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Last names carry with them rich histories, cultural significance, and sometimes, just a really cool sound. We've gathered a collection of some of the most popular, unique, and interesting last names out there. These are the names that have resonated with people across generations and continents.

So, what makes a last name the best? Is it the history it evokes? The way it rolls off the tongue? The meaning it holds? Perhaps it's a combination of all these things.
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1 Hunter Hunter is a surname of English and Scottish origin, often associated with those who hunted game.

This is a simple name that adds a twist to a character. To me, it seems like a name that describes a guy who is respectful and caring but has a deeper (and possibly darker) side. It works well as a first name, too.

I would advise using simple first names to go along with this last name, such as Jace or Daniel. Names like Nathaniel or Dustan don't really match. If you were to use this name for a girl, you might want to shorten it to "Hunt." Some good girl names that would fit are Kirsten Hunt, Evalynn Hunt, or Mallory Hunt.

I wouldn't suggest alliteration for this last name, unless you shorten it. Hannah Hunt and Hayden Hunt sound better than Hannah Hunter and Hayden Hunter.

2 King King is a surname that might originally have referred to someone who acted as a king in a play or to someone who worked in a royal household.

I insisted upon meeting the man who would eventually become my husband when I heard his name: Randal Valiant King, II. Isn't that the strongest, most regal, manly name you've ever heard?

Now that we're trying for a baby, I've discovered that our last name is a bit difficult to pair with a first name. No nouns work - Cash King sounds like a title loan joint, Lyric King sounds like a recording studio, and Parker King sounds like a valet service. The most tragic is Roman King. That was always one of my favorites since we both love history, especially ancient Roman history, but Roman Valiant King is just too cheesy.

Regardless, the surname King is quite a powerful one, and it goes well with nearly any traditional first name, like Marilyn Audra-Lee King or Roderick Valiant King.

3 Parker Parker, an occupational surname, originally referred to a gamekeeper or park keeper.

That is such a good name! I was looking for a last name for a secondary character for my story. But now, I'm going to change the main character's last name to Parker and give the secondary character the name that the main character originally had. Sorry if that was confusing. I don't know how else to explain it.

I like Parker because of the definition of the name Parker. These names helped me a lot to find a good last name for my Sims game.

I hope that this site gets a lot of reviews and that people think this site is great. If not, there's something wrong. So, thanks once again.

4 Martinez Martinez is a common Spanish surname meaning "son of Martin."

I was considering changing from my maiden name, Martinez, after my divorce to a totally different one. However, after reading the comments and looking into the meaning of the surname Martinez, I've discovered that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I found out that Martinez is the patronymic surname for "Son of Martin."

Martin comes from the Latin name "Martinus," which is a derivative of "Mars," the Roman god of fertility and war. So yeah, it is definitely a badass name! I'm keeping it - back to the basics, Mercedes Jasmine Martinez.

5 Starr Starr is an English surname that could originate from the Old English word "steorra," meaning star.

There's the story of Isaac Starr, a painter who spent his life miserable without his muse. He was depressed, never smiling, laughing, or dancing. Then there's Rachel Diamond, a hopeless romantic. She believed that she could find "the one" but failed.

Then one day, Rachel and Isaac noticed each other at the bar. Isaac fell for her words and gazed into her shiny hazel eyes. From then on, he was painting every day, while Rachel wrote a romantic novel about their life. She finally finished the novel, but Isaac and Rachel Starr's story was just the beginning. It was all because of the "Starr."

6 Montana Montana, of Spanish and Italian origin, means "mountain" and is also the name of a U.S. state.

I see how this is a great last name you have. Joe Montana (49er), a state (Montana), and Tony Montana (Al Pacino in Scarface) are all named after you.

One of my old best friends used to have this name. We don't talk much now, but we have had so many fun memories together.

Montana is a beautiful name. When I was moving to Portland, we drove through Montana, and hearing that name reminds me of it.

7 Dragonslayer Dragonslayer is a dramatic and rare surname likely inspired by mythological tales of dragon-slaying heroes.

I'm writing a book and the girl's name is Avril Dragonslayer. She has a brother named Hunter Dragonslayer. She has dark brown, almost black hair and eyes, and she is tan and beautiful!

I'm not done writing it yet, but go to and type XKassyLoveX to see if it's done. The title is Forbidden Love because she loves her teacher... or she might love her brother. Who knows? I just started writing this book. Laugh out loud.

Oh my gosh, I really, really, really wish this was my last name! It is so fabulous! When I was nine years old, I had the most incredible music teacher, and we played a song called "Dragonslayer" that I loved.

