he's a guy) have known each other for years now, and I only just found out how ticklish he is! The other day he was standing in front of my locker and wouldn't move, and I really had to get to class. I kept asking him to move, and of course he didn't. "Fine then" I said and squeeze/tickled his sides and he went crazy laughing! It was so funny but he still didn't move. So I did it again, this time even more. He started laughing so hard and it was hilarious! I squeezed and tickled his sides, ribs, and stomach! He moved, but he wasn't done yet. He went to walk away then turned around and did the same thing to me! I am SOOO ticklish on my sides and I laughed so hard! ( I secretly liked it though ) and now I tease/tickle him whenever I can just to get him back

One time I was at my boyfriend's house and his niece, Emily, was there (she's 11) so I was in a crop top and shorts and me and my boyfriend were sitting on the couch talking when Emily snuck up behind him. I tried not to smile (very hard) and he knew she was behind him. (We were just in that room no one else with us) so then all of the sudden he grabbed her and began tickling her belly like heck she was laughing and so was I. Finally he let her go I laughed and said "so u like do that all the time"? He laughed and said "yes she likes it" so then he decided to see if I was ticklish and put his arms around me and began tickling my sides (2nd most ticklish place) I was laughing like heck! He let me go after 5 min. I got him back later when I discovered his tickle spot was his thighs lol

When I was in 6th grade, my BFF's and I went out to recess. I was the youngest out of them all by nine months so I was ahead. That's when my friend tickled my sides and it made me laugh a little, I didn't know what to do so I ran. My other BFF joined in the tickle madness and I laughed for the whole recess. They played that game with me for about a month. Now every year, one of my BFF'S tickle me and I still laugh like crazy. (They never got to my most ticklish, my feet. The sides are my second placer for most ticklish.) I only have 4 friends who found out. When ever we use the truth or dare app on my phone I beg to skip tickling ones and they say fine.

At my friends Halloween party me and my friends costumes both had swords with it my friend challenged me to a dual the penalty for losing was a punishment of the winners choice she knowing that I have super ticklish sides swung her sword over her head so I blocked it she reached out and tickled my sides I dropped my sword and pushed her away but she knocked me on the ground and won the dual my punishment was for everyone to tickle me for a hour by the end I was screaming

This one time, I was at my bet friends house. He's a guy and I'm a girl. We were going on a walk through the farm, and then I told him about a recent dream I had (that involved him tickling me ) "oh really," he said and smirked. Then he came over and started squeezing and tickling my sides! I am so ticklish and I loved it. Pretending I didn't, I turned around and got him back! He was even more ticklish than I thought and it was so funny! We kept poking each others sides the whole way back to the house.

One day at school I was eating lunch with a teacher. And I told her something that had me crying right in front of her. So she came over and gave me a hug. But she didn't know that my sides were EXTERMELY ticklish. So I started laughing hysterically and push her hand away. So she starts laughing and says "whats so funny" an I told her it tickles. She says "i see. Your ticklish." so she came closer to me and started tickling my sides. Since that had to go on I missed 5 minutes of my next class period. But at least she got me in a happier mood. She is so nice and kind and supportive.

My sides are the most ticklish place on my body! If I get tickled there it doesn't matter if I went to the bathroom five minutes ago, I ALWAYS flood myself. This happened a lot in my childhood too, once when I was playing with my first girlfriend we were playing with her toys and then she started digging into my sides! As I hadn't gone to the toilet before it was even worse...

My best friend is always tickling me on my sides I hate being ticklish so much. I can be poked on my sides and scream. My sides is my most ticklish part on my body

This has to be number 1 by a LONGSHOT! The other day, on the bus, my friends were being REALLY immature and trying to take photos of me when I didn't want them to. I put my head between the seats facing away from them to they couldn't see my face. BIG MISTAKE! They started tickling my sides and I had to turn around to get them away! They got an AWFUL video of me squirming and laughing and caught my face REALLY badly! CRINGE

When my crush and I went out with a group of our friends, I could see him mouth something to my other friend and she went "her sides." I had my left arm out to take a selfie and he poked me (he was sitting next to me) and I started laughing really hard. This went on for a while and then we got into my friends car and he tickled my sides the whole way home! I was squirming and laughing so hard and right before he got dropped off he told me my laugh was adorable.

