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1 Neo

The only Neo that I know is a phsycopathic dog that likes eating fire and literally tries to catch bullets. I'm surprised that he's still alive, especially after attempting to eat a bottle rocket that was about to launch.

I really like this name. Scrolling through this list I know I will not find my name. I have only met one person with the same name as me.

When I hear this name I picture an epic cyborg with platinum blonde hair. I don't know.

2 Bruno

Bruno, wow! Amazing!
Bruno just sounds so awesome!
Bruno has some amazing flare to it!

This name is masculine & bold. This has a johnny blaze ring to it.

3 Miles

It reminds me of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog and I like Sonic. Am I the only one who said this?

This name isn't my favorite but out of the boy names that were left it's one of the better ones.

4 Holden

Anyone remember Liv and Maddie? Or am I that one pathetic human being?

Holden sounds like a name a cute amazing guy would have!

I love the name Holden. It is litteraly the coolest name you can ever hear!

5 Lady

Lady and the Tramp, I love that movie! This is a good name for a girl dog but not for a human being.

6 Emily

It sounds beautiful and regal, the perfect name for a girl.

It's sounds pretty and you can spell it many different ways: Emily, Emilee, Emmaleigh. Twin girls? Name them Emily and Everly or Emmaleigh and Everleigh.

So cool, I named my daughter Emily.

7 Abigail
8 Jacen
9 Jenn

Two of my teacher's names are Jenn, even though they are spelled different. They were super cool!

That's my name. Thanks everyone!

10 Adam
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11 Angel

This name is pretty nice my real name is Nayri though and it is the word for an old armenian language so... shoutout to all those Nayris out there

Angel is the most beautiful name ever!

12 Jaina

I have a friend named Jaina and I love the name. It's perfect for a little girl!

13 Trinity

I don't know anybody that has that name but it's a cool name. I am an artist and my character is named Trinity.

Trinity is such a cool name, I picture a powerful/pretty girl wearing a purple dark hood. You should definitely agree with me, well... Its your choice. I even used this name on Builder Buddies :D

I have a couple friends by the name of Trinity. It's a super cool name, and they're cool too!

14 Alexandria
15 Kesha

This was the name of the nurse that game me anesthesia when I got mouth surgery. It's also the name of a really bad pop singer who over-uses autotune.

Kesha is so cool!
And its never used!
100 percent, if I have a female
Baby, Kesha is the first thing!

It reminds me of a singer I don't like.

16 Pink
17 Tristan

It sounds mystic and unique! Makes people interested in the kid, really!

18 Tahiri

Just imagine some teacher trying to pronounce this name in roll call.

Simple and complex at the same time- is that possible?

I've never heard it- Might be good for a book.

19 Clem
20 Antonio

He cleans my building, we gave him coffee once.

This name is as good as goodness sprinkled with more goodness

21 Thurston
22 Star

My sister had a friend named Starlet, when she was in grade school and they called her Star. I like this name because it's different and you don't hear it very often. Also stars light up the sky and make it beautiful, and that's why I think that it's the perfect for that perfect little girl.

I think star because it reminds me of the show star and because the stars are beutiful like the sun.

It's a name that Rachel Berry would like so much to have!

23 Sean

One of my son's is named this, we are an Irish family and all my children have Irish names. Love this name. It's timeless.

Anyone Know Jacksepticeye? His Real name is Sean W. Mcloughlin he is really funny he is irish and hilarious!

My best friend is named Sean and he is amazing! I want to name my child Sean.

24 Casdia
25 Asa
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