I love it because it's so cool and it reminds me of my old music teacher.

8 Black Black is a surname of Scottish and English origin, possibly referring to someone with dark hair or complexion.

I'm writing a Harry Potter fan fiction about a boy named Chet who realizes he is a wizard and goes to Hogwarts. He then meets the Golden Trio and makes friends with them. Anyway, I was going to use Black as Chet's last name, but then I thought that would be confusing as that would mean he would be related to Sirius and the Black family.

I ended up going with Chet Valentine (which kind of sounds like Cat Valentine) to avoid confusion, but Black would have been my first choice. Love this last name!

Awesome last name! The main character in my story is called Winter Black, and she's a really shy, mysterious person whom people make fun of.

I'm going to go on Best Girls Names for a name for the character who tries to reach out to Winter. I'll also check Best Names for Mean Girls to find the perfect name for a mean girl. After I've been on both lists, I'll come back here to find a good surname.

9 Westbrook Westbrook is an English surname indicating someone who lived near a western stream or brook.

Westbrook sounds like a really posh name. I'm writing a story about two rich twin sisters: one is tomboyish, and the other is girly. The tomboyish one is Stella Westbrook, though she changes her name to Amy Smith when she starts attending the local high school. The girly one is called Natalie Westbrook. She doesn't change her name.

People eventually find out that they're sisters and that they're rich. Everyone already knew that about Natalie, but they didn't know it about Stella/Amy. Then the sisters' relationship starts falling apart. Stella/Amy declares that she hates being Natalie's sister, but Natalie only wanted to be friends with Stella/Amy.

10 Levy Levy is a Jewish surname of Hebrew origin, often denoting a descendant of the biblical Levites.

Okay, so I'm going to say it. My best friend who is a boy is Levy. He is so cool. We both love Harry Potter (all dibs on Hermione Granger), and we have so much fun together. So, this should definitely be a good last name.

I actually love this as a last name. I'm writing a story at the moment, and I think I'm going to use it in it. Elliot Levy sounds pretty good, I guess? Anyway, read my stories on Wattpad. My username is @shnoodles.

I really like Levi as a first name, but it actually doesn't sound so bad as a last name either! Charlotte Levi could be my character's name. I like that.

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11 Smith Smith, derived from the Old English word for a metalworker, is one of the most widespread surnames.

I'm using the name Smith in my story, and it is spectacular. My character's name is Serenity Smith. This name is an Australian/Oceania name, which I know because I'm Australian. The name has a nice ring to it and also derives from blacksmiths in the 13th century.

So, if you were a blacksmith, your last name would be Smith. I think this is the number-one name to go with. When you are creating stories, Rodriguez and Martinez aren't too popular and should be ranked 4th or 5th, although they are great, exotic, and Spanish names.

12 Kirby Kirby is an English surname derived from various places named Kirby, meaning "church settlement."

Kirby is awesome - the video game. And my favorite TV show as a kid, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, had a spinoff called The Suite Life on Deck, and there was someone named Mr. Kirby!

This is literally my last name. I came to this site to find names for my novel, and when this popped up, I was surprised. It means "church settlement" and "dark son."

I met a drummer for a Christian band (Cloverton, check them out) last year at summer camp. His name was Kirby. I think it's awesome, and I'm actually using it in the book I'm writing.

13 Diamond Diamond is an English surname that may have referred to a jeweler or someone who dealt with diamonds.

I love this last name! It has a hard edge to it, which would immediately give a fictional character a shiny, rock-hard feel. But at the same time, it has a soft, sparkly, delicate feel. It feels like the opposite of an M&M: soft and sparkly on the outside and hard on the inside. Are you getting my vibe?

Anyway, this name has my vote, and I'm using it as the last name of one of the characters in my book on Wattpad! Find me @writingismylife_

I love this name! In a story I'm working on, a character's name is Nicolette Diamond. If you're wondering, the two main characters are Halsey Rose and Maggie Greenwood.

Another character is Kylie King, which is also on this list!

14 Rodriguez Rodriguez is a common Spanish surname meaning "son of Rodrigo."

This last name is just AWESOME! I love it, love it, love it! I'm someone who creates lots of random stories in my head, and half the time, the characters' last name is Rodriguez. Does Marisol Rodriguez sound good?

This is the best last name I have ever heard. It was my grandmother's last name, and I wish it were mine. It has a lot of flavor and is very exotic. My grandmother is from Mexico, and she said even there, it is a very desired last name.

