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101 Undisputed

Great Action Fighting Movie

Best ever movie series I watched!

The best Martial Arts shown in this movie as I ever seen, eventually from 2nd part to the last which recently released boyka: undisputed

102 Empire
103 Captain America

Best thing going on the marvel universe.

Is good bb

104 G.I. Joe
105 Descendants

The best movies of all time

106 Beethoven
107 Highlander

I used to love these movies. I am voting for nostalgic reasons as my Dad and I used to watch them together. I'm sure he would vote for them too... If he knew how to use the internet.

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108 Hatchet
109 The Naked Gun
110 Infernal Affairs Trilogy

This is the series that The Departed with leonardo dicaprio and Jack Nicholson is adapted from. Great series

111 Charlie Chan
112 Dorm Daze
113 Ghost Rider

This was one of my favorite comic books, also Jona Hex, they showed you what everyday people felt, and maybe like to do!

114 Brother Bear

This is heart warming

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115 Harold & Kumar
116 Bones V 3 Comments
117 Three Investigators

Please be #1, the top ten

118 Street Fighter

I haven't watched like any of these movies

119 House
120 Dhoom

First movie in the series is best of all

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