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81 The Expendables

I love this movie

Love each of the movies! muscle, power...awesome!

very nice

Awesome films.. old guys rule.if u grew up watching these guys u will not be sorry u watched these. Humour and one liners fabulous.

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82 Three Flavours Cornetto

For those who don't know this is Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End

The trilogy from the minds of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.

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83 Madagascar

These movies are great each and every one of them! I'll see any one that comes out

This series is much much higher than most of the above. The humour is to die for especially madagscar 2!

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84 Death Race

One of the best

A really intence movie wanting to know what happens next

85 Rio
86 Species
87 Evil Dead

I like this series a lot,

88 Porky's
89 Merlin

It's the best movie, the number one

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90 Highlander

I used to love these movies. I am voting for nostalgic reasons as my Dad and I used to watch them together. I'm sure he would vote for them too... If he knew how to use the internet.

This is a series that tends to get over looked. I as almost guilty of that too. I am looking for our latest New Year's Eve Movie-a-thon... this one came up, and my brain started singing "who wants to live forever". This was another daddy watched, so I watched... got to get my little bit into watching it too!

Queen soundtrack, easy up-vote

91 Kick-Ass Series
92 Undisputed

Great Action Fighting Movie

Best ever movie series I watched!

The best Martial Arts shown in this movie as I ever seen, eventually from 2nd part to the last which recently released boyka: undisputed

93 G.I. Joe
94 The Neverending Story

This classic will never die! Definitely a must watch!

95 Empire
96 Zorro

A Legendary movie and a great film. It should in the top 5. Why they didn't make Zorro 3 I didn't know?

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97 Boogeyman
98 Hatchet
99 Beethoven
100 Infernal Affairs Trilogy

This is the series that The Departed with leonardo dicaprio and Jack Nicholson is adapted from. Great series

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