My boyfriend does this all the time! Whether its to punish me or to wake me up! And he always has me jumping, laughing and squirming trying to get him to stop! But I do love it though

One time me and my friends were playing tag and when my friend tagged me her hand tickled me. I giggled and when she asked what was funny I said I'm ticklish. Then she told me that we were going to play a new game so she had me lie down. Everyone else in the group had a huddle and then tackled me and started tickling my sides. It was TORTURE but it was fun.

Okay so a couple times at school my friend (when shes in a good mood) will tickle my sides so once I was in front of my locker putting my lunch away and she snuck up behind me and started tickling me for about a minute or so she even did in front of the french teacher who thought it was cute but told her to be carful she did it 10 times in total she loves tickling me

I was watching my neighbors 6 year old son for a day. I decided to wear a croptop that morning since it was hot. I was laying on the couch with my arms out stretched exposing my ribs while I watched him play with his toys. After about 10 minutes I was about to fall asleep when he poked my stomach. I am ticklish everywhere so I started laughing. He continued to poke my belly and belly button while I held out my arms and laughed. He then moved to my ribs which really tickled but I tried mtpy best to stay still. But really got me was when he started to squeeze my sides and hips. This threw me into fits of laughter. He then grabbed a feather and tickled for an hour. Now all he does is tickle me.

My girlfriend (We're lesbians) loves to tickle me. There's only one problem, my bladder is quite weak so every time she tickles me there, I end up peeing my panties from the laughter! My sides are definitely my worst spot.

My sides are MY MOST TICKLISH SPOT ON MY BODY once when me and my boyfriend were kissing he dragged he's finger up and down my side and I flinched and laughed he would then start pinching my sides leaving me to die of laughter on the floor

My best friend just figured out that I have super ticklish sides today. We were at an assembly in school and I was talking to someone next to me and she was behind me. Then she leaned over and poked my side and I squealed. She's been digging her fingers into my sides all day and my stomach hurts from laughing - Meryn_the_llama

I was at my best friends house, cause I only get to see him once every few years. I was walking to the room I was staying in (he lives really far away so I stayed there for a few days) and then he ran up behind me, lifted me up and started tickling my sides! I loved it! I was having so much fun

Once I was in class (close to the back). Someone behind me kept tickling my sides because they were bored. I tried not to laugh to avoid trouble. I secretly liked the tickling though

In school there is a group of guys and they always go up to each other and taser each other and one day my crush thought I was one of his guy friends and tickled my sides and I squealed and turned around and said are you ticklish and I said maybe and he started tickling my sides and then my bffs (3 of them) started tickling me and I was laughing so hard and the. My crush always tickles me by my sides and I think he likes me and always playfully tickles me in the hallway and one day I will get him back

I have a 16 year old sister who is really ticklish on her sides. One day she was watching over me when our parents had gone out to meet our cousins. It was in the middle of the day and I was really bored. My sister had fell asleep while watching T.V.. She was wearing her favorite crop top that exposed her stomach. Know she was ticklish I went up to her and pinched her sides. She started to laugh. She pulled my hand away and said quit it. But of course I didn't listen and jumped one and started tickling her sides all over. She laughed until tears started coming out. Let's just say I wasn't bored anymore

This is the worst one for me! I was sitting with my boyfriend once and we were talking about something I don't know what, but he wrapped his arm around me. He said "I have an advantage over you," and started tickling me like mad! I thought I'd die!

Yup. I am most ticklish here and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends knows it. My boyfriend is the worst though. He knows it tickles twice as much if I'm not expecting it. So he goes to put his arm around me and, when I'm least expecting it, tickled my side! He is such a menace, and not ticklish AT ALL.