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21 War Party

War party got that message

22 Tru Rez Crew

Old school like Public Enemy!

23 Yaiva

His Story has been told in many diffrent ways an its more spiritual

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24 Shibastik

Shibastik is the most creative rapper I have ever met... Matched only by his dedication to children and communities in need of spirit and direction... One powerful medicine man!

Rapper with a heart. Wonderful human being! Booked him to a community where we work and also booked him to our own home town! I never get tired of his message! Beautiful, beautiful person!

I remember mixed tapes, digital keyboards and a record button. He would turn it into a hit. Always have been impressed with his ability to stay true to the path. I've had the pleasure of listening to many emcees but none have actually painted the picture of each track as well as he does. Rapping about the bush isn't an easy task or is it. When you believe in the spirit of the earth and the magic of the woods, one soon realizes that nature is in our every breath and the beat will carry us tforward on our journey and help us all understand what great tragedies may occur if we don't listen to hearts.
4WordZ.. Brother.

Shibastik should be WAAY higher on this list! His flow is some of the deepest around and the truth in his words is undeniable. Amazing positive rap that is still bangin' hard!

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25 Meta

Real hip hop nothing waters down very humble guy... He does it for the love of hip hop... And not the money reall hip hop head

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26 Wellington Downz

Wellington Downz is a scripted soulful artist representing on many levels, rapper, instrumentalist, singer, song writer, producer, he is vish!

Wellington is bad ass I need the first album like 2001

Wellingtown Downz represents the 605, and his Native Roots, and knows how to do It well! Rc's favorite thug! Represent!

Wellz is dope whether it's freestlye singing or 6-string he can do it all.
You must check out his flow!

27 Naatanii Means

It is refreshing to hear from a young lyricist with passion, meaningful messages with real depth! He sparks the coals where AIM was once a roaring fire within us all as American Indians - we need this young man in our lives! Love, The Radical!

I love his social relevance and heart while being firm and strong in his words... And the way he looks right at you at times... In your face, strong, with heart. REAL MEANS.

Lyrics about real life, real people, real truth. About struggle, things most people struggle with every day. Don't get more real than him. Lyrics to wake thus nation, this generation.

One of my favz!

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28 Geno

My favorite rapper out here doing it - Apache928

Very Well Known in White Mountain Apache Tribe! Always reppin' the Apache Tribe! Very Humble Dude and Music is Banging

29 Hellnback

Illest native alive period! The others are dope but I feel hellnback needs to drop new music.

Been killing em since WARPARTY days. Best native rapper period! Love this guys tunes even when he was part of TeamRezofficial!

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30 Beyoh Welloh

I love thing guy. He speaks the truth and ain't scared to tell how it is! He is just so amazing

Very Awesome artist. He needs to move up to the top if this list! Keep on doing what you do.

"Reservations built looking worse than most neighborhoods, taught to reach for the stars, how when we're not able to! "
Beyoh wellohz words!

Awesome music and really amazing artist!

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31 Anybody Killa

Whoop Whoop ABK reppin for all us natives and juggalos. Keeping a hatchet just like a true native. His songs are bad ass.

Not only did I get to hang wit him before n after the paint was applied, but he had a lot of respect n was VERY nice. NAVAJO NATION FAIR 2011

Whoop Whoop to em all though through your Hatchets in the air!

Wreaks havoc

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32 FBI (F***** Badass Indians)
33 Red Haze
34 Shawdi

CONGRATULATIONS Nephew this is a well deserved Accomplishment for you so proud to know grip a lot had a part in building your career.

Grip a lot Spell It Right Or Keep It Off Your Fingers laugh out loud

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35 D-Script

Illest eagle living, been producing and making music for awhile. Hope he gets a chance to show his talents because he's awesome.

Music is safe enough to not be censored, but Strong enough to spark a Revolution! "

Keeping Culture Alive through beats and his rhymes.

I vote D-Script the Tlingit to move up on this list...ASAP! "

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36 54 Hundred


Apacheland artist that speaks of the struggle and brings a sound that can only be called Arizona..

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37 King Blizz

Dope song the best out now check put my boy king Blizz money & power

King Blizz definitely has some bangers and brings that mainstream sound and flavor. Smooth rhymes and killa tracks. Arizona freshman, expect to hear more from this cat.

King blizz has worked long and very hard to be where he is, and it's not over... he's got so much talent. best believe he is not done yet.

That's my 1 vote

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38 LightningCloud

Power 106 Battle Champions! Beat everyone in LA and New York! APCMA best hip hop album of the year!

Dope, the production is also amazing too, Walk Alone is a great track.

Dope as hell and also extremely catchy, even when they are making meaningful tracks... Crystle Lightning and RedCloud shred the hell outta every beat they touch.

39 Eekwol

Powerful words and voice. Original music. Dope.

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40 Luscious

Talented Alaskan Native rapper & singer; married to Halfsmoked

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