Top Ten Most Overused First Names

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1 John

There are a lot of people named John. I know a lot of people whose name is John. But overused or not, it is a nice name.

I'm glad this is number one. I hear that name EVERYWHERE I go! It's everywhere. And it just won't go away.

John is a very popular name. I know a lot of people named John.

2 Jack

A Jack is something I use to lift up my car when changing the tire. It is also a nickname for John.

It's a fairly common name. Like virtually every cop show or cop movie has a "Jack" in it.

It's overused because people (like me) like this name.

3 Emily

34. Are you joking? How is this no higher? This is the most common girl's name (possibly name) at my school!

There are at least six Emilys in my grade! We have to call them by their initials!

It is used a lot. Also, it's my friend's name.

4 James
5 Robert
6 Sarah

It's really common because there are seven people in my grade with this name.

7 Mary
8 Sophia

Oh my gosh, yes! I can name five Sophias/Sophies off the top of my tongue. And trust me, if I took the time to really think about it, I could probably come up with at least 12.

But I get why it's overused. I love the name Sophia. If it wasn't so overused, I'd probably decide right now to name my future daughter Sophia.

My name is Sophia and I can't go anywhere without someone else called Sophia walking near me.

Hell, I know exactly 26 Sophias! Two in my family. I've been to three states in the U.S.

9 Michael

Just about every guy you meet is named Michael.

It is used a lot. Also, it's my brother's name.

10 Hannah

Or Hanna or a lot of other spellings. I know too many people with this name.

Definitely one of the most common names I see around.

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11 Avery

It isn't the most popular, but it is pretty popular. Also, I'm not sure why Penny, Zoe, and Grace aren't on the list. I know two of each of them in the same grade.

Why is this above "Bob"? I feel like "Bob" is the type of name you'd sigh at in a book or movie or use as a joke because it's so overused. While I've read like two books with characters named Avery and met like three Averys.

I like this name. One of my best friends' names is Avery. It's used a lot, though.

12 Jackson

Andrew Jackson was one of our worst US presidents. I don't see why people are naming their children after him.

Wait wait wait. Michael was one and Jackson is two? Those names pair out Michael Jackson, dude.

P.S. Jackson is a last name, not a first name.

13 Bob
14 Alyssa
15 Anna
16 Ava
17 Riley
18 Carter
19 Owen
20 Kacey
21 Andrew
22 Chloe
23 Daniel
24 Jacob
25 Cole

Why would you name your kid after something you burn stuff with?

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