Top 10 Best Names for Mean Girls

This is a list of the top ten names for mean girls that maybe you'd want in a book or something else. I'm sure you know a mean girl who is named one of these.
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1 Ashley

I had a girl I went to school with named Ashley. We were friends, but then she turned into my biggest bully for reasons I still don't understand. She would constantly change her number or get text apps to harass me, no matter how many times I blocked her. No matter what I did, she wouldn't leave me alone. She was relentless and eventually drove me to try to commit suicide.

Despite knowing I tried to kill myself, she still wouldn't leave me alone, even after threats from my mom, my mom talking to hers, going to the school about it, and even involving the police. Yet, she had a lot of friends, and people didn't like me, which I found very puzzling because her friends knew what she was doing to me. We graduated high school in 2014 (same class), and even being out of high school, she still finds ways to harass me, but it's not as common as it was in high school.

2 Brittany

My girl group for the story I'm working on:

Brittany Bates is the leader. She can seem nice at first, but isn't when you get to know her. She is controlling and snobby. She learns her lesson when she gets kicked out. Her color is purple.

Ashley Rose is the second in command. She is Brittany's best friend and, even though she is a snobby girly girl, she is nicer than Brittany. Her color is neon pink.

Sabrina Turner is the dumb but sweet and level-headed girly girl. She is an attention seeker and can be vain and argumentative. Her color is neon orange.

Regina Hudson is the one most likely to be famous. She is beautiful enough to be a supermodel, enjoys singing and acting, and is a part of the school's drama club. Her color is lime green.

Nikki West is the nice one. Or so you thought, as she is the really mean girl, even though she is popular. She is somehow Natalie's only friend because she is mean to everyone who isn't Natalie. Her colors are dark red and crimson.

Natalie Wild is the new girl. She starts off as a shy girl who isn't much more than a member of the group, until she undergoes a drastic amount of character development. She becomes the second in command and later the leader, and a sassy, snarky, and overconfident bully who everyone is afraid of.

3 Heather

I know someone with two exes named Heather. One cheated, then slashed all the bedding and all his clothing, destroyed all the furniture with bleach, and stole all of his culinary sets and cookware (he was a chef at the time). The other stole everything that wasn't nailed down from their apartment to buy drugs. She went to jail and had to pay reparations. Also, one got pregnant and tried to say he was the father, knowing he was not. She then called a talk show. It was so ghetto/redneck.

Now he's in grad school and they both want him back. How can you want someone back who put you in jail? It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. I have known two others named Heather who were really sweet, level-headed, and beautiful inside and out. What's in a name?

4 Sabrina

I think that any posh name that isn't all that common could show how someone is either stuck up or gives grief to others. If you're trying to write a story that has a mean girl in it, this would be the perfect name to use. It would show how she would think of herself as higher than everyone else and feel the need to make that clear through physical and verbal abuse.

Like everyone has said, even though Sabrina sounds like a generally nasty name, it doesn't necessarily mean all Sabrinas are bad people (perhaps bad parents for giving their child such an awful name though!). So, it would be an ideal name to use in fiction to show the personality/characteristics of a character straight away.

5 Regina

The brilliance of Mean Girls is that, at the end, Regina George seems like any other student. Sure, she's a bully and close to a dictator in the way she retains power, but she's a high schooler. Look at her home life.

What does she have as an example? And we saw how sweet Kady fell into the same trap.

I know a name doesn't at all define someone's personality, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name Regina is Regina George from a movie literally called "Mean Girls."

Whenever I think of the name Regina, the first thing that comes to mind is Regina George from Mean Girls. I don't think there are many other Reginas that I know.

6 Taylor

Try having a cousin named Taylor. She is so mean that one time when I was 13 and she was 15, her mom told me to go tell her something. I came into her room, and Taylor and her boyfriend were lying on the bed watching Netflix with the lights off. Then I looked at Taylor, about to tell her what her mom said, and Taylor says, "What?" and then tells me to get out.

And she's a cheerleader, and everyone knows that cheerleaders are mean, and that's a fact. I also had a bully named Ashley, but that's a whole other story.

There was a girl in my school in third grade, and her name was Taylor. She was mean and rude to everyone. I remember that everyone, including me, absolutely hated her. But then it was the best day ever when, in third grade, she was supposed to be in my class, but then she wasn't there.

Then one girl said that she moved to Georgia, and we were so happy! I never saw her since.

7 Nikki

I used to be friends with a girl named Nikki. When we were friends, she was dating a guy from our youth group. While dating that guy, she was told by him not to talk to a specific guy because he liked her and all that. However, she didn't listen and cheated on him with the guy and two other guys. She broke his heart.

