Top 10 Best Names for an Emo Girl

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1 Jade

Cool name! I love this name. I think the name Jade fits me because I've been neglected and abused all my life, both physically and mentally. It's not a good feeling.

I also lived a very hard life growing up. I was picked on throughout my school years because I had to take special classes. So, I've been through pure hell. This name suits me well, and I like it.

If you want to know if I'm a cold-hearted person, yes, it's because of how I've been abused and treated poorly by everyone, including my family. I'm like the black sheep in my family, seen but not heard.

It just goes to show what kind of person you turn into by being abused and neglected. It can turn you into an evil and cold-hearted person. Love the name.

2 Raven

It just seems so mysterious, like a proper raven. A raven is pretty snappy and things like that. I guess that's like an emo? Or an emo, I don't know.

But it seems a really good name for an emo. I'd totally have it! But my name means Truth in Latin, so I'm staying with that.

This name kinda describes someone dark and mysterious in a way. Like they're emotionless, or have been abused physically, emotionally, verbally, or all of them. I am just saying it describes this!

If I say this name out loud, I think of the word "emo." Also, it's like the name of a bird, and sometimes you can think of Teen Titans too for the name.

So, in my opinion, it's the best emo name.

3 Willow

I love this name. It is my favorite name, and it is my dark emo original character's name!

I love this name. This is my real name. I'm emo, and I date girls and boys.

I love this name, and I am emo. Now, I am going to change my name to Willow!

4 Lucy

There's a character named Lucy Loud in a show called "The Loud House," if you know what I'm talking about.

It is very emo. It's like a mystery name and very dark too. So, that's my opinion, peeps.

I think that Lucy is an emo name because of the Loud House character.

5 Abigail

Abigail sounds like a girl's name. Cute idea for something, though.

Abigail is my name, and I'm emo and depressed, so yeah.
P.S. Please pray for me.

6 Alexandra

Very good. I really like this name! My parents were going to name me Alexandra, but they named me Maddie instead. I don't know why, but everyone at school calls me Alex.

I also like this name because of the band Asking Alexandria, one of my favorite bands! I hope you guys vote for this name!

I love it. I had an old friend named Alexandra. The sad part is, when we were kids, her mom died. Her dad killed her and almost killed her brother. It was all over the news.

Now I can't see her because she went to a different school, and she went to live with her closest relative, her aunt. It was hard for me. I still miss her.

7 London

I just love this name! I'm emo and bi, and I was thinking of calling myself London for a while!

London is very pretty. I went to London before, and it was amazing. So for me, this is amazing!

I like it! Reminds me of a girl who's dark-haired.

8 Kyle

Some girls can be named Kyle, not just guys. I have a friend named Kyle, and she is a girl.

9 Acacia
10 Mandy

Bonus points if that girl is friends with a guy named Billy or a guy nicknamed "Grim."

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11 Alaura
12 Siren

Siren is such a unique and intriguing name! It reminds me of the band Sleeping With Sirens as well.

Was looking for a name for my evil alter ego and found this. I'm using it.

This sounds like some kind of monster. I love it.

13 Stella

That's my name. I am pretty emo, so I was over the moon when I found it on this list. I was considering changing it, but hell nah!

This name is also the name of a song by All Time Low, which is an emo band. Absolutely love this name!

This is my real name, literally. All my friends and family call me emo too, so yeah.

14 Xandra

I just love this name, honestly. I would want to change my name to this because I'm emo, and it describes me.

I'm not sure how it's pronounced, but it sounds emo like me, and I will use it in a book I'm writing.

I may not know what Xandra means, but I love it. I hate my real name, so this is my new name.

15 Alice

My name is Alice. It's funny that this name is on the list!

This is my cousin's name, and it sounds emo.

Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

16 Alexandria

I've always loved this name. It has many nicknames and sounds great as it rolls off the tongue.

Asking Alexandria, people. Makes it a great name. Sounds amazing.

17 Zero

Zero is the coolest name ever. I've renamed myself Zero, and it's almost like, even though the number zero is insignificant, it makes you seem even more powerful because you're contradicting an otherwise worthless figure!

I just love this name. It has many different meanings to me. But if I do name my kid this (in many, many years), she (they/them, I don't know the pronouns) may be picked on, which I hope will never happen.

Zero is my favorite because in my favorite anime show, there's this one guy who is super hot, and his name is Zero! I think it's great for a girl's name!

18 Luan

My aunt's name is Luan, but it's spelled LuAnn. Still, it's a nice name. My aunt's kind of emo, well, not emo, but I guess kind of antisocial, and her voice sounds grumpy, but she's not really a dark, mysterious person.

I love this name because it is a good one. So now, I am changing my name to this name above!

19 Shade

Shade reminds me of something that can hide or is very good at not being seen. Like a window shade to block out the light.

Shade also happens to be a character from Red Queen who dies in the second book. I cried myself to sleep that night. I fell in love with him.

So different! The best name for an emo.

20 Shannon

My name is Shannon, and I am an Emo! I was so not expecting this!

Classic, never gets old. Seriously, it never will.

Anyone else think this girl is crazy?

21 Harley

Harley is a very pretty name. I love thinking of this name as Harley Quinn, my favorite Batman character. Harley is also a very dark and mysterious name to have, very emo-like too.

I am an emo myself and would love to have this as my name for sure.

I love the name Harley! It reminds me of Harley Quinn. I've always wanted my name to be Harley.

I love the name because it reminds me of Harley Quinn from Batman! My all-time favorite villain besides Joker.

22 Alexia
23 Neva

It's such a unique name, and it would be perfect for a doll I'm going to name for my cousins.

Neva is a great name for a creepypasta character I'm working on. I'm going to use it.

Love the name! I have a character named Nova, and that's what this reminded me of.

24 Winter

It represents a cold season, so it represents cold and the death of happiness (colors like in autumn or summer), so it works pretty well. My personal favorite.

Winter represents the darkness of the night and reminds me of how everyone is locked up in their homes because it's so cold outside.

My nickname is Winter because I am cold-hearted and usually ignore people. I am quite happy that Winter is a part of this list.

25 Emily

My name is Emily, and I am emo. I was quite surprised it was on this list. Emily doesn't really sound like an emo name, though.

I'm emo, and this is my name. I was going to change it, but because it's on this list, I'll keep it as it is for now.

My name is Emily. Well, I mean, I do have dark red hair and ALWAYS wear black, so I guess I'm emo...

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