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481 Just Surrender
482 Blessthefall
483 Greek Fire
484 Raiko
485 Hawk Nelson
486 Funeral For A Friend
487 Steady Ground
488 Brown Brigade
489 The Operation M.D.
490 Organ Thieves
491 Rolling Stones

As good a they are, The Rolling Stones are not underrated. They're actually quite popular.

Underrated?These guys were compared to the Beatles, how are they underrated?

492 Alcatrazz
493 Sweet

How can this band not be on this list?

494 Big Wreck
495 Tarot
496 Ten Years After
497 Airbourne

Listen to them if you like AC/DC
They are the grandsons - shatti

When it comes to music, I sit in the middle. Most rock is a little too soft and Metal is too much. Up until I found these guys I was listenting to AC/DC. AC/DC was the only band that I liked that was more than rock, but not metal. Airbourne is like a turbocharged version of AC/DC. Big fat guitar sounds and screeching vocals make this band one of the most powerful hard rock bands to date. If you love AC/DC you will love Airbourne.

498 Koopa
499 Fighting With Wire
500 Versus the World
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