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81 Riddick

This show is awesome my favorite is the second, which most people don't really go for but it was the first one I watched. I didn't know it was more thriller than action then.

Love the character and the universe. Little hard to watch part three after waiting nine years for a side story.

Vin Diesel is all you need to know... Riddick is the the absolute last guy you want coming for you.

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82 Bahubali

Super Movie.

Waiting for 2nd part

"why kattapa killed bahubali " this is the question for which India still waiting.this is interesting movie and waiting for part 2.

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83 Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball z is the best Ever Japanese Anime series having lots of adventure in it. Even after 30 years it has been loved by people of Dragon ball Universe.

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84 Cars

Cars 1 and Cars 3 are classics!

It's the best ever.

85 Thor

Second best superhero of all time

Best series wating for more parts

Who the best then? huh?

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87 Madagascar

These movies are great each and every one of them! I'll see any one that comes out

This series is much much higher than most of the above. The humour is to die for especially madagscar 2!

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88 Species
89 The Expendables

I love this movie

Love each of the movies! muscle, power...awesome!

very nice

Awesome films.. old guys rule.if u grew up watching these guys u will not be sorry u watched these. Humour and one liners fabulous.

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90 Three Flavours Cornetto

For those who don't know this is Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End

The trilogy from the minds of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.

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91 How to Train Your Dragon

How in the hell is this not higher up on the list?! Greatest animated franchise of all time!

This needs to be higher on the list. It sure as hell beats out Madagascar.

Absolutely amazing films. Definitely should be higher on the list!

It should be in higher

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92 Rio
93 Death Race V 2 Comments
94 Bring It On V 1 Comment
95 Merlin

It's the best movie, the number one

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96 Evil Dead V 1 Comment
97 Zorro

A Legendary movie and a great film. It should in the top 5. Why they didn't make Zorro 3 I didn't know?

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98 The Neverending Story

This classic will never die! Definitely a must watch!

99 Boogeyman
100 Porky's
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