Being the kind person I am, I lent a caring and listening ear to the guy, ignoring the fact that I had a crush on him. But I listened to his side after viewing hers. They broke up, and I started talking to him as a friend, being friendly. She saw a post I made about him and came at me recklessly, saying he was cheating on her with me and stuff like that.

She has tortured me for years because I was being a good person and listening. She has broken my glasses when I need them to see, or I'm running into stuff all day. She threatened to, and actually has, beaten me up to the point where I had to go to the hospital and not take my finals for school. My nose is permanently broken because of her.

8 Annabelle

Annabelle? Sounds like the evil doll is bullying others by putting a curse on them!

9 Layla

When I was in first grade, there was this new girl named Layla. She was friends with my friends, but whenever nobody was around, she would start harassing and bullying them. We were always nice to her and did nothing to her, but she kept on bullying us.

Then, when my little sister was in first grade, the same exact thing happened! I wonder why she is popular. But if your name is on this list, don't be insulted because they probably have no idea you exist.

Dude, this should be higher up. When I was in seventh grade, this eighth grader named Layla was the absolute worst! She got on every sports team and would brag about it. She acted entitled about everything when she really wasn't.

Her best friend was bratty too, and they never shut their mouths. When I was on the cheer team with her, she wouldn't even listen to the team captain.

10 Chanel

Okay, so let's face facts. I've never been bullied before, except by ADELAIDE. There's this girl at my school named Chanelle who wants to ruin my life and bullies me!

At least I have my best friends Eva and Holly to help me through these treacherous years. Bye now.

Did her parents just like the brand and buy out all the stores because they were rich? Did they name her that because of it? And who would name their kid after clothes?

This name, in my opinion, sounds cheap and terrible. I would rather name a child Regina, like Regina George from Mean Girls. It also reminds me of the brand Chanel, which is a good one, but naming a child after brands is a terrible trend.

Imagine if you named your child Gucci. This sounds like a derogatory name.

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11 Libby

Hi, I'm Lindsey Terrence and today's real-life story is about my best friend: Libby, the girl who literally bosses me around. Libby says that if I don't go to ten-pin bowling with her, she'll expose my crush secret to the school blog! Libby says if I don't get milk tea with her, she'll make up a lie about me to the principal that could get me suspended for two weeks.

If you, Libby or Erin, are reading this, then bad luck, Libby and Ma'am!

I have a "friend" named Libby. We were really good friends until I started going to the school she attended in sixth grade. I wasn't in her class, but she was still annoying. She was the kind of girl who would touch your hair and would always be in your space.

She also had a group of weirdos. I lived close to her, so she always wanted to hang out! Ugh!

12 Georgia

I had a best friend named Georgia. We were the best of friends. She always paid attention to me and listened to me. I always taught her things. She never taught me anything, though she's the smartest girl in the grade. Anyway, over a school break, she became evil.

Before the break, I was teaching her math tips and cool tricks. Throughout the holiday, she took control of me and used everything I taught her against me. She was hoping to become more popular. One day, she "apologized" to me and then she cyberbullied me. She knew my family was poor, and I was having a terrible life, so she used that to offend me. Everyone avoided her. She was a friendless freak. But now she's still using my skills. Note: NEVER EVER TRUST ANYONE NAMED Georgia.

13 Gabrielle

I know a Gabrielle. She is a big, horrible, mean, dull, creepy, slobby, immature, jerky, stinky, stupid, dumb, terrible, manipulative, annoying, boring, evil jerk.

Yes, Gabrielle sounds mean. It doesn't sound sweet. It sounds salty, like those "salty languages." (Like German, or Russian, aka everything besides the love languages!)

I have a "friend" named Gabrielle, but she's really mean and manipulative.

14 Maddie

I had a friend named Maddie who didn't understand that I have autism. She would boss me around every day. As I got older and would swear, she'd scream, "BAD GIRL! NO!" She also tried to hog my best friend.

She was still the little tattletale second-grader I always knew and didn't change one bit. She made my middle school life awful - she went to the point where I had to block her phone number because she cyberbullied me, claiming I was bullying her. She ruined the name Maddie for me.

My name is Maddie, and I must admit I'm not the nicest to people at school, but I'm definitely not the meanest. I don't think any name is mean. It just depends on the people you know, and there are some really lovely names on here!

15 Penny

I used to live in the same neighborhood as a Penny. I'm wondering if it's short for Penelope or something. It actually kind of sounds like a name of someone that would get bullied by mean girls because it sounds sweet and innocent.

