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1 Isabella

My friend's name is Isabelle. Close, right? She is pretty. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. But she is obsessed with her BFF, and her BFF doesn't really like her anymore. But Izzy (what we call her) doesn't even know. Why did I tell you this?

Best name ever! I love this name. It is so classical and beautiful! Although it is a bit confusing because it could be Isabella or Isabelle. But still, LOVE IT!

I like this name for its meaning of beautiful, and because it's my name! I'm so glad my name is number one because it means beautiful.

2 Alexandra

I love this name so much! It also has the best nicknames: Alex and Lexi! Love it! If your name is Alexandra, then you're so lucky!

It's really a good name. If you have a girl and a boy, you could name them Alexander for the boy and Alexandra for the girl.

I LOVE Alexandra. It's my daughter's name, and I have never, ever regretted naming her Alexandra.

3 Elise

I absolutely adore this name! One of my best friends is named Elise, and I am so jealous. It is such a unique name! I love this name!

My name is Elise! I love it, and it makes me feel like I'm very, very special!

Cute and stubborn in a good way is what I think of this name.

4 Lila

Lila is really cute. It would sound really pretty as a first name with a little longer middle name. All the Lilas out there are lucky to be named Lila.

I know of an adorable baby girl named Nyla. In my opinion, both names are pretty, and they aren't common.

This name is indeed unique and downright full of adornment and beauty.

5 Alice

Alice in Chains! Awesome band. Alice in Wonderland! Awesome story. Alice! Awesome name. Enough said here.

It's such a good name! I really like this name. If you have a little girl, then name her "Alice"!

Cute name for a little girl, but also mature and professional for a woman.

6 Anna

Anna is my name also, and I'm really proud of it. No matter what, you should embrace your name because it's beautiful, just like you. Have an amazing day!

I have an adorable cousin named Ana and a pretty cousin named Anna. I really like the name Anna. It sounds like a beautiful coming-of-age name.

It sounds so soft and feminine but not girlish, and yet it's simple to pronounce.

7 Sofia

Classical but very pretty name. I imagine it going with Olivia. It is such a nice name, I love it!

Sofia is just so cute. If it wasn't so popular and used, I would name my future daughter Sofia.

Sofia is my name. I honestly love that it means wisdom. I am so smart!

8 Chloe

I love the name Chloe. My best friend's name is Chloe, and so is my cat's name!

I know some people named Chloe who are very generous and pretty.

Even though it is fairly common, it is a really pretty name!

9 Laura

I love this name. Of course, it's beautiful. My friend's name is Laura. What a beautiful name.

I think Laura is a beautiful, unique name that many don't hear often. Plus, my sister's name is Laura! Although all names are beautiful, in my opinion.

I just thought of the Florante and Laura story, and I happened to like that name.

10 Adrienne

I love this name because it can be used as a boy and girl name, and I just think it's the perfect name for a tomboy, and that's what I am.

I like the name Adrienne because it's beautiful, and if you wanted to, you could name your little boy or girl that. I also like it because my brother's name is Adrienne, but we call him Adíen.

A very beautiful name. It should mean graceful!

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11 Sai

It's short and easy to write for a baby or young child.

12 Adrianna

My name is Adriana, and I thought that the name selected for me was just to say, "I'm ugly." But I'm very happy to see that someone has the same name as me!

I have this name and love it. My whole life, whenever I told anyone my name, the response was, "What a beautiful name."

Adrianna seems like a name for a nice hazel-haired girl who's very helpful.

13 Emily

I really wish my name was Emily. This name should not be number 85! If you don't like the name Emily, that's fine with me. Just don't talk trash about it. If it reminds you of an annoying, whiny kid, then so be it! This is my sister's name, and I don't care if you don't like it because I like it.

Yes, I understand that everybody has their own opinions, but seriously, people, what were you thinking when you put "This name reminds me of an annoying, whiny kid" or "DO NOT NAME YOUR CHILD THIS"? A name is something that makes a person unique and is not meant to be judged. Personality is the only thing that people should really care about! I bet some people hate your name too because no name is perfect.

14 Anastasia

This is my name! But the first "a" sounds like the "a" in Autumn, not Anna.

This is my OC's name as well! She has a sweet, soft-spoken exterior, but inside she has some psychopathic tendencies.

It sounds really posh and almost royal!

15 Jennifer

A nice, classy, and old-fashioned name!

16 Grace

My middle name is Grace. Charli D'Amelio's middle name is Grace. I had a substitute teacher, and her middle name was Grace. And people on this website's middle name is, you guessed it, GRACE!

Grace is my middle name, and I love when people call me Grace because it's beautiful. I wish it was my first name!

Grace is so pretty and graceful. It would work perfectly as a middle name. My daughter's name is Ella Grace, and I love it so much.

17 Katherine

Prick up your ears on the Katherine who lost her head (beheaded)!
For my "promiscuity outside of wed."
Lock up your husbands, lock up your sons.
K. Howard is here, and the fun's begun~!

Such a pretty name, very beautiful, and sounds very strong. Love this name!

Katherine has a nice ring to it. I also love the nickname Kathy!

18 Callie

Callie is the name your boss or associate might have. If you have this name, then you are probably very kind and outgoing. You want to make the best impression possible.

My name is Callie, and it surprised me to see the comments about how Callie is a kind, outgoing name. That sounds like me!

It's a great name for an enthusiastic person and reminds me of my favorite kids' book!

19 Olivia

I have this name, and I love it. Everyone I meet, I tell them my name, and they say, Oh wow, what a wonderful name or What a beautiful name. The name has really grown on me, so I hope any mother struggling to find a baby girl name will consider this one. It's a nice go-to name and fits any girl.

Such a classical, yet beautiful name! I think this is the perfect name for a little girl! It is such a cute name, and I love it!

So nice, it reminds me of an olive tree (the most beautiful tree on earth)!

20 Addison
21 Ciara

Comforting and soft. (My dream friend)

This is me! Spelled "Sierra," though.

This is really pretty because it is unique in its own way. My friend's name is Ciara.

22 Aaliyah

My name is Aaliyah, and I think my name is pretty. My mom always told me that God gave me a beautiful voice when I sing in the car. That's how I know that I was meant to have the name Aaliyah.

Sounds very precise and mature. Makes me feel like someone who accepts responsibility.

This is my sister's name, and honestly, the name has a very beautiful definition to it!

23 Ari

Well, that is Ariana Grande's name. Well, at least what she likes us to call her. I think it's beautiful!

I love the name Ariana, and this is just such a cute nickname for it! I love this name!

Ari sounds like a boy's name, but it's a very pretty and popular girl's name.

24 Althea

I really like this name. I mean, it's just good, and I like how it sounds. Totally deserves to be higher.

There was this Filipino actress named Althea, and I LOVE that name!

My name is a very loyal name and a very beautiful name. Love it!

25 Cira
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