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1 Ace

Ace sounds like the guy who would lead a troop of army renegades into enemy territory and come out unscathed.

This makes reminds me of a show called Loonatics Unleashed. There's a character named Ace Bunny, he's the leader of his group!

I am Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite name on the Citadel!

2 Phoenix

Phoenix: a bird that's practically immortal by dying and being reborn. This name symbolizes living forever and getting up after something bad happens. Only a true badass is fierce enough to have this name.

Phoenix is the most badass name and I use it for everything. All my usernames are Phoenixx223 to the point where when I type Phoenix that's what it autocorrects to. I have to admit though, I think it's better with two Xs.

Phoenix reminds me of Paul Phoenix from the Tekken franchise especially Tekken 4.

3 Skylar

Special name. Has so much meaning. Almost like someone just took "Sky" and "lar" and just... shoved them together. I approve.

Totally badass, sounds nice and sweet with the first part "Sky", then more defined with "lar" added to the end.

Imma gonna name one of my book character this. It's so badass and cool and it would awesome to befriend a dude named Skylar

4 Jade

One of my friends name is Jade and I just love it cause 1 It's beautiful and 2 because she is bad ass!Fight her and you will get more than a scratch!You will get a battle wound that will look like you were in World War 2. Definitely a bad ass name.

I really love the name Jade. It's a unique name and it just sounds badass. You wouldn't want to mess with a Jade.

Jade West from Victorious is a badass! She should get beaten up though for her attitude!

5 Hunter

I'm a girl and my name is Hunter. I love it! I think it catches people off guard when I introduce myself. I get a lot of compliments on it. It's masculine for a guy, but I am a very girly girl and its still fitting.

Who wouldn't want to be named Hunter? Its badass, slightly...'mysterious' isn't the word... but interesting, and it's gender neutral!

I know a guy by this name. He once glued my fingers together. Enough said. He sure was cute though.

6 Blaze

There's a kid that I know from school who has this name, but I think it's spelled different...

My name isn't Blaze but my name is Mariana (close to the plant I think) and I was born at 4:20 am on 4.20

My friend was gonna name his baby boy, blaze, his last name is Moore.

7 Alpha

OMG I love this name! So cool! This name fits me so well that it's my nickname like everywhere. Everybody calls me Alpha cause I take charge when no one else does, I act like a leader all the time, and most people are TERRIFIED of me just because I protect my friends (physically I will fight you if you hurt my friends or family) and take charge like no one else does, and does things like no one else does! And get this:all this stuff is true plus I'm a girl.

I think alpha is a badass name because 1. It symbolizes leadership it says that like " hey I'm the alpha u listen to me" and 2. It says that you're the toughest or strongest. Just like Cherno alpha in pacific rim he's the toughest and strongest jaeger and slowest

Yeah, I could imagine some kid in sunglasses named Alpha.

8 Raven

There is a folklore that there was a deity and guardian of Britain that was called Bran the Blessed, who had his own head cut off just to so it could speak words of prophecy. Guess what his name meant? Raven. Guess what his totem was? Raven. Not to mention its just an mysterious and badass name.

Very pretty name. Considering naming my child this cause 1. It's bad ass 2. It's beautiful and 3. just to keep the bird names going through the family. Cause my names Phoenix which is a bird and so is Raven. I really like this name.

I'm a girl, and while I may be biased because my name is Reyvin, I think that Raven's pretty badass. Think of Raven from Teen Titans, and the fact that I'm pretty badass myself. :P (I'm a fighter. I love boxing, listening to rock music, and I'm fiercely protective. "Yep, that's me." )

9 Andromeda

Boss name that's all

10 Timmy

Tiny Timmy taught Talking Tina to tattle to Thomas Toad to teach Talking Tina how not to make friends ever. Thanks Timmy, you killed dozens of people. Your curriculum is in need of a drastic change. I hope that Talking Tina tails Tiny Timmy to Tennessee to Treeborn Tavern to take Tiny Timmy's Teaching Tomes together with Tiny Timmy and burn them all.