Yes, in my opinion, Penny is the perfect name for this. Penny is the worst. She even kills people and destroys relationships like a pro. "Perfect Penny" (Grey's Anatomy fans understand)

My friend's mom is named Penny, and she only likes her daughter!

16 Mariah

I know this girl named Mariah, and she was so mean and annoying. She constantly harassed me for absolutely no reason and stole all my friends. Blech!

That Mariah must have been mean! But just because someone has a certain name doesn't mean they are mean. Scroll up and look at the comment about not judging a book by its cover on the name Taylor and Brittany.

I wrote a story about my best friend and a mean friend who had the same name as Brittany.

She is a girl in my class. She is annoying. She begs people for stuff.

17 Skylar

This girl named Skylar thought she was popular because she hung out with those kinds of people. She even joined the Tennis team that the popular girls were in.

She treated everyone like trash.

Skylar is my school bully!

18 Clara

I know this girl named Clara, and she is so rude and always wants to be the center of attention!

I had a best friend in third grade named Clara, and she was so nice until the new and popular girl came to school. Then she left me, and I got picked on.

I have a crush, and a girl named Clara liked him, even though she said she was my "friend."

19 Amber

I had a friend. I would say best friends, but she wasn't my best friend. She made fun of me because I was the only dark-skinned person in the class. I tried to tell her you can't judge people before you step in my shoes and feel the same way I feel when you do this to me. But she never listened, and she would always say, I can't fit in your shoes. They're too small, when she was still in size 5 in 10th grade, and I was a 7 1/2.

Then, on the last day of school, the teachers caught her punching and kicking me and calling me names. She was suspended, and I never saw her again.

20 Mindy

I think Mindy is a mean name. It sounds mean.

Why am I thinking of "Totally Spies"?

So I know this girl called Mindy, and she called me a fat, warty toad.

21 Erin

I am so sorry for those of you named Erin, but I knew an Erin, and she was SO EVIL.

I love this name! Both for a mean girl and a nice girl, it's a fantastic name pick!

Erins are either extremely nice or absolutely evil.

22 Josephine

I have this girl in my school, and she gets away with everything, which makes me so angry. I've known this teacher since I was seven years old, and I never ask her to get me something, even if I ask politely. But this girl gets everything she wants, and I just feel like no one cares about me.

I wish she hadn't come to my school.

This totally sounds like a perfect name for a mean girl, even though the only Josephine I've ever known was SUCH a sweet girl. I don't know, I guess I'm not like most people on this list and I don't get mad at seeing a nice girl's name on a mean girl's names list.

23 Maddy

There's this one girl at my school named Madelyn, and I used to be her friend, but I don't like her anymore because she constantly picks on my friend Laura. She's racist and homophobic and supports Trump. She even has a Trump 2024 thing in her room.

She also got held back to sixth grade because she never did her homework. She is the only student in my grade to fail and get held back.

Yes, this needs to be on the list! I know two Maddies, and they are both really mean. They pick on my friend Laura so much. Laura is like the sweetest person I've ever met. She doesn't deserve to be treated like garbage.

The first Maddie I know, Madison, picks on Laura for no reason and always tries to deny it. The other Maddie, Madelyn, likes to spread fake rumors about Laura when she gets mad at her. One time, she and her friend named Grayce were talking about me and calling me a chatterbox just because I talk a lot. I confronted them and asked if they did, and they both lied and said they didn't.

Madelyn and Grayce also told me that Laura was mean to Madelyn in fifth grade, when in fact, it was Madelyn who was mean to Laura. Madelyn was the reason why Laura got all D's and F's last year in fifth grade, but she's now on the honor roll in sixth grade. I almost believed that rumor! I'm currently in sixth grade.

Because of Madelyn's bullying, I now have mixed feelings over the name Maddy. I'm trying my very hardest to help Laura, but I don't want to lose popularity. However, I also don't want to hang out with a bunch of bullies and mean girls.

24 Ethel

Ethel sounds like a character who is mean but thinks she's smart and acts like she is 20. I am using this name in a book.

I used to have a friend called Ethel, and she was so nice to me before this new girl came, and she was even meaner than me.

Ethel Hallow from The Worst Witch!

25 Sarah

Yes! So, in 6th grade, I was doing digital learning, and there was a rule where you can't eat food in class. Well, I brought food, but I didn't eat it. So, I wanted to eat it, so I ate it in the doorway and, well, Sarah said, "You can't eat in class!" "I'm not though," then she said this, "You're breathing into this class, which means you're eating in class!" I told her she was being childish and that she needed to stop.

Two days later, someone was harassing me. I said stop, then Sarah mocked me. I yelled STOP, then now she's just talking bad things about me!

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