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1 Ochaco Uraraka

A cheerful girl, without reaching the ''denki girl'' status, and hardworking with a very likeable goal. I would prefer if her character didn't revolve around Midoriya as much as it does now, or change it a bit to be better, like accepting her feelings, confessing and leaving the drama behind. There really is no excuse when shonen stories leave the romance there without dealing with it, action is the base of these stories, romance is not, deal with it as quickly as possible.

Anyone else questioning why Kiminari, Izuku ,Bakugou, and All Might is on here. Considering Kiminari is trying to sneak in here I'm wondering where Mineta is... Oh and Ochaco is the best in my opinion.

I'm sad with how she's been treated for the past 75 chapters or so, but I still love her and have hope for her future development. Her introduction immediately won me over, and I like how she wants to help her parents.

Uraraka... She's just so... nice. She's sweet, honest, genuine, driven, and hands down best girl. I love watching her grow more determined and I relate to how inspired she is by Midoriya.

2 Tsuyu Asui

ochako has such a basic personality people ship her with deku but she is the only one showing feelings yeah he blushes around the girl but he did that with nejire and many other girls

I have so much to say about her but I'd be typing for years! I will at least say Froppy is the best girl!

Easily wifey material, she's so straight forward and motherly, I love her to death

She is such a great person. She is also so cute!

3 Momo Yaoyorozu

Class 1-A's Big Sister Cure super rich but not bragging about it. So nice and one of the most intelligent and strongest girl in 1-A I really want to erase those people who hate Yaomomo all she needs is to see her own potential and that's all!


shes the best girl! honestly, just now I did a worst bnha character poll and I rlly want to yell at those people hating on momo they don't understand that she wasnt bossing and flexing, it was accidental. and I want to kick them inside the bnha world, make them momo, and see how they feel when she lost to tokoyami. anyone will be discouraged by that. I'm glad that todo is helping momo gain back her self confidence. ship them two uwu

She honestly one of the strongest girls in the class, she just has to see her potential

I think she is the best! Honestly, she is really pretty, kind, funny! I ship her so much with todoroki

4 Kyoka Jiro

I love her, she is cool and loves music. Her voice is also very good! I also like her quirk.

She is super cool and- I would say more but I'd just be repeating myself

She is just a normal girl (beyond the earphone jack thing...). She not to much this and not to much that, she just is and that is to be appreciated in an anime of super extra characters.

I love her music and her personality.

5 Mina Ashido

She is just overall amazing and she overcame bullies and can we please not call her a thing please thank you also kirimina for life

Only one here that had their breakdance routine animated. The only reason and I think that's enough.

She is a dancing queen. I dig her style We all need a Mina in our lives.

Good personality, Mina is a queen! Best Alien ever!

6 Himiko Toga

I love Ochaco and her! They’re strong in a cute way, which I loveee! Best girls both of them. Why I like Uraraka? She is a very underrated character. She’s really cute and her quirk seems to be weak but when she learns fighting techniques she’s not as weak and cute as she used to be! I think she’s a great role model for strong girls. Why I like Toga? Personally, I just like Yanderes. I find them interesting and cool for some reason! Toga also seems very cute, adorable and loving, but she has a lot of weapons behind her back when you aren’t expecting it hehehe. I love them both equally!

She's the strongest female villain every villain dude loves

I really like Toga because of how much she loves blood.

She is super cute and cool! I even thought of cosplaying as her

7 Mei Hatsume

I feel like she has a great determined personality even if we don't see her as much

I love her and her craziness also I kinda dig the hair

A little crazy, but what's life without some chaos?

I love her happy personality and creativity

8 Toru Hagakure

Is by far the most underrated character in the series. She is so lovable and cute!

She is lowkey thicc lol. Toru's quirk will be very useful in the future.

Does anyone not notice hagakure is low key thicc

She is awesome!

9 Camie Utsushimi

I love her quirky (pun intended) personality, it's like an everyday high school girl's.

I have no words.

easily my favorite in the show

wanna have sex? yes. you wanna see me naked? yes I mean like you asked.

10 Yu Takeyama

What can I say? Mt. Lady is just the best! Not just in looks, but also in her skills!

I like mountain

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? Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)
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11 Nemuri Kayama

I don't know I just like her character design.

She looks old put don't let it cool you

I like her because of her style

What do I say...I just love her!

12 Nejire Hado

The girl deserves some recognition. The other two members of the big three got big fights, and what does she get? To win a beauty pageant. I want to see this queen to show boys how its done.

I lover her personality

I love how curious she is

I ship her with Tamaki

13 Inko Midoriya

She gave up her entire life to take care of her child. This queen deserves an award for the way she raised midoriya by herself.

Can I just give her a hug and allow Izuku to stay with her for one single day all day.

Mama Midoriya deserves to be best girl! She's so adorable and kind.

She is innocent and holy. We all need a mom like her.

14 Nana Shimura

An absolute badass.(even though she's dead.) RIP queen

She just seems so cool!

She was a legend and she still is bdcause I woulden't fight all for one

She is cool and cute

15 Itsuka Kendo

I feel like she's class 1-A's guardian angel.

Keep calm and bop monoma unconscious

I just lover level headedness. I ship her with tetsutetsu

Class 1-B's big sister.

16 Miss Joke / Emi Fukukado

I like her because she follows her dreams of marrying aizawa!

She is funny and weird but I like it

She as good taste in outfits

I LOVE her and the clothes are more bootiful than muh grades ;w;

17 Denki Kaminari

Human pikachu. I love this dumbass for some reason unexplained.

"Aw yea, we're becoming chicks" -Kaminari 2018

He's such a funny flirt

my names denki kaminari B)

18 Recovery Girl

She may be old but she is one tough cookie

She old but she healthy as hell

She heal, she wheel, but most importantly... she don’t wear heels.

a lifesaver

19 Kaoruko Awata

Best blueberry girl

very bootiful blue girl u-u

20 Shoto Todoroki

Best pot of macaroni! Vote todoroki for best Todoroni!


Icy hot icy hot icy hot icy hot

21 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

Guys your saying this is not a girl. This is female deku. Best girl UwU

Too enthusiastic >:[

she is a girl gimmie female izuku

22 Ibara Shiozaki

So chill... So cool...

she is a child of God

her religious themes make me laugh tbh-

23 All Might

She can be thicc and a skinny legend. A queen.

Legit best girl

24 Ragdoll

Super cute character design. She has a very useful quirk, and seems like she's super fun to be around. I love this quirky cat.

...Cute I guess I don't know

25 Pony Tsunotori

Cute and strong. If she understood japanese better (she's an american exchange student, if you didn't know), she could probably take minetas spot in class 1-A


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