It means Son of Rodrig with Germanic roots. Long ago, the name traveled from Germanic regions to Spain and Portugal, and from there to the Americas. It originates from very prolific families.

15 Silva Silva is a Portuguese and Spanish surname meaning "forest" or "woodland."

I just think it's different but not too crazy as to be unrealistic. It's definitely a pretty last name.

My surname is Silva too haha... quite a popular surname in places like Brazil and Portugal.

My dad is from Brazil so my last name is Silva. Its very popular in Brazil and Portugal.

16 Angel Angel is a surname of Greek origin, derived from the word for messenger or angel.

Sounds mysterious and dark, yet sweet and innocent when you're really guilty of murder. Ever read Confessions of a Murder Suspect? The main characters' last name is Angel, and they are charged with murdering their own parents. Best book ever.

I love that last name too! It reminds me of the actor Asher Angel. Also, thanks for this suggestion. You helped me find the last name for my character, Alex Angel, for my story.

It sounds like it could be the last name of someone who's really tough but sweet at the same time. I might use it for my book. Thanks for the inspiration!

17 Johnson Johnson is a patronymic surname meaning "son of John."

Johnson just fits with every name! Literally, every name! Right now, the name of the character in my book is Evelyn Johnson. It sounds as good as it would with any other name!

For example, Sarah Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Mark Johnson, or even John Johnson.

I had a sixth-grade teacher with the surname of Johnson. She was the best. Thinking about her again just leaves me in tears. She is honestly the BEST teacher ever, and I'm not exaggerating.

The first name I went with was Christopher. I found this last name, and it pulled me in. Christopher Johnson - doesn't that just sound cool?

18 Faye Faye is a surname of French origin, derived from the word "fée," meaning fairy.

My amazing character, Pearl Faye, is a princess who was sent away at birth because of the unstable kingdom. Now, at the age of 17, she has been discovered and has to go back to learn the way of a queen.

She meets a royal guard, Nick, whom she falls in love with almost instantly. She learns, and soon she and Nick rule the kingdom. Sounds kind of dumb, but oh well.

When I clicked on this website, I was positive it was going to have names like Baker and Smith. You know, stuff that everyone knows. I was not expecting to find cool, mysterious names.

I am thinking of using the names Alyson and Sam Faye for my twin characters. Love these names. Keep doing what you're doing.

19 Perfect Perfect is an English surname that might derive from a nickname indicating excellence or perfection.
20 Airhart Airhart is a variant of the German surname Ehrhardt, meaning honorable or brave.

I don't know why, but this last name makes me remember Amelia Earhart.

21 Ashwood Ashwood is an English surname referring to someone who lived by ash trees or an ash wood.

Why is this higher than Lockwood?

Ashwood is such a cool, badass, sexy, and mysterious name. I love it! Thank you.

22 Stark Stark is a surname of Germanic origin, meaning strong or hardy.

Tony Stark, one of the most loved people in the world. Obviously, anyone with this last name would be in for an awesome time, both in and out of school!

I would love to use this for my story, but it's a Robert Downey Jr. fanfic and he is my friend in it. So, I'm trying to figure out my boyfriend's last name. I'd love for it to be Tony, but that would be awkward, huh?

Meaning strong. Last names often have meanings that describe the character, and that's what I am looking for.

23 Bell Bell is an English and Scottish surname that might refer to a bell ringer or someone who lived near a bell tower.

To the person who is writing that story, I am writing a book too, and the second main character's name is also Kimberley Bell! Sorry, I just thought it was really cool that we had the same idea.

My first name is Belle and it's very unusual. I like the last name Bell because it is beautiful. In French, it means elegant and pretty.

I only know one guy with this last name, and he's the coolest and sweetest guy I've ever met in my entire life. We need more of those!

24 Horan Horan is an Irish surname from the Gaelic "Ó hÓgáin," meaning descendant of Ógán, a diminutive of the name óg meaning young.

Come on, guys. It's Niall Horan. Do we really need to doubt the awesomeness of this last name?

Niall Horan is super cute, and I love him so much. People who dislike him, I disagree!

I love this. Like, I'm in love with Niall Horan. I just want to kiss him. He's incredibly hot.

25 Acosta Acosta is a Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning "from the coast."

Sounds so chic! Maybe like a designer's name or something. Probably just thinking that because of Lacoste or something. Haha!

My two last names are Flores and Acosta. I love my Mexican heritage and names.

Aurora Acosta would be a really cool name.

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