Top Ten Unique Names for Girls

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1 Acacia

Gorgeous trendy name that is unique, not that common, won't be confused with anyone else, and is very sensational.

This is a gorgeous name! I'm going to name one of the characters in a book I'm writing "Acacia".

I love this name. You no acacia Clark on YouTube? That's why I love the name! I'm not lesbo or bi. But this chick is quirky and it's funny to watch her laugh out loud

Seriously? Name named after A TREE? What if she has tree phobia?

2 Phoenix

Their is something g about this name and I am not sure why. I do not know if it is because it is a fantasy name or because it sounds like someone smart. But that does not matter. YOU can think what it sounds like to you. To me it sounds special. It sounds magical (which it is), mysterious and kind. Brave and true. Giving you these suggestions might help you dig deeper into the name. Vote for me please! THANK YOU!

If you are writing a book, name the main character Phoenix! Please!

I think I'll use this as my character's name if I ever get Pokemon Black. UPDATE: Her name'll be Rebecca.

I once met a baby named phoenix; such a cute name!

3 Akemi

I love this name! Personally it's beautiful. This should be number 1 not 10!

It's the Japanese girl's name! ... Wait, this is not weird at all...

If I were Japanese, this would be one of my top picks for a girl's name

4 Caprice

I don't know there's something about this name, I absolutely adore it!

Oh my god, I don't know why, but I adore this name. It's so.. so innocent.

It's very unique and unusual and when I have a child I want her/him to be unique

5 Chiara

Beautiful name, would recommend to my sister!

My daughter is Chiara. Stunning name

My moms best friends name is Chiara.

Yes because my name is Chiara!

6 Sasha

Well.. I was gonna name my daughter this but my son is named Conny so I will stick with caprice but this name is nice.

This is what I plan on naming my daughter.

7 Shakira

Perfect and gorgeous

8 Mira

It sounds so pretty! Reminds me of a clear mountain stream with flowers all around! It has class!

I really like this name because it's pretty, it's unique and, it's different. Like my name, Tru!

Like the operator from Rainbow Six Siege?

9 Alana
10 Lucie

I have a friend named Lucie.

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11 Braxtyn

I love it when girls have names you would mostly see on a boy. It lets them show how she can work it better.

Very good name

12 Isis

I have heard of a girl named Isis, and you know Nutella started putting names on jars? Well this girl asked Nutella to put her name on the jar but Nutella said no. After they explained it was after the goddess, and not the terrorists, Nutella STILL said no. I don't really see why they said no for a reason like that, but I also understand why I they said no. Am I right?

Isis is actually the Egyptian goddess of love, so that might be fitting for a girl. ISIS, as in the terrorist group, stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Now, if someone named their child that, then they could be considered sick. Just saying.

My name is actually Isis and I love it because you usually wouldn't run into someone named that on a regular bases. Yeah, there is a terrorist group named that, but when my parents named me, they were going for the goddess of magic. I love my name its sooo cool!

I have no clue why people hate the name Isis. Sure, they're a terrorist group, but whenever people say, " ISIS1! 111! 1! 1 your A TERRORIST GET AWAY FROM ME! 1! 1! 1! 11" they just make themselves look even more stupid. Whoever said it was a racist name just because it just so happens to be the name of a terrorist group, you should be ashamed. Even if the child was named after the terrorist group (though I'm not saying I support it), it isn't racist at all. It's appreciation of culture. There's a lot of confusion on that. For future reference, racism is thinking one's own race is better than another and particularly disliking another race. Appreciation of culture may or may not use stereotypes, but it isn't racism because that person likes another race or culture. It's like calling someone who likes German culture a Nazi, which I am called sometimes! I hope you learned something, and have a nice day.

13 Bambi

Seriously? you had a Disney DEER for a KID? I see horrid teasing in her future... besides, bambi's dumb anyway.

? Bambi doesn't die?

Yep. Had a friend back in the streets (I'm white but lived in rough hood) her name wuz Bambi

Yeah, I would love to name my child after a dead deer. PS I was being sarcastic

14 Rosalyn

This is probably the best name yet!

Reminds me of Rosalina.

15 Alexandria

This is my cousin-in-law's name! But she likes being called Alex. I like this name because it's different and I've never heard of someone with that name.

Only a good name because of Kamelot Fourth legacy. Seriously, look Kamelot up, you won't regret it.

My lucky number is 28

16 Oksana

I think this name sounds very flowy but also posses a powerful nature!

17 Alaina

I love it! I'm planning on naming my child that after my first BFF, Malaina. She's very strong and incredible. With everything that she's been through she still almost always has a smile on her face.

It's so pretty she is 9

18 Rita
19 Jackson

I love the name for a BOY! In my opinion it's not a girl's name and I just don't think that it works for a girl.

Not unique but I still love this name for a boy!

20 Eva

I really like the name but I wouldn't name my kid that.

21 Aryllssa

This is a good name for girls. I love it. It's unique and it makes me think of a shy girl in school but the best in class who actually has a secret. Like she goes to a different place, an unidentified place every night and she sees some weird things that lead her to a paper note and she finds a thing that leads her on a treasure hunt to find... another girl just like her! She tells her mom and then her mom disappears and then... Cliffhanger wait 'till the next book.

22 Alannah

This is my name, its really unique lots a people spell it Alana though

23 Alaska

Why in the world do I love this name so much? Alaska even has polar bears in some places! I love polar bears!

I love this name! And all country names! Like a girl called America... That would be awesome!

That's a nice name

24 Isabel
25 Miÿecka
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