Gosh darn cool name dude. I named my young pig timmy and now he is the coolest kid around school he steals everyones lunch money but he doesn't care he roundhouse kicked the principle "dab moment". he has befreinded the cool kids and has many HOT girlfriends

My best friend is named Tim, but he sometimes get called Timmy. And he is indeed a badass.

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11 Scorpio

Bet Xbox got its name from here!

Way better than Timmy.

My amazing zodiac sign

12 Moon Unit

I never thought someone would have put my daughters name! Her and her brother Star Destroyer 9000 will be thrilled!

I like the name Moon. Not really the unit part but still very nice and unique. Most definitely bad ass. I dig it.

This is gonna be a awesome name for a guy that goes into the army!

13 Arrow

I think Arrow would be a Sick mane for a student, that likes to play games. Involving accuracy, dependence and many other games to list, this name is Badass as well, I have a friend named "Arrow" and he is a Good person, I hope more people get called "Arrow"

I unknowingly just named a character of mine this, because his momma is really weird and different and I thought it would be pretty cool to name a kid this. His sister is Abstract and his brother is Chestnut

People really underrate how awesome bows and arrows are... really sick name for someone who is determined!

14 Jinx

If you think about it. It's actually a great character name. But I wouldn't really want to call my future child Jinx...

I will use this for stuff that might help me in the future so thank you!

Because that's the name of my favorite character from a game...

15 Thor

Here's what the conversation would be like if someone met a guy ( hopefully a guy ) named Thor :

Jimmy: Hi, what's your name, my name's Jimmy.
Thor: Hello, my name is Thor.
Jimmy : (drops jaw down )...
Thor: What?
Jimmy: I love Thor.
Thor : Uh...
Jimmy: Are you an actor? Are you THE Thor? But you seem young to play such a big part.
Thor : Uh, I hear my agent calling, I better go! (runs away )
Jimmy: (dramatically walks as Thor goes to his mom ) Wait take me with you! ( walks back sadly thinking that he met THE Thor)

The End!

Well, this should be top, I'm born Arabic and (Thor) means bull in Arabic, if you want to name your baby son (Thor) don't do it! I'm just warning you but if you don't want to listen to me you will see how some mean Arab people are going to laugh

Seriously?!?! How many people get called Thor these days? Wouldn't they be made fun of in school?

16 Fox

A fox represents mischief, opportunity, playfulness, agility, cleverness, wisdom, beauty, luck, curiosity, cunningness, charm and physical and mental responsiveness... Who wouldn't want that as a name!

My friends nickname is Fox.I prefer it more of a nickname than a real name just because I can't picture in my head a bad ass person named Fox.But nicknamed Fox would definitely work.

All I can think of is how badass Fox Alistair is right now.

17 Aaron

It's badass! Cause key & peel said so.
A A Ron

18 Griffon

I recently used this as a character's name in my book!

Awesome name no questions asked!

This just screams baddy, love it!

19 Alexandra

Mines Spelt Alexandria, but close enough!

This is my cousin's name.

My middle name!

20 Neon

I just love neon colors. Especially neon blue. Imagine a kid named neon who wears neon and black all the time?

My niece's name is Neon! And she is badass just like her name! I wish my name was Neon...

One to sure light up the night with charm.

21 Alexandrita

This actually sounds really cool, but I think it means little Alexandra

22 Jax

From Mortal Kombat. His name is badass in general. It makes you think of a beaten badass looking' black marine

I love it! After the character named Jax, on the show Every Which Way on Nickelodeon!

I think it sounds totally badass. I think of Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy.

23 Dragon

I love this name so much I think dragons are really cool I like it when they breathe fire. I'm sad they went extinct

Wish my name was dragon, but I might be biased because I love dragons...

I prefer the welsh "Draig" (pronounced Dr eye g) which translates to Dragon.

24 Alice

Alice rhymes with malice so that would be pretty cool if there was a woman named "Alice Malice" or a grunge punk band with that name.

Alice Bell. Main character in Alice in Zombieland, White Rabbit Chronicles, and a huge badass.

Rock on! Alice Cooper and Alice in Chains all the way!

25 Bloom

Bloom as in the Winx? Not badass, kind of cute though...

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