Harry Potter


Harry potter is number 1 for a reason. The fact that it is a global sensation and people want to be apart of it is saying something. A book series turned into a movie with its own theme park in one of Americas most famous theme parks is saying something. The thoughts and beliefs within the potter series will stay in your heads forever and it also confronts controversial issues like racism (Draco saying mud blood so on... ) this gives this film a unique edge.
Children, teens, adult, parents and even grandparents all enjoy this film despite there age. The film allows you to be apart of their world and them to be apart of yours.
And that's why harry potter is the best.

Harry Potter is the most, and always will be, phenomenal series of all time and though Star Wars is an all-time classic., nothing reaches to the extreme depths this movie reaches in every way. For example, when the scene where Aunt Marge blew up like a balloon, they actually did blow her up for the set. If you disagree with me, you have the answer there STRAIGHT> Oh, and Harry Potter gives a faithful, true message.

Death is only the next pathway. Harry Potter will live forever in our hearts, as do the characters that may pass away before him.

Harry Potter is the greatest series of all time. No further ado.

Harry Potter is amazing and connects to everyone. Even though there are witches and wizards, the problems that go on are so relatable. Harry Potter is the best movie series of all time in my opinion. It will live on forever. The actors are amazing and it seems as if the actors are actually the characters. The movies have something for everyone. Although I'm one of those people that think the books were better than the movies, I still believe that the movies were so well done and as close to perfection as it gets. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!

I'm sorry, but I enjoyed Star Wars much better. Harry Potter was good, believe me. The books were and still are my favourites, and the movies had a lot of potential, but the characters were lacking. Over 7 movies, you would have thought that Ron would stop being such a comic relief and actually have a character arc like in the books, but no. You would have thought that maybe Hermione wouldn't get that many lines and would stop being so Emma and actually have the correct hair and teeth, but no. You would have thought that Harry would stop being so dramatic, but no. And Stephen King said that about the books, not the movies. Get your facts right.

I love just about every series here on the list. In fact Harry Potter in by far the greatest series the world has ever seen. And for most of us, it broke our hearts that this series was coming to a conclusion, because, we grew up with this, they are like family. The cast has some of the best actors in all of Britan and perhaps in all of the world. In in our eyes I do not think that we could see any other actors playing these parts as well as they did. Bravo. Harry Potter is and will always be The Worlds Most Spectacular Film Series in all of history.

All franchises failed after the first three or four films, even Star Wars. I loved Lord of the Rings, but Harry Potter is something incomparable-more enchanting and interesting. All harry potter movies were well received by critics (DH2 score at rotten tomatoes is 97% by all critics and 100% by top critics. It's better than scores of all Lord of the Rings movies).

I've heard people say Harry Potter is "uncool". But even if your not into all the merchandise and books, the movies are actually quite great. They do an outstanding job of creating this magical never before seen world and creatures. The characters are very interesting, with tons of action, twists, turns, and secrets. It's just a really, really, great series.

Nobody can doubt the success of the Harry Potter films. They were and still are a global phenomenon that will be remembered for generations to come. This series will be up there with the greats and passed down to our children and grandchildren. These movies make me proud to be part of this generation and certainly proud to be British!

Best Series Ever! So glad twilight isn't up here. Nothing can beat it. I have grown up with it so it will always be THE best movie series for me :) It beat the James Bond Franchise it's gotta be the best and its had 8 movies by far the best ever. Good quality actors means good quality film which I why twilight isn't here.

The reason why this series is the best (aside from the overall quality of the films) is because most of the fans grew up alongside the characters (the characters/actors being fictional best friends to fans). That creates an everlasting bond that cannot compare to 3-movie series spanning only 5 years or so.

Harry Potter fulfilled the dream of almost every kid in the world; to be a wizard without knowing it at all until the right time came and gave you the chance to learn the arts of magic and live in a castle full of adventure. I'm very thankful that I can day dream about it, making me a student in Hogwarts or even a professor, and this movie made it so real in my dreams... Day or night.
- Jersey Jefferson = Philippines

There was no competition for the "Harry Potter" series. It is the best fiction ever. Although there is no absolute, still the popularity proves it at all. People feel hurt in their heart for the end of the series. It makes you cry. And that's the value of story.

The books were a fantastic creation, the movies were too. But we have to look at the ups and downs of the movie series to vote properly, I was really surprised to see that the Harry Potter movie series made it to the Top 1 spot because I really loved everything about it. I respect other opinions so feel free to comment anything

I have to admit, I have only watched the last movie in the series. Everyone on this site will be mad at my anonymous statement, but it is the truth. I hear my friends always talking about how awesome this series is. I wish I could watch all of the movies in a sitting to get a feel for what everybody thinks.

Harry Potter as all about courage bravery and more than anything about friendship... Its simply astonishing... It's the simplicity of the movie and its cast that makes it so popular and the best... And its not only for adults or kids... Its for all groups of ages... I don't think there ll be any movie like hp...!

Harry potter all the way harry potter is the most amazing fantasy movie of all time #1 is the right place to a beautiful movie I hope they make a movie of the harry potter and the cursed child because I can't get enough of this I am so used to watch over and over and I can't get bored of it and that explain a lot

The best movie and cast I hope that there would be next series of movies, be the best wishes for we, the fans will never give up until the end to continue the reign of harry potter and hope that you would continue in making books and movies to inspire and prove that we are the best of the best and all

Harry Potter is the best no question because it is iconic and awesome. None of the movies are bad (unlike many other big movie franchises) and all of the casting is amazing. The plot is genius and the effects are amazing. You get really attached to each and every character and it is so amazing.

I love harry potter I'm the biggest fan ever! I know everything about it! I own every movie and everything like robes and wands I went to universal this year and it was amazing I got picked at the wand ceremony! I have all the books I and I'm watching the movie series for the 135th time!

Harry potter movie series that is truly bewitching the whole world's eyes are never forgotten in my lifetime, because this film has always accompany my life, until now, although now the story of wizard Harry Potter is over, I will always remember him.

Hands down, Harry Potter will always be the best movie series of all time! Nothing even comes close to topping it! It has such an amazing storyline and just flattens all the competitors! Harry Potter is my favorite because I've watched it since I was just 3 and it still is my favorite movie series!

Harry Potter is the best series ever I have been watching it since I was 5 and still gripped at the age of 15. I must have seen each movie at least 50 times if not 100. Can't wait to see if they make cured child into the 9th &10th film! Would recommend, must watch in order and try not to cry

"Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. " - Stephen King

Harry potter best movie series ever. Daniel Radcliffe Awesome actor. Nothing compares to harry potter. Hundreds of millions of people have seen at least one of the movies. Long live Harry Potter

I watched my kids grow up with first the books, then the films. I watch the main characters grow and mature as I did my own kids. The characters showed that friendship, standing for what's right and fighting what's wrong are the important things in life.