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41 Men in Black

It is a superb movie. I saw this movie for 10 to 14 times

Superb movie series

This movie recieved the 10th most votes for the greatest movie series ever. If there's one word to describe these movies it's Will Smith.

Talk about a dynamic duo! Go WILL & TOMMIE LEE!

42 Child's Play


43 Planet of the Apes

Awesome series which is in fact complete. Takes us full circle and by part five the dismal future we see in the first has been transformed into a harmonious one.

Haven't seen this in year, probably not since I lived at home with my parents.

This series could go a long way, if done right!

Awesome series. Only drawback is its incomplete. The only series M voting for here(though I like Many other series also). Funny thing is it is at one of my favourite numbers(at the Time if Typing) 42!

44 Austin Powers Austin Powers Sir Augustine Danger "Austin" Powers is a fictional character from the Austin Powers series of films, and is created and portrayed by Mike Myers.

Austin powers is one of the greatest comedy series there are, next to ace ventura, Non can beet Mike Myers and Jim Carey for sheer comedy brilliance.
So hope the rumors are true and Austin Powers 4 comes out in 2014

Solid trilogy.

This is mine and my grandads movie! He unfortunately passed away 5 years ago so when I watch this it reminds me of so many times we'd watch this together eating our dinner kebabs! ❤

45 Ice Age

Greatest comic animated story of all time. Should be in the top 10!

The first one was only sorta okay, but the following three were excellent.

It's a good movie not too great not to boring an moderate one

I love ice age series it's really amazing movie.

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46 Halloween
47 Friday the 13th

One of the best and most well known horror franchises of all time.

The most thrilled pack of series

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48 American Pie

Its best film ever made. I ant they make a new film

American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding
American Pie Presents: Band Camp
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
American Pie Presents: Beta House
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love
American Reunion

This series embraced topics that were considered taboo. Best place to be educated for sex

49 Sherlock Holmes

As Sherlock said... " You only see, but you did not observe... "., the best fictional character..

Awesome serie especially the english version.

Robert Downey Jr is so funny in this it's a wonder he wasn't Jack Sparrow.

Best detective film

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50 Rush Hour

I think these movies are hilarious! They work so well together. Every time I hear the song "War" I cannot help but think of the first movie!

Best movie series of Jackie Chan Sir...

I've only seen some parts in rush hour 2.

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51 A Nightmare On Elm Street V 2 Comments
52 Kill Bill

Kids who go on this website don't know what this is because their parents won't let them watch it because of violence, but that is the only reason this is 31 on this list.

This is a classic Quentin Tarantino y'all kids have been singing about in "amine - caroline" This movie got everyone to whistle that kill bill whistle sound when it's about to go down for real.

This movie is worth more likes


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53 Marvel's The Avengers

One of the best featuring movies bringing all heroes together

Best superhero team ever - great movie

It should be in top 15

This is part of the mcu

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54 Mad Max

If you like post-apocalyptic wasteland and the whole future setting, then you will love mad max. Its weird yet beautiful in a way why was this not on the list sooner vote people! - the-rate-it-guy

A great bike stunt movie in MM1 then post apocalyptic mayhem!

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55 Mission Impossible

Perfect movies that anyone can understand - HistoryLover

This movie is like a cool package it has spy action a little killer and you will no you won"t get bored on this one so awesome this movie is high with mystery and you will never get off the T.V.

These movies ruled (all but the second one) - panikkrazy

How the hell it is not in top 10...
Best movies with awesome stunts...
That's what I prefer

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56 Dirty Harry

Great trilogy. Went a little off the rails in four and five.

57 Blade

I just recently rewatched the Blade Trilogy and its just so good. Wesley Snipes just owns the role so good and Blade is the pinnacle of Vampire awesomeness. What's interesting about this trilogy is that each film was directed by completely different directors and because of that each film brought something fresh and different to the table. If someone asked me what is the best vampire series ever? I'd tell them Blade. This series definitely deserves to be ranked high on best series ever.

Solid one and two.

58 Step Up

I wish I could keep watching this movie

Why the hell is this film series way down here? It should be number ONE!

Best movie series after Harry Potter.

This shouldn't be #87, it should be in the top 10

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59 Ace Ventura

Two of the funniest movies of all time.

60 Captain America

Best thing going on the marvel universe.

Is